Magnificent Manga No. 2: Yuusha ga Shinda!

Manga name: Yuusha ga Shinda!: Murabito no Ore ga Hotta Otoshiana ni Yuusha ga Ochita Kekka.

Chapters read: 26

MAL link:

Now then, since the reception for the last post was so good, I present to you the second Magnificent Manga, Yuusha ga Shinda!! While the full name of this manga may be a mouthful, and the art style doesn’t look all that impressive from the outside, this manga is one hidden gem that manages to at least stand out a little bit from your average fantasy manga.

For now, I will talk about the goods and bads, and this post will definitely be less one-sided than Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san, since Yuusha ga Shinda! does have a lot of shortcomings.

The good: Fun with semi-unique plot and non-generic characters

  • Now, before we get into the real good stuff, let’s get the above average but not exactly too impressive things out of the way first: The ecchi illustrations. When drawing the more ecchi scenes, the art being displayed is really good and worth taking a look at, with prime examples such as this:
    yuusha ga shinda ero.PNG
    Well, er… because the female scenes are all slightly too erotic to be safe for work, have one of the male body instead.

    As you can see, the illustrations are very detailed when it comes to ecchi stuff. It’s not exactly a plus to me, but I suppose it would be a plus to anybody out there who thrives on ecchi drawings.

  • Now then, with that out of the way, let’s talk about the real elements of Yuusha ga Shinda! that makes it good: the semi-unique plot and its non-generic characters.
  • First, the semi-unique plot. Why do I say semi-unique and not unique? That’s because Yuusha ga Shinda! is not exactly based off of an original concept. It is set in a world with demons and heroes, and of course magic is present. With a setting like that, you can’t help but feel the amount of originality oozing from this manga amirite hahaha…ha.
    *cough* Mh-hum. Well then, I meant that uh, although the setting is less than original, what’s unique in this manga is actually the premise. Unlike our normal hero saves the world manga, the hero in this manga is…dead. Yuusha ga Shinda! (The hero is dead!)
    Yup. the yuusha is in fact very much dead. In an expected turn of events, the hero fell for the most stupid trap ever and dies. And thus began the adventure of Touka, Yuna and Anri, except Touka is now occupying the hero’s body. Their mishap filled adventures is the focus point of this series, and this just makes it so unique when compared to other manga. Instead of having the hero save the world, the hero dies in the very first chapter. What do you do when you are in control of the hero’s dead body? Try to the save the world I suppose, but you don’t have the same talent, so you are bound to not be a hero in the sense of the word. And that’s just how unique the story is.
  • Next, we have the non-generic characters. First, we have the main male lead, a radish farmer with a fetish for legs, is not afraid to do perverted stuff but happens to be utterly useless at anything but small tricks. Second, we have his childhood friend, a non-yandere(thank god) female friend who actually dislikes the main character because of how useless he is. Third, we have the necromancer who put the male lead into the hero’s body, and who also happens to be useless at the same time. These are some really unique characters right from the start, but it doesn’t stop there. Side characters introduced later on all proved to be unique in their own right instead of being good guy number 1 or villain number 1, and I have come to love all the characters this manga has.
  • Lastly, we have the silly fun. This manga is actually more focused on its comedy aspect than anything, as it puts out silly moments and punchlines for us to laugh at. I enjoyed reading it and had many a laughs just reading it, and I’m sure most people will as well.

And that’s about all the good points for Yuusha ga Shinda!. At this point, this manga might look to be really good, but in retrospect, it actually isn’t that amazing. Let me present… the negatives.


The bad: Skipping developments and general art

Now that I’m done being the nice guy, let’s criticise all the bad points of Yuusha ga Shinda!.

First, we have the skipping character developments. In favour of comedy, sometimes the manga opt to skip past certain moments of character developments just to give us a little bit more laughs. Therefore, some characters end up underdeveloped in terms of character development and even our main characters don’t get too back backstory exposition. As such, we end up with interesting characters never getting any real developments, which is a shame.

More than that, we also have the plot being less than ideal sometimes, as the manga will sometimes choose the more funny plot rather than the more sensical plot. Thus, we end up with some things that are still explained but not ideal.

What’s more, the art quality in general for this manga is actual average, or even below average. Any scene that is not ecchi has the quality of art reduced to some extent, and I can even see some rough lines some times. It is still readable, but just not great art all round.



Magnificent rating: 7/10
“Pretty good.”

Recommendation: I would still recommend this to most people who are looking for a refreshing comedic manga with good plot and characters, although those people who value art in manga a lot should do well in steering clear of this manga. Also, those who cannot ecchi should also stay away, while those looking for ecchi will get their share in due time. In the end, this manga still manages to be quite entertaining.

yuusha ga shinda carrot.PNG
If you don’t read this manga, then you are not a real man! (or woman)

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