Anime first impressions: Märchen Mädchen

Anime name: Märchen Mädchen

MAL link:

This season is really flooded with cute girls doing cute things! In this edition, we happen to have Cute girls doing cute things: Fate series edition!
Well, at least that’s what it appears to be like. With a plot that seems borrowed from the Fate series somewhat, and add on the fact that it’s all cute girls doing cute things, add a slice of life on top, and voila! Märchen Mädchen.

General statement(tl;dr): Not exactly the most impressive starting but is entertaining still.

So here’s my first impressions:

Art: 7/10

Above average art and animations here. Same as Takagi-san. Really nothing bad but nothing outstanding either. I did notice some laziness in the animations for the opening song, however, as there were several shots just reused.


Music: 7/10

Same as above, above average, nothing bad, nothing too good. Notable thing is the opening song being sang by fhána, who also sang the popular Maid dragon opening last year.


Story: 6/10

It’s interesting, but not THAT interesting, is the vibe I’m getting from this series so far. Although it has a similar theme to the Fate series, their approach is obviously different and after passing through the filter of cute girls doing cute things all of a sudden the story seems much less serious and attractive overall. Still, I see some points that can be explored pretty well here, and I am hoping they do a good job.


Comedy: 5/10

I admit, seeing that particular scene with the main character being chased naked was….funny. I’m a horrible person. Other than that, it’s mediocre humour at most.


SOL: 6/10

Again, this was not bad, not good. I feel compelled to know more, but I already know what might happen through guesswork alone so it takes a lot of the fun and entertainment out of it.

Overall:6.50-7.25(Pretty average show so far but can be better, and entertaining nonetheless.)
Afterthoughts after discussing with friends: There really isn’t too much to talk about for this anime, for real. There are no real outstanding aspects to talk about, but it is entertaining enough to watch.

After this anime, we move on to yet another relaxing show from this season…Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku.

I would appreciate any feedback and discussion!

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