Anime first impressions: Kakegurui

Anime name: Kakegurui


MAL link:

General statement(tl;dr): Everything I had hoped for and expected.

So here’s my first impression:

Art: 10/10

Someone give the art and animation department a pay raise. The art was almost perfect, with nicely animated movements, details, and even backgrounds. The important thing though, was the facial reactions, which they have done exceedingly well on. Being a manga reader, I love the facial expressions they have managed to animate in this episode, and I’m definitely on the lookout for more.

Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: No change.


Music: 10/10

Damn, this was so perfect. Hearing the ASMR goddess Hayami Saori just going all out and acting out the crazy moments of Yumeko was just great, and the other voice actors have done a great job too, and you can hear the emotions being poured into the voices of the characters. The background soundtrack is nothing too fancy but at the same time it does its job well. The opening song is very hype and very good, as expected from Tia, and the ending song was surprisingly funky and catchy. All these combine to make the watching experience very enjoyable.

Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: None.


Story: 8/10

This is where they fall short a little bit on, even if it’s not really their fault. The story is well adapted from the manga, and it is exactly as how the front part of the story has played out, and knowing the rest, I know it will just keep getting better. However, the fundamental difference is the time they take to explain the games. In the manga, you are able to slowly read the detailed explanations given by the characters and read on knowing how the game works, In the anime, the explanations were given as well, but because it is an anime, it all passes in a flash, so unless your knowledge absorption rate is very fast and you can understand what is given almost instantly, you are either forced to re-watch to figure out the content or pause and rewind, both of which will break your engagement with the story at hand. As such, I believe this can be done a little bit better.

Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: None.


Comedy: 0/10

This is not a comedy series, so don’t expect anything from it.

Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: None.


SOL: 0/10

Not much being shown right now, and we won’t get any anytime soon. The story is not focused on the daily things, but on bets.


Overall: ~9.25 – 9.75(Enjoy the bets~)

Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: I basically forced my friends to go watch this, and I feel good knowing that they enjoyed it as much as I did. Looking forward to many more crazy moments with Kakegurui.

Now then, onto the next bet!

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