Anime first impressions: Clockwork Planet

Anime name: Clockwork Planet


MAL link:

General statement(tl;dr): Awesome starting episode to set the tone for this anime.

So here’s my first impression:

Art: 6 – 9/10(10 being A1-pictures’s godly animations)

-Yes, that’s right. I can’t decide whether the art is nice for this anime. On one hand, at some parts the animations are rough and not nice, with badly drawn effects and background. On the other hand, at some details the anime really shines, including the 3DCGI, the vibrant and colourful tone of the world and the characters, the character designs, and the nice animation at parts(the ending animation is godly). As such, I can only give a range from 6 to 9.
Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: No change. But I would say the art is more often bad.

Music: 9/10(10 being AnoHana or Your Lie in April I guess)

-Opening song was really good. Sound effects were nice and background music matches the tone of the current scene. Special mention to the VAs who did a super good job in this episode, especially the male MC. Ending song was freaking awesome. I knew it was going to be good ever since I saw Soraru’s name on the theme song performance list, but I never knew it was going to be that good.
Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: No change. But really though, the ending song is godly.

Story: 9/10(10 being Youjo Senki, Assassination Classroom or NGNL I guess, this is more subjective)

-Very interesting story so far, with mysteries waiting to be uncovered as well as good character development for the main characters already. Hoping to much more.
Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: No change. Since the author of NGNL worked on this, I have really high hopes. Hope my hype train doesn’t crash.

Comedy: 8/10(10 being Nichijou or KonoSuba I guess)

-Had me laugh out loud a few times with genuine funny moments(mostly ecchi type humour). Rest of the time the anime had a light mood and not that serious.
Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: No change. This is actually not the first time I have been amused so much by ecchi humour. For some reason I seem to not like forced ecchi but like ecchi type humour a lot.

SOL:  8/10(10 being Sakurasou maybe? I have yet to watch any SOL anime so far)

-Very nice interactions between the female MC and the male MC, hope they showed more of it though, since half of the episode was used for introduction and backgrounds, but the moments presented so far were nice SOL moments.
Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: No changes. The interactions really interest me a lot since I would like to see what can develop between a machine that is incapable of feelings and a human.

Special Ecchi counter 8/10(10 being boku no pico or something? IDK)

-Unexpected sudden ecchi in one scene and various suggestive comments by the female MC. However other than that the anime didn’t try that hard for fanservice except for the scene with one of the female MCs.

Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: On second thoughts maybe change it down to 6 or 7, depending on how you would see the suggestive scenes. I think of it more as a prompt for humour so I was not annoyed.

Overall ~7.50 – 8.75 (Depends on how you see this but it should be worth watching.)

Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: Maybe change to 6.00 – 9.00. A longer range since not everyone might like this anime. Waiting for the next episode!

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