I’m unique?!

Hihi… well so my blog is probably not worthy of the awards, but I’ve been nominated twice for the Unique Blog awards.

unique blogger award.png

The Rules

  1. Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  2. Answer the questions.
  3. In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  4. Ask them 3 questions.

Well then, let’s not waste anytime and get right into it, shall we?

First up, although I’m not worthy, a big thank you to this unique piece of poopoo and Yahari Bento. I feel very honoured but undeserving of the awards. After all, I didn’t really do anything too special on my blog yet, nor do I think I am doing anything unique. I am simply sharing my thoughts, like every other blogger out there, and hopefully entertaining people with my posts.

chuunibyou please
Sorry, but I’m not worthy!

Now, we have quite a few questions to go through, shall we?

The first 3 questions are from the unique poo poo I talked about. It’s mostly on anime.

Which anime show best describes your life?

To be completely honest, because I’m such a newbie when it comes to anime(I only started watching last year), I haven’t watched too much. As such, there is quite little choices for me here.

However, if I were to have to choose one, it would definitely be Mirai Nikki, where everything is going wrong and I just feel pretty helpless most of the time.


What are your favorite anime shows crossover? Or parody series? Or both? (screw it)

…but I don’t watch crossovers! Nor parody series! Well, let’s change the question a bit shall we? How about:
What is your favourite reference in an anime?
For me, the answer to that will definitely be the reference to Phoenix Wright from No Game No Life. They remixed pursuit-cornered and everything(pursuit-cornered is one of the most recognisable music from Pheonix Wright), and it was just absolutely perfect. I loved it. Here’s a video:(spoiler alert)


Have you ever started watching an anime show only because you became interested in a certain character?

Yes. My introduction to Youjo Senki was pretty simple: I saw the generic summary, I looked at the cover, and I saw Tanya on the cover. I was interested in how a show with a loli dressed in soldier-wear would go, and from then on my world changed. Character design can make or break a show.

Isn’t she lovely?

The next few questions are from Yahari bento. I can clearly see the reference to Kumo desu ga here.

If you reincarnate as a spider that you need to survive in the cruel fantasy world and poisonous monsters are everywhere, when you level up and there are two choices for you to choose (Poison Skill or Poison Resist), which one you want to pick?

Definitely poison resist. I wouldn’t want to get into an accident with one of the poisonous monsters and die, and at the same time having poison resist will make it possible to actually befriend the monsters you know? It will be really lonely being a spider, since obviously you can’t just befriend humans, with so many people having arachnophobia (fear of spiders).


If you are a spider, you want to befriend with other monsters (social) or want to hunt them (savage)? (You can choose one only.)

Like I said above, I’ll definitely befriend them. Well, if they are not too cruel that is. Anyways, it would be nice to have companionship.


Assume that you can choose color for your body (of course you are spider again), which color you want to paint? (You can choose more than one color.)

Red. Red is my favourite colour, and well, that’s about the only reason 😛

And with that, I’ve answered all the questions. Now, it is time to present some people who actually deserve the award instead of me!

  • Karandi from 100wordanime. Of course. Why wouldn’t I nominate her? Her blog still provides good posts all under 100 words till this day, and it is still one of the more unique concepts I’ve seen on a blog.(not to mention it’s done so well!)
  • The unique poo poo from his blog of wonders. Gotcha!
  • TPAB from his pantless blogging site. Taking off his pants is his job, being awed is our job. He also draws some great drawings for his hyping up series of posts.
  • Irina from her drunken anime blog. Well, how can I not nominate her? Amazing posts with ending conclusions being drinking games. Well, I don’t like alcohol but I would like to do them with water all the same.

Well, forgive me, but other than these people I haven’t been taking too many looks at other blogs to avoid spoiling myself while catching up to the season. This ends my recommendations!

Now then, what kind of questions shall I have them answer….

  1. Who do you think is the most well-developed character from a series?
    Manga, anime, novels, anything goes.
  2. Shoot, shag, marry 3 random characters of you choosing.
    I’m evil, I know.
  3. What anime do you want to see a sequel to the most?(that they haven’t gotten yet)
    Here’s one you would like!

My post is over!

It’s nothing unique, and my blog isn’t either, but I’ll definitely try to be unique at the very least. Thanks for everything!

And if you have been enjoying what I post so far…

shokugeki glad you enjoyed it.png
[Anime: Shokugeki no soma]

13 thoughts on “I’m unique?!”

  1. I loved that Pheonix Wright reference too. I can’t wait to get out all the nomination posts I’ve backlogged and tag Shoka in each and every one…
    THANK YOU!!!! Also, my suggestions for alcohol alternative is cupcakes – 1 drink = 1 bite. If diabetes aint your thing – sit ups!

    Liked by 2 people

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