End season review: Spring 2017

All pictures credit to their original owners(They are all from key visuals and official sources). I simply edited them together.(It took me a whole day so please credit me at least if you are using it somewhere🙏)

And… it’s over. This season will probably be one of the best seasons in a while. There were ups and downs, surprises and disappointments, but in the end all that matters is that we the watchers enjoy what was given to us, and I have to say I had a fun time watching, especially since this is the first anime season I am watching. I am definitely looking forward to the next season, Summer 2017, and I hope to be able to enjoy it as well!

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Pre season preview: Summer 2017

Summer season is here! And with it, comes a new wave of anime. Although next season may not be as filled as Spring, we still have some really good choices, and I am definitely looking forward to this second anime season that I’ll be following. So, here we go with the things I’ll be trying out next season! Hope you guys can get inspired by this and go watch some of these if they turn out to be good 🙂 Continue reading “Pre season preview: Summer 2017”

I’m not dead

Small status update: I’m not dead, just really busy. Blog posts will be slower to come out than usual, same with the story series I have going on. It’s basically an overall decrease in the amount of time I have to writing, but I will still post the necessary things.

Other unrelated things: The season is ending soon, as are the many great/bad anime we’ve got this season. Look out for the end season review I’ll be doing along with pre-season review for summer 2017.

Yes Koe no Katachi afterthoughts are still in the works. No they won’t come out anytime soon. Sorry about that. I’ll try my best on this.

Might expand the range of things my blog will have sometime soon too.

And that’s it. Small update from me.



P.S: Thanks for all the support as always ❤