Coming up…

This is just some short announcements on what’s going to happen.

The first thing would be that I actually have many many posts planned for the future. Not obvious since there’s a big disclaimer on the top of my blog stating that this blog will be updated infrequently, but here is the evidence:


That’s right, I have 9 drafts as of now and the number will probably exponentially increase as I start new posts that won’t finish writing till much much later. So, look forward to that. Next anime afterthoughts is coming soon™.

The second announcement would be related to the first one, which is that I will be starting work on and writing an original story soon. This is to both train my writing skills and to get out some of the ideas for a story that I have piled up over my free time. The story will be entirely free to read (duh) but I will withhold all copyrights to it and not use the creative commons license compared to the rest of my blog. So far, I have already constructed a world setting as well as how various things will work inside the story world, along with the main story. When I fully flesh out my ideas and have the plots done, I will release more information on this. Until then, look out for that.

The third announcement would be more of a shameless self promotion for my other content. I am currently also running a YouTube channel, as you can see when you go into the “My other stuff” page. That YouTube channel is purely for gaming purposes and only gaming videos will be uploaded, however that may or may not be subject to change. The shameless promotion comes in since I will promote a series I have been uploading to my channel recently. It is the Langrisser 2 playthrough series in which I basically do a whole playthrough of this game called Langrisser 2. Some things to take note would be that there will be no commentary whatsoever so if you are looking forward to hearing my voice you can give up for now 😉, as well as detailed explanations of what’s happening in the first video of the series. If you want to understand how the game works as well as what is going on(since the game does not have a tutorial), you can read that. The following would be explanation of what Langrisser 2 is and why I am doing a playthrough of it:

Langrisser 2 is the sequel to the game Langrisser or Warsong as known in the west, played on Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. It was only ever released in Japan so there are very little people who know about it. However, I managed to get to know this game when I was a child and now it will be a good experience to play through it again, this time with a much better brain and knowing how to play(as well as having english translations done). Hope all of you enjoy the gameplay and appreciate this game as much as I do.

This was an excerpt from the describe of the first video, and it basically explains everything. For those that want more popular games to be played instead, not to fret: I will be playing other games and uploading them in the future.

The last announcement I want to make is about the state of this blog. I am currently considering changing the theme of the blog so navigation is easier and you can pick and choose my posts easily instead of scrolling through the uneven blocks of texts. As such, don’t be surprised if you come back the next time to see the layout of the blog completely changed or did not change at all.

And that’s about it for the announcements, last but not least, I want to thank everyone who has actually read the posts in my blog so far, having people read my posts and genuinely enjoyment brings pleasure to me as well, and to see people actually agree with my points or get influenced by them is even more fulfilling. Thank you all the readers, as well as those who even went as far as to follow my blog, even though it was originally meant to be a side hobby.


3 thoughts on “Coming up…”

  1. Hello, Plyasm. I think that the current theme is fine actually, since its easy to navigate through and since there’s a sneak peek regarding the contents of each posts, that really help enhanced the experience. I can see however a problem that may arise from this layout, such as an increasing amount of contents would make the blog more crowded and only recent things would be displayed, instead of the older posts. At the same time, people could just scroll/page down all the way to the bottom to check the history of this blog so that isn’t too hard, I supposed. I do recommend changing the colors though because the current seems a bit dour, perhaps use a brighter color to accommodate. Good luck in your blogging!


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