Hajimete no Gal: Adaptation done wrong

Dun dun dun dun! And the first drop of the season goes to… Hajimete no Gal!

MAL link: https://myanimelist.net/anime/34403/Hajimete_no_Gal

Well then. When I saw this anime being anticipated by many near the start of the summer season, it aroused my curiosity. I went on to read the source, the manga. The manga itself was a pretty good ecchi romance comedy mix which managed to have me giggle along most of the way while retaining a good pace on plot progression and not overdoing their sexual arousal. It was definitely a good source.

However, the anime adaptation…was nothing short of a disaster.

But first, lets talk about its good points.

…or should I say, good point.

The music and voice acting. You can tell that the voice actors put quite a bit of effort into it in order to convey the characters out well and although it was rather amateurish, it was pretty good. I especially liked the one voicing the sidekick. The ending song was always really good and opening song is pretty nice as well.

But other than that, there really isn’t many good points about this. The art was at most an above average, and the quality seems to be dropping. The story was horrendous. I cannot believe how hard the source material was butchered. The pacing was horrible. They introduced characters way too early then threw them away. They dragged on certain parts for wayyyy too long while repeating jokes that get old that was not repeated in the source, while rushing other parts that really should not be rushed that much. A complete catastrophe in terms of adapting, and I lost interest real quick.

And oh, the erotic stuff is nice and all, but dragging them just turns this anime into borderline hentai, and I was never really a fan of these type of stuff anyways…so no.

I will stick to the manga, no thank you.

Stats at the end of the run:

Art: 7/10 : A meh.

Music: 8/10: Redeeming factor. Pretty good.

Story: 4/10: Stop this. Please.

Comedy: 5/10: How to butcher source material’s humour: Overuse a joke about wanting to have sex with lolis.

SOL: 2/10: How they managed to make this uninteresting I don’t know, and at this point I don’t care either.

Ecchi: 8/10: To all you perverts all there watching uncensored versions, good job.

Overall: 6/10: Disappointment.

5 thoughts on “Hajimete no Gal: Adaptation done wrong”

    1. I try to avoid spoilers when writing but yes, she is testing the protagonist. However, they rushed this part completely and did the entire testing phase in one episode while the first episode only adapted one chapter, which shows you just how ridiculous the pacing problem is.

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