Manga first impressions: Kakegurui

Manga name: Kakegurui



MAL link:

General statement(tl;dr): Fantastic manga with many interesting things.

So here’s my first impression:

Art: 10/10(10 being Shokugeki’s illustrations)

-Wow, this is actually amazing. Like, really, really amazing. I didn’t have that much of an expectation starting to read this manga, but wow did it blow my mind. The character designs are lovely, the details are very well done, the main and side characters are absolutely beautiful. And most important of all, the faces. In this manga, there is a lot of focus on facial reactions etc, and the drawings for this was absolutely fantastic. It’s so good and makes me stare in awe at the details, the emotions portrayed, and just screams for my attention overall.
Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: No change.

Story: 9/10(10 being Tokyo Ghoul or Youjo Senki)

-This is one of the best story designs I have seen, as well as being very intricate. The plot, although using the typical school theme, is much more different from what you would normally expect. It’s so intriguing and just makes me want to read more, and more, just to see what happens next. I have already read 3 volumes and I’m not planning to stop until I’m at the latest chapter. It’s just so satisfying and yet interesting at the same time, that your crave for the answer will drive you to move on to the next page without you realising it. I have very high hopes for future developments. The gambles in this are great and creative, and gives me a No Game No Life feel all over again.
Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: No change.

Characters: 10/10(10 being Youjo Senki, Assassination Classroom or Boku no Hero Academia)

-This is what sold me in on this manga completely. The characters are completely different from your usual goody two shoes who have nice characters and want to help everyone. This is a manga where almost everyone, and quite literally almost every character is an asshole, psychopath or a combination of both. Interestingly, instead of making people get annoyed by all the characters, the manga pulled it off so well such that it adds more depth to the characters instead. This combined with how interesting(and psychopathic) our main character Yumeko is at the same time just makes the characters so good, and interactions between them is always fun to read and creates more of those godly face panels for me to enjoy.
Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: No change.

Comedy: 0/10(I actually have no idea for this one, I haven’t read a comedy manga yet)

-This is not a manga built on comedy, so don’t expect much. Actually, don’t expect anything. Enjoy it for other things.
Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: No change.

SOL:  0/10(Same as comedy, I have yet to read one in this genre)

-Although its a school theme, there’s absolutely no Slice of Life! This manga focuses much more on the actual gambling and psychology rather than the school life.
Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: No changes.

Special Psychopathic counter 10/10(No idea, psychopaths are usually not well accepted)

-When a manga manages to get you hooked onto characters that are literal psychopaths, you know it’s doing great. I actually can’t wait to see more of the characters and see what they are like. This is oddly enjoyable and I am not ashamed to admit it.

Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: No change.

Overall ~9.25 – 9.50 (Very heavily recommended manga)

Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: No change.

Side notes however, that I started reading this manga after seeing it on the anime list for next season. Now that I have read the manga however, I can’t wait for the anime to actually come out. This is going to be fantastic and I really want it to be No Game No Life v2.

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