Anime first impressions: Citrus

Anime name: Citrus

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I am thoroughly confused.

I knew that this would be a yuri type series, with the synopsis and genre tags, and even the key visuals all pointing straight at a yuri relationship being the main focus of this series. Even the animations for the opening song, with the 2 main characters sharing 2 french kisses inside, screams at me that yuri is present.

However, I’m still a little confused. Does this anime go sexual or not? That is the question I need answered, as I usually don’t enjoy series that oversexualise their scenes. In this first episode, I was unable to find an answer to that question.

General statement(tl;dr): A pretty good episode that could be the start of something bigger?

So here’s my first impressions:

Art: 9/10

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Studio Passione before, but the art and animations for this first episode was brilliant. The details are well done, the lines drawn are sharp and crisp, and animations are very smooth. So far, I’ve seen literally nothing wrong, except for some scenes where ugly 3DCGI can be seen used. As far as character designs go, they might be a little generic, but the characters look good.


Music: 6/10

Slightly above average, with an average opening song and good voice acting so far. Unfortunately, I didn’t place my emphasis on the sounds of this anime since I was preoccupied with figuring out if this was going to go sexual or not, so I didn’t really pay attention to the background soundtrack. However, whatever soundtrack it was obviously failed to make an impression on me, so I’ll assume that it was average for now.


Story: ?/10

I…am truly confused. I’m not sure to whether to rate the story high or low. On one hand, I am not a fan of yuri. On the other hand, I don’t really mind it either. However, there’s the ecchi type scenes, but at the same time the story seems as if it could be interesting. I just can’t decide! I’ve never been so conflicted with myself throughout an anime episode before about whether or not I found the content entertaining, and this is pretty much a first for me.


Comedy: 8/10

The comedy was great. There were a few moments where I just bursted out laughing, and the jokes all hit the right spot. Although this show probably does not have a heavy focus on comedy, I still enjoyed laughing at the funny moments.


SOL: 7/10

Oh, I really liked it so far and I want more. This is not cute girls doing cute things, but I’m still enjoying seeing the contrast between the two sister’s daily lives. So far, the anime has made a very good contrast, and I am hoping to see how their daily lives change and play out from here on out.

Yet another special counter has been resurrected for this particular occasion. Enter….

Special Ecchi Counter: ?/10

…yea. The same as the plot, a question mark. But for different reasons. There are some scenes in this episode so far that are pretty ecchi, but those become completely normal moments right afterwards. So, I am unable to figure out whether this anime is focusing on sexualised things or not, and it’s basically making me confused as to whether to continue watching this anime. I will closely observe and see if I have to drop this anime from now on because of ecchi though.

Overall: 7.00(A solid 7 for a show that seems above average so far.)

Yup, same as Grancrest Senki, I am not going to recommend this anime to my friends just yet(therefore no “Afterthoughts after discussing with friends”), due to the questionable nature of its “revealing content”. I will wait it out first to get to a concrete conclusion before rushing into recommendations.

That said, if this story is what I thought it would be, things would be a lot easier and I can pretty much watch on. I’m not a fan of yuri, but I wouldn’t mind it either.

Next up, we have slow start.

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