Oops, I seem to have dropped something…oh, it’s Clockwork Planet


Oh look, the anime. Which anime? Clockwork Planet. I really don’t have much to say. This was just a big disappointment and a general waste of my time. Horrible characters, barely entertaining if at all plot, weird humour sense, art and animation that is below average, blah blah blah. This anime felt as if it was made for children, not something for general consumption. Whelp, more details in the stats and ratings below.

Stats at the end of run(for me):

Art: 3-8/10: Ending animations are godly, rest are absolute garbage.

Music: 8/10: Can’t actually fault this here. The soundtrack, opening and ending songs are all really nice, and the VAs didn’t do much wrong.

Story: 2/10: watisthis

Comedy: 0/10: Would have accepted the comedy if it was a 90s sitcom, not a 2017 anime.

SOL: 0/10: Oh hey look its people living like normal AS IF THE PLANET WASN’T MADE UP OF CLOCKWORKS! I wonder why?

Naoto: 5/10: Your typical light novel protagonist with an overpowered ability but wastes it on getting girls. Nothing really wrong here but really not an interesting character either.

RyuZU: 7/10:  You know you are doing something wrong when a robot AI made from clockworks is more interesting than your other characters.

Marie: 2/10: She’s got some thing going for her including several interesting mysteries behind her background and the way she acts, but of cause it won’t get explored. Instead, we were given a typical anime tsundere.

Halter: 0/10: Where can I purchase my own typical robot body guard?

Overall: 5/10: Come on now, if you are going to adapt a story co-authored by Kamiya Yuu at least make it decent please… not trample all over fans’ feelings with trash like this. I came here for the story, left because the story was shit. And it just so happens that the light novel was received really well so where did it go wrong? Need I say more?

4 thoughts on “Oops, I seem to have dropped something…oh, it’s Clockwork Planet”

  1. It’s a pretty awful show I’ll agree – I’m surprised you’ve gone so high as 5/10! What really bothers me is the clichéd plot combined with humour that tries to seem self aware but just comes across as incredibly corny. I expect I’ll finish it – because you know, masochism – but I don’t blame you at all for dropping it.

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    1. I actually enjoyed the show for a little bit, that’s the main reason why I continued watching it for as long as until the latest episode, and to top it off, it wasn’t exactly boring, just bad. That’s why I dropped Sakurada Reset before this. I really wanted to finish this show being a fan of yuu kamiya and all because of no game no life but really, when you have a score difference of 2 between the source material and the anime, there is something wrong somewhere with this anime.
      Also, thanks for the support so far! I don’t mind you people giving me more discussions like this in the future 😛

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      1. I never realised the source work was from the same person! That’s crazy, I wouldn’t have put them together at all :/

        That’s okay, I always enjoy people commenting on my posts so it’s only fair I comment when I see someone else post something interesting 😀

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        1. I wouldn’t have either, considering the main reason I wanted to watch this show in the first place was because of Yuu Kamiya being a co-author of the source. That’s why I was all the more disappointed when I realised just how bad this anime was.
          I must still thank you people who even followed my blog at all, like I said in my announcement, it was just meant to be a side hobby but it seems that some people are enjoying what I do and that makes me happy. I will continue to write this blog as long as people can enjoy its contents 🙂

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