Anime special reviews: Alice to Zourokou(Ep 2)


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Reason for special review:

Surprise surprise! The second episode of Alice to Zourokou is much better than the first! Not only is the animation and art quality much improved, the story is also getting better. There are much more interactions and fun/interesting parts about this episode as compared to last one since we are done with the introductions and everything and as such they are able to make the episode much more entertaining. If you gave Alice to Zourokou a low review before, you would probably reconsider your ratings after this episode. If you dropped Alice to Zourokou because of episode 1, well, too bad for you.


Because of the quality demonstrated by this episode, I believe Alice to Zourokou is on a much better track now and has even more potential than it used to have. Here’s to more Alice and more Zourokou!

Special counters:

Sana/Alice +20 cuteness current cuteness 87/100

Zourokou -10 screentime current screentime 90/100

Sanae + 70 screentime + 78 heartwarming current stats 70/100 screentime 78/100 heartwarming

Nah those are just joke counters, but it pretty much covers the character development for this episode without spoiling anything.

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