2017: Reflections, milestones and so much more

So, 2017 is over. Happy new year!

umaru celebrations
Celebrations! [Anime: Himouto! Umaru-chan]

I’ve actually been really busy these couple of days so I didn’t have time to plan out this post, but I do know the general things I would like to talk about here.
First up, let’s have an overview of everything that happened this year.

The overview

I started this blog in April of this year, and well, like I’ve said many times before, the aim when I first started this blog was actually to just be a dumping ground for long things I want my friends to read, and well, look how far we’ve come.

At first, the posts were semi-garbage level with less than well thought out reviews and arguments, and I didn’t bother to put in too much effort into those. However, things started to change when people other than my friends stumbled upon my blog.

When the first attention from outsiders was cast onto my posts, it was as if something had clicked inside me. And it was the very critical first follow from Sam Brewer that had me thinking: maybe, people other than my friends are actually enjoying the “content” I’m putting out there.(If you can call what I wrote back then content that is)

With that, it had an effect on me and I started to write posts after thinking more, honing my writing skills more, and putting in much more effort onto posting on my blog. It was still a side hobby of mine, but it became one that I somehow enjoyed quite a bit.

From May onwards, I made much more of a conscientious effort to keep on improving the way I write as well as the posts I write. Things started getting more and more fun as more people liked my posts, followed me, and even started commenting on my posts.

I decided to start checking out the community itself after June had come. Actually reading posts from some of my followers, I enjoyed them quite a bit seeing differing opinions as well as matching ones. And I started getting more and more involved.

Well, at the time, it was still just mostly lurking around and continuing to do my own thing.

And well, here we are now, 2018, and I’ve somehow gathered 42 followers despite my very irregular posting schedules as well as so many empty promises I’ve made.(I’m sorry, I’m seriously still working on many things such as the Koe no Katachi afterthoughts, but they just aren’t gonna be done anytime soon…) Thank all 42 of you so much for actually liking the content I write, because well, I didn’t think anyone would like it, really.

Writing has become a fun thing to do, and although it can be a chore at times to put out certain types of posts, I have found the after-post results very rewarding mentally and psychologically wise, with the positive responses, virtual thumbs ups/stars and things like that. The sense of fulfilment along with the knowledge that others have enjoyed what I wrote gave me happiness.

I do not intent to part with this happiness any time soon either, so expect to continue to see me in 2018, although things might get more and more hectic…(please don’t)

Anyways, that about concludes 2018 for me. I appreciate the growth this little wormhole of mine has gotten, and I love all of you.

Now then, onto the other things

Reflections/New year’s resolutions

  • Write more regularly on the blog have posts scheduled so that there wouldn’t be many vacant periods of no posts.
  • Continue the series of posts I start!!
  • Need to continuously improve my writing. I honestly can look back to my posts from things such as 2 months ago and cringe at it. As my skills improve, the quality will only go up, and such is the necessity for more enjoyment of my posts.
  • Revisit old posts and redo them before posting them again, since some of them don’t do the series enough justice…
  • Promise less and do more!

These are the reflections and new year’s resolutions(sort of) that I have right now. Hopefully, by the end of 2018, I can look back and say: “Wow, I’ve sure done a great job!”, instead of “Wow, I sure am a piece of sh*t for not following my own resolutions and reflections!”.

Hm… what other things are there.

Ah, right, my favourite moments of this year.

Well, I need to put more thought into that, so I will put up a separate post about it sometime. No promises when, but as soon as possible since I still have things I have to continue to do.

Lastly, let’s have some announcements and updates yet again! Whoo! Who doesn’t love padding out word counts with these meaningless things.


  • My blog has received many more award nominations ever since the one I did on uniqueness and loveliness. I’m going to have to do up posts on that, and well, hopefully I can make it interesting.
  • END SEASON REVIEW. IT IS COMING REALLY SOON. I wanted to release it before the end of the year but well, there goes that plan. I promise this is on top of my priorities.
  • Winter 2018 is coming! With that comes many anime first impressions and such. Be prepared!
  • Other things such as continuations of series such as Magnificent Manga and Reading into Novels are actually in planning/drafting stages. I just haven’t found the time to complete the posts, so yup, my draft numbers have only been piling up.

Annnnd that’s about it. Happy new year everyone! I hope all of us will enjoy the year ahead.

-An exhausted Plyasm

The Best New Years Parties Start on the 29th! — I drink and watch anime

Here, I’m severely sleep deprived from just finishing my part-time job, but this is something worth promoting anyways. My finale for the Crowd Marshall part-time job posts will be coming sometime when I’m not sleep deprived anymore. I didn’t have the time to read the posts this time, nor have I watched the shows such that I can read them, so I’ll just trust Irina’s judgement here.

Enjoy the posts! Because I’m such a hardworking blogger that doesn’t put out new content in ages just to post a repost, HA!


Hi Guys! How has you December been? Yeah, mine was super busy too! But hey, at least we got it done, right!? I hope you all had wonderful Holidays or at least not completely horrible ones. Next year will be (even) better, I promise. We could all do a Christmas anime marathon together, that’ll be […]

via The Best New Years Parties Start on the 29th! — I drink and watch anime

Let’s talk about life.

So, not a post with any real content again. This one wouldn’t have pictures or gifs or anything of that sort either. It will simply be me rambling a bit and letting out some feelings.

So,  I’m pretty much going through one of the toughest phases in my life right now. Several things have gone wrong, a lot of thinking and consideration needs to be done, and most importantly, I probably have to make decisions that will change the rest of my life. Which is actually one of the reasons why I’ve not been posting, other than general laziness and procrastination as well as playing games and watching anime.

Well, my feelings are pretty much all over the place right now and I kinda have to think more deeply about certain matters…and I also have to make those decisions. Can’t run away from them.

If only I got more rest and downtime before all these.

I guess life will always throw shit at you, and the best you can do is to come up with ways to block it or minimise the smear the shit hits you with.
That was a disgusting analogy. I don’t know why I wrote that.

Well, I don’t know why I’m writing this post to completely unrelated people, especially since I don’t like disclosing personal information anyways so this post is vague as heck.

Hopefully my life gets back in order and stuffs. I’ll probably still be able to post stuffs but yea, please don’t kill me if I suddenly disappear for some periods of time.

This was a very random and very weird post, don’t mind me.

Well, I’m hitting that publish button now.

Pre season preview: Winter 2018

erased winter.gif
Whoooooo! [Anime: Erased]

Fall 2017 is about to be over! As the final leaves fall down in certain parts of the world, we are transiting from one great season to another. 2018 will be the year of the sequels/continuations, as we are greeted by things such as Overlord S2, Boku no Hero Academia S3, One punch man S2, To Aru project 2018 and so much more. To start off the 2018 year however, we have the Winter 2018, which already has many good sequels as well as a lot of anime to watch out for. The potential is real here, and I’m here to give my thoughts on everything from next season that has caught my attention so far. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Arrangements are in no particular order.

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Dies Irae: What the heck is going on?!

After finally watching the third episode of Dies Irae after so long, I realised why I have held back on watching it: it just isn’t enjoyable to watch.

MAL link: https://myanimelist.net/anime/32271/Dies_Irae

The anime is not bad in terms of animations, art and sound. In fact, it is far from it, with great animations all round and an art style that is very pleasing. The character designs are not bad either. As for the sound, the voice acting is pretty good, and the guillotine song was impressive and had a huge impact. The opening and ending songs are pretty good on their own too.

With all that said, the one thing that made this anime bad was the story and how it was presented. Starting with episode 1, more and more confusing things were presented and instead of answering them, the anime gives us more things that just added on to the confusion. If it lasted for 1 or 2 episodes, fine, it would be a cool set-up to draw people in, and I was admittedly interested. However, even in the third episodes things just keep getting more confusing, and at the end of the episode, I was just left wondering what exactly I just watched.

Thus, I won’t be wasting my time continuing to watch this anime and use that time on others.


Final rating: 6/10
Verdict: “Offer the blood to the guillotine.”


The Crowd Marshal experience part II: Ever heard of Zerg Rush?

So, just finished 2nd shift, currently 24hrs without sleep and counting and I’m writing this post before I even eat breakfast. Well, not that it will ever faze me.

aot titans running.gif
Incoming! [Anime: Attack on Titan]

So, the experience this time wasn’t bad either. However, this was vastly different from the late night shift, being the early morning shift. Well, the biggest difference is the amount of people.

So. Many. People.

Have you ever seen a Zerg Rush? (Click on the link for a mini-game that fully demonstrates a Zerg Rush!)

Because it was literally Zerg Rush in real life, and I’m the one getting overwhelmed.

I’m getting probably 5 or more people asking me things at the same time almost 24/7 throughout the shift, and running back and forth.

My spine started hating me so much it doesn’t feel like being a part of my body anymore and aches every time I cough a little bit. I felt as if I turned into an old man without being one.

In the end, I could only handle so much at once and even if done sequentially I was bound to miss some people. I hope I have a billion mouths to talk to everyone at the same time but that isn’t happening.

I did do my best though, and I guess I was pretty happy with the results. Learnt a couple more things, was able to deal with other people even better, etc. The standard takeaway from a job experience. And now, I’ve gotta sleep and prepare for the last shift in a while, which actually isn’t that far away–12 hours in fact.

Hopefully my spine stops trying to migrate out of my body and I can somehow get enough sleep (if I can sleep at all).

chitanda sleeping.gif
There’s always room for more Hyouka gifs. [Anime: Hyouka]

The Crowd Marshal experience: fun but tiring

Inuyashiki car crash.gif
Well, this was what came to my mind when I think of Crowd Marshal for some reason. At least I’m not making people crash into each other. [Anime: Inuyashiki]

Well, I went to get a part-time job doing a Crowd Marshal, and it was quite the experience indeed, being my first ever time working.

Take note that I’m rushing out this post at 2am, after I’ve finished working, going in again at 5am so won’t have much time so I’ll try to get out as much thoughts as possible.

So the job itself seems pretty simple: simply direct people towards where they want to go. Well, anything will look simple at first glance but this one is actually simple. Well, for me at least, since it just means helping people, and I’ll glad it do it.

The problem though, comes with time. You are basically stuck there standing for the entire duration, and in this case, it was 4 straight hours. My legs went from pain to sore to numb to sore and pain again, and I really felt like chopping them off sometimes. It was pretty bad and by the time it ended my legs were so used to the abuse I didn’t even feel any relief when I sat down finally. It’s as if my legs decided to retaliate by not giving me pleasure when it should be given.

Well, there’s another minor problem. Minor for me, and it depends on the person. You see, when you do a Crowd Marshal, and you sometimes don’t know things that are not in your job scope, people are not gonna be happy. They don’t care that it’s not your job, they expect you to be an encyclopedia standing there to be read.
Anyways, you are going to get quite a bit of curses and complaints with time. And well, there was one that was caused by a certain company’s incompetence and out of my control, but it was directed at me anyways. I’m just a part-timer, give me a break ;.;

In the end though, it was really fun helping out people and hearing their thanks. Especially the people who even gave thumbs ups along with heartfelt thanks, you guys are seriously the best. It’s really a pleasure to help other people for me, and coupled with even more joy from their thanks, the job became pretty fun.

It was a great experience, and I will probably take more part-time jobs to gain more experiences working.
Well, off to another shift.

hyouka goodbye.gif
I use Hyouka gifs alot, don’t I. [Anime: Hyouka]

The Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven’s Feel – I. Presage Flower movie experience: Slightly confusing but still the same Fate quality

Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven’s Feel – I.Presage Flower

MAL link: https://myanimelist.net/anime/25537/Fate_stay_night_Movie__Heavens_Feel_-_I_Presage_Flower


So, after watching the No Game No Life:Zero movie finally, another anime movie approached. It was the latest entry into the Fate series: Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven’s Feel – I. Presage Flower, part 1 of 3 movies that will adapt the last route in the Fate/stay night visual novel. Being the last route available for people to see, many that have played the visual novel have heavily hyped up this movie and the route in particular, stating that it is the best route in Fate/stay night, and that this would be a fantastic movie. Before we go into details about my movie experience though, I gotta say that I quite literally marathoned the entire Fate franchise(with the exclusion of the 2006 Studio Deen adaptation) just the day before I watched the movie. Well, the schedule was tight since I wanted to watch with friends, so I had 1 day and a half to finish Fate/Zero, Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works and their season 2s respectively(I had already watched Fate/Zero’s first season though). It was a hell of a marathon and I really enjoyed it. Both of them were respectable anime in their own right and I’ll probably write posts on them sometime but let’s just skip over the details for now. After quite literally finishing all I need to watch 2 hours before the movie was going to show, I was prepared. And here’s what I got out of the movie:



Art: 10/10

Prestine Fate quality arts, character design, and all round. It’s basically the same as Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works, so there really isn’t anything to critique here. If I really have to comment though, there is definitely a step up even from Unlimited Blade Works as the animations were even smoother and the art looks even better.


Sound: 8/10

So… the movie cinema was preeeetty bad this time I suppose, or should I say the crowd that went to watch this time. There were slight murmuring throughout the movie and people talking. Some people really don’t have movie etiquette and it kinda made it hard to concentrate on the sounds part. At the same time, the music and voice acting definitely isn’t bad.


Story: 8/10

Compared to the other stories and other routes in Fate/stay night, this was definitely one of the more confusing. There were a lot of new things that was not in the previous routes and wasn’t present in Fate/Zero either, and made it fascinating but at the same time that much more confusing to watch, since you quite literally don’t know what’s happening and why that’s happening. It was definitely not newbie friendly either and definitely should NOT be the entry anime to the Fate series, as you would literally not know a single thing of what’s going on if you didn’t watch Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works first since they skip past most of the repetitive explanations and focused on what separates this route apart from the rest instead. However, if you have context, you definitely can enjoy this movie and the plot is of course, Fate quality great. I pretty much liked it myself and I would like to see more.


Comedy: 9/10

It was great. The movie had several funny moments when there should be, and everyone in the cinema enjoyed it. Hey, guy in front. I know it’s really funny, but you don’t have to laugh so loud you know? In particular, the return of the Yorokobe Shounen scene from Unlimited Blade Works caused most to at least snigger.


Tension & Darkness: 10/10

This route is clearly the most dark and sinister in all of the routes, with so many bad premonitions given to us so far, as well as many events that have not happened before suddenly happen, and those are not exactly nice events. Throughout the movie, with the exception of the pretty boring needed introductions(which was relatively the same as Unlimited Blade Works), was really tense and I could feel myself very drawn into the movie. The atmosphere was great and one that you would expect from a Fate series, only more.


Overall: 9/10

Because this particular route is split into 3 different movies, this first part has mostly been setting up and building the plot before the climax. As such, there is much left to be desired, however, it is still good in its own right.



Having watched the movie right after a Fate marathon, I can now safely say I am a fan of the Fate series now. It has been a great journey and now that I’ve invested into part 1, I definitely can’t miss part 2 and part 3 now. Well, that is not to say that I wouldn’t watch it if it wasn’t split apart either, it was still very enjoyable to watch and I recommend anyone who has watched Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works to go and watch this movie. Great job, ufotable, for another great addition to the Fate series.


BONUS: the poster I got.(now on my wall, of course)

Heaven's Feel poster.jpg
I still really suck at photography so don’t mind the really bad quality… Actually, do mind. I’m sorry.