Milestone special post: Ranting on anything and everything

I’ve achieved a mini-milestone! Currently, my blog stands at 500+ unique views, nearly 250 visitors to this blog, close to 50 likes on my posts as well as 10 followers! The numbers might be trivial, and I might seem like a dumbass doing this, but I feel like I should. After all, this blog started as a random thing for my friends at first, and somehow became a hobby of mine!

I was thoroughly thrilled when I got my first like on one of my posts. It was a like by Sam Brewer from, and unsurprisingly, he became one of my first followers. The single like showed that what I was writing was not only interesting to my friends, but to other people as well! It was this like, along with many other supports from other people which made me realise that my blogging actually has meaning, and that is to entertain these people that enjoy my writing.

With that, blogging turned into one of my hobbies. I enjoyed putting out first impressions on anime I’m trying out, afterthoughts on the anime I loved, and mini rants on the anime I regret watching. I started putting more effort into blogging, and my post styles evolved. I cared about the way my blog looked more, eventually giving it an overhaul in terms of looks and style.

And most recently, I actually spent an entire day editing the cover image for the end season review for Spring 2017. It might have been a waste of time, but I enjoyed the process and as I imagined the people who might enjoy that image, I felt happiness as well.

Entertainment is what I live for, such is the reason why I play games and watch anime. And it is entertainment for other people that I enjoy doing as well, as I derive my happiness from that of others’.

Thus, I hope to be able to write more interesting and fun things for you, my viewers to read, and entertain you people much more. Even in my busy periods, I shall try to squeeze out even the smallest amounts of time to write. I have to show commitment, or else this blog will lack spirit.

With all that said, I really want to thank everyone who has taken a look at my blog so far, even if you turned to another page instantly. And for those for actually pressed the like button on my posts, seeing my notification bell ring with the message of “XX has liked your post” gives me more drive to write more things.

And lastly, my 10 followers. I won’t be listing your names out, but I know that by pressing the follow button, you are basically saying: “I trust you to entertainment with the stuff from your blog from now on.” And to that, I will reply back: “Thank you very much, look forward to more.”

And now, with all the boring speeches out of the way, let’s begin the special segment, where I basically spend my time ranting on basically anything and everything from anime and manga! I hope you guys will enjoy it. 🙂

Zouroku is my spirit animal on this.

First rant: The genre known as Isekai

I don’t really know where to begin for this. I mean, this genre is the one genre that gives us much entertainment with its multitude of goodness, such as things like Re:Zero, KonoSuba and the likes. However, the biggest problem also lies with this genre itself. It’s way overused. Like, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overused. I can list about 10 isekai anime/manga/light novels off the top of my head with little to no effort at all, because of how saturated this one genre is. When a genre such as this becomes saturated, we face the problem of repetitiveness as well as a condition known as too much trash.

When we have to weave through the hundreds of isekais in order to find one that is actually good, it becomes a needless effort. And it is the repetitiveness we see that makes the one stereotype about isekai very clear: The main protagonist is a close to otaku man who gets transported to a isekai after death or when he was still alive, and turns into the hero of the story, having many fun adventures.

The isekai category is so saturated that one light novel contest had to ban the genre completely. Although it was old news, it shows the point.

That is not to say though, that the genre is necessarily bad by itself. There is nothing wrong with the isekai genre, but when you have this many authors spamming this genre, it just is not nice anymore. I personally am tired of this genre myself, and I hope we can have series like KonoSuba more that takes the idea of isekai more differently, instead of the typical protagonist saves the world, the end type of story.

Second rant: Problems with manga

Manga is great. It gave us so much good things to read, and I personally am absorbed inside the manga world, with so many titles I’m currently reading along with many more waiting for my to discover. However, I can’t help but notice the inherent problems with manga: The popular gets more popular, and the not as popular almost never gets popular.

What this means is that titles being published in magazines such as shōnen jump gets immense popularity right at the start and continues to get attention as long as they don’t suck while more quality titles that don’t show up in the more popular magazines and publishers don’t get the attention they deserve, and sometimes even end up getting cut. This is really depressing.

Another problem is the conditions of the mangakas themselves. My god, how bad can your bodies be to get sick so easily and not be able to continue working on your work? There are so many manga out there on indefinite hiatus due to the author getting sick and so on. They really need to be treated better.(Same as the animators in Japan, they are not getting any slacks either)

With that said, I still love manga, and I don’t plan to stop reading them anytime soon.

Third rant: Anime itself

Season continuations. The wish every lover of anime wants, but the one thing publishers do not grant us (some exceptions here and there). It’s as if the current trend nowadays is to have an adaptation of a light novel to promote the source material, have a shitty “go read the light novel” ending, and then never have a season 2. Anime exclusive watchers are left hanging indefinitely, and no matter how popular a series become, if the producer committee does not think of making a season continuation, we will never get one. The same problem is present for anime adaptations of light novels.

Another problem is that of adaptation itself. Even if the source material is excellent, there are cases where the adaptation simply sucked and only brought down the popularity of the series. Such examples can be that of Nisekoi, or World Trigger. The anime was simply no match for the source material and only left a sour taste in the mouths of fans of the series watching. (I’m looking at you, Berserk. You and your frying pan swords, bad CGI and camera movements are killing the Berserk fans inside.)

A third problem we have is that of the amount of anime. I’m sure this has been talked a lot by others, but my personal take on the matter is that it doesn’t really concern me, but if yet another shitty berserk adaptation or ecchi trash is what is causing other anime with great potential to be understaffed, I am kind of angry. Get your shit together Japan, and stop producing so much, produce more quality!

Lastly, waifu/best girl wars. Please don’t drag me into any of these, for I have absolutely no interest in getting a waifu whatsoever, and I don’t believe a certain anime character is necessarily better than another. Every character is there for a reason (unless they are not, thanks Trickster for teaching me what a throwaway character looks like), and if a villainous character is written well, they can also become the attraction of the anime. We don’t have to fight over things like virtual 2D boobies in order to satisfy our discontent with 3D girls. Well, at least I don’t want to, but that’s just my wishful thinking. I won’t look down on you for hugging a body pillow of that Sagiri to sleep. Probably.

Fourth rant: MAL reviews

Don’t base your judgement of an anime/manga off of MAL reviews. Just don’t. There’s so many bad reviews out there that somehow got votes from other people simply because they are troll enough I suppose but seriously, you can ask your close friends, you can go read another blogger’s reviews(hopefully mine ;)), but don’t use MAL as a review site. It just is not good enough.

MAL review.PNG

Take for example this review on Shelter above. It somehow found its way onto the top reviews page, but it is absolutely a troll review and is not representative of the general consensus surrounding Shelter.

With that said, just don’t put your trust into the reviews in general. Yes, even myself. There are always hidden biases as well as different preferences, so you should act on your own liking, and not based on another person’s views.

Last rant: Bashing on another person simply because they like xx

Please don’t do this. You can bash on the things they like themselves, but please don’t trash on another person simply because they like it. Everyone has their own preferences, and some people might like things you might not like, just accept it. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so really, don’t be mean about this.

I respect all people, no matter what kind of trash you might like. If you enjoyed it and was entertained by it, then by all means go on. So yes, this goes out to all you critics out there, let people have their fun.

Well, that is about all I can rant about for now, and I hope it was not boring to read.

Once again, I thank you all for supporting me so far, and I hope as my blog grows, I can present more entertainment.


your lie in april thank you.jpg

5 thoughts on “Milestone special post: Ranting on anything and everything”

  1. I agree with everything you said on the first part of this post. That first like/follow meant the world to me. Just got a notification yesterday that said, “100 likes” altogether & it hadn’t even been a year. Feels good to know other ppl can relate

    Liked by 1 person

  2. And like the first one, I’ll like this too! WordPress stats are a great thing and getting more followers, likes, comments and views is immensely satisfying no matter how far along you are (I’m sure this is still the case for some of the uber bloggers out there with hundreds or even thousands of followers). Just keep doing what you’re doing and as long as you’re enjoying it, more people will inevitably get involved!

    I also agree with all of your mini-rants – the one thing I would add is to MAL reviews is MAL average scores. Everyone rates different ranging from super critical people that claim a 7 is god like through to people who rate purely on enjoyment/don’t watch shows just to find problems with them. I’d say if you like the sound of a show and have seen good things, then give it a try 🙂

    Great post all round!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely agree with you on the average scores thing. Would be even better if they did a weighted average so people who rate everything highly(I’m probably guilty here) will get their ratings toned down when compared to other people’s.
      As for my blog itself, I really just hope people enjoy it haha.

      Liked by 1 person

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