Blogwarming party!


I’m just borrowing this gif but… [Anime: Noragami]

Hello! Woke up this morning to a pleasant surprise. Irina is currently doing a thing where she helps to promote new anime blogs! Although my blog probably also fit into this category, I’m not going to be participating for various reasons.

Read her full post below!

You guys remember when I use to pretend to review anime? Yeah, me either… Boys and girls, I need your help. I’ve been kicking around this idea for a project for some time now and I want your input. Back when I started this little blog, in the olden days of last July, I was […]

via Blogwarming Party! — I drink and watch anime

P.S. Won’t be doing the unique blogger awards(thanks to a certain unique poo poo) post yet for obvious reasons.
P.P.S. Yes this is a short post that literally only promotes another post…I’m busy please don’t kill me.

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