Feels Friday: Tsuki ga Kirei’s brilliant ending

Welcome to a new series that will be on my blog from now on: Feels Friday, where I will pick out a certain anime/manga that gave me the feels to talk about. It will be focused on what exactly the anime/manga did right that caused the feels, what I myself felt about it, and will probably be a short discussion and thought sharing. This idea came to me after crying for the umpteenth time on a good show(I’m a crybaby, I know), and this series will have infrequent updates, as with my blog in general(so don’t expect to get one every Friday you greedy people).

But of cause, this series will contain spoilers so if you want to avoid them, avoid this series. Consider yourself warned.

On this week’s Feels Friday, we have: Tsuki ga Kirei’s brilliant ending. The anime about a simple high school love, and ended so well that it’s rating jumped up to 8.38.85592l


Name: Tsuki ga Kirei

My personal overall rating: 9/10

MAL link: https://myanimelist.net/anime/34822/Tsuki_ga_Kirei


What made it good

When we see an anime with the genre of romance and school, we usually tend to have the first impression of a high school comedy harem which has an oblivious male lead as well as many different female leads. Those are usually too stereotypical and tend to not do well, not to mention that they can’t really be considered a feels type of thing, and they tend to end on a bad to semi-bad note, because let’s face it, no one likes it when their favourite girl does not get chosen.

So, what sets this anime apart from the horde of mindless rom-coms?

In one sentence, it would be: Simple yet powerful scenes.

Art and animation is definitely not the selling point of Tsuki ga Kirei. In fact, it is the factor that is dragging the entire anime down, because, to put it simply, Tsuki ga Kirei is almost a masterpiece in terms of everything else. we have a pretty average love between two pretty average characters, and yet we absolutely enjoyed every moment of this not so average anime. Why would that be so? It’s as simple as the premise of the show really. There is meaning behind almost every scene they show us(excluding transition scenes), and we find ourselves drawn towards the presentation. With the example of the most simple yet most powerful scene from Tsuki ga Kirei, I will attempt to explain what exactly made us get the feels.


The ending scene

There are many ways to end an anime. A rushed ending which leaves readers unsatisfied, an anime original route for adaptations that can either be really good or really bad, one that would scream in the viewer’s face to go read the source, or a truly good ending. In the case of Tsuki ga Kirei, it was definitely the last type.

The ending scene starts with Mizuno and Azumi both realising just how much they love each other through Azumi’s novel. After Azumi finally loudly confesses his feelings, their relationships begins to go uphill, despite the many challenges already present, such as the long distance. And then, the true ending scene begins while the fantastic ending song plays at the back.

What’s special about this ending is that it is not animated. It is completely done via still pictures, like a slide show presentation. What’s amazing about this is not the way it is done, but rather, how well this entire scene fit with the rest of the anime. With a simple ending like this, we begin to watch as Azumi and Mizuno’s journey of love continues, with their love only strengthening between each time skip. This is further evidenced by the content of their messages, along with the background showing the situations where the messages were sent. They slowly came together more and more, eventually stepping out into society as adults. Their relationship continues to blossom like a beautiful flower while their contact names starts to change more and more…

eventually reaching the stage of marriage.

Tsuki ga Kirei ending1.PNG
“The wife”
Tsuki ga Kirei ending2.PNG
“The wife”, also starring a beautiful Mizuno in the wedding attire(?)

At this point, I don’t know about you people, but I’m already tearing up. Who won’t be happy for them? They have endured so much, and now they are finally getting married, which is pretty much the end goal for every shipper out there.

That’s not all though, as the anime finishes me off with the final image.

Tsuki ga Kirei ending3.PNG
Is that what I think it is that Mizuno is holding?
Tsuki ga Kirei ending4.PNG
And…the final blow to my heart.

A beautiful love finally bears its fruit.

Isn’t it simply beautiful?

Because it made me cry. Quite a bit. And I probably embarrassed myself in front of my friends when I entered a voice call with them right after while still in a half crying state.

As the song finishes its last few notes, we have also finished the last episode of this anime.

Simply. Beautiful.

Like the moon.


Ending words

This marks the end of our feels trip with Tsuki ga Kirei. I hope you people have enjoyed this anime, and this certainly is not the last we see of my thoughts on Tsuki ga Kirei, as I have yet to talk about it as a whole. For now, let us look forward to the next time we can have our heart filled with feels.

6 thoughts on “Feels Friday: Tsuki ga Kirei’s brilliant ending”

  1. Thanks for the review i watched the anime and cried. The review really sums it all up so thank you for making such a great review of the anime, I really liked it so its nice to see that other people like it as well.


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