Anime first impressions: Alice to Zourokou

Anime name: Alice to Zourokou


MAL link:

General statement(tl;dr): It was pretty good, better than I expected.

So heres my first impression:

Art: 7/10(10 being A1-pictures’s godly animations)

-The art is not bad but not exceptionally well either. It’s watchable and character designs are fine. 3DCGI some of the best I’ve seen, they really made use of it well instead of it being a restriction on how well the art flows(I haven’t seen a lot of CGI so don’t quote me on this, apparently it was quite wonky at one part). Battle scenes(quite a bit in front part) animated quite well and effects well done.
Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: Moved score from 7 to 6, it was apparently really bad animation and CGI, but I didn’t really take notice since I was focusing more on the story and plot. One scene apparently even have a car stop moving but the outside scenery continued to move.

Music: 8/10(10 being AnoHana or Your Lie in April I guess)

-Ambient sounds are pretty nice, ending song is fine to good, effects are nice, VA is good. Not much to say, much it does bring you into the mood a little bit.
Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: Moved score from 8 to 7, apparently some sound effects were pretty bad at the start with a raining scene.

Story: 10/10(10 being Youjo Senki, Assassination Classroom or NGNL I guess, this is more subjective)

-Nice mystery, characters are relatable and the female MC is likeable a bit while the male MC is very original and fresh, and I think I like the old man. So far in one episode they established quite a bit of background and stuff while still keeping some mysteries. No spoilers so can’t go into detail but just know that its nice.
Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: Not much change, the story is the main reason I like this anime.

Comedy: 7/10(10 being Nichijou or KonoSuba I guess)

-Some funny moments, pretty laughable and it can become better.
Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: No change here.

SOL:  9/10(10 being Sakurasou maybe? I have yet to watch any SOL anime so far)

-Very good SOL from the get go, I really really like the interactions between the male MC and the female MC, their interactions are really sweet as in the kind of interactions you see from a loving grandparent and grandchild. One scene in this first episode really gave me the feels and another really gave me the “aww” feel. As such, I really like this anime for its SOL aspects so far.
Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: No change, I appreciate it even better now after sharing my thoughts and getting similar responses from friends who enjoys this anime to.

Overall ~7.75-8.25 (Definitely worth watching)

Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: Overall may be reduced to 7.25 – 8, but my personal opinion of this anime has not changed. I still feel that it is a good anime.

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