Grancrest Senki: Surprise! It’s me, Plot-kun!

What’s with this clichéd title? Honestly, I don’t know. At this point, I’ve run out of words to describe how painful a watch this is to my friends. Let’s just get this post over and done with by ranting a little(actually quite a bit).

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Now then, let’s start off with the rants.

First up, we have the art and animations. I have to say, it’s not bad(most of the time). But, there’s something very very wrong here–this is quality undeserving of A1-Pictures. I wouldn’t say that A1-Pictures has the best arts and animations quality out of all the studios out there, but they are definitely a studio that pumps out shows with very consistently nice aesthetics. Therefore, I’m very disappointed with Grancrest Senki’s excessive usage of 3DCGI as well as the complete lack of quality in certain scenes. Sure, the scenes with main characters still look nice and watchable but others are just plain sad to look at. Seeing a group of 3DCGI soldiers face off against another group of 3DCGI soldiers makes people get ejected from the story with a jolt because of how unreal it looks compared to the main/side characters. I understand that most of the budget and good artists probably went to A1’s other shows this season, but geez this is disheartening.

Second, we have the absolutely garbageamazing story plot. I can understand if the story goes through a lot of stereotypes being a fantasy magic story but still holy sh*t I really want to rip my hair out with how predictable the plot can be sometimes. Predictable fights, predictable characters, predictable twists, it’s like watching an Olympics game of Usain Bolt against a toddler. And it doesn’t just stop there. Predictable plot can be amended with good pacing and good characters for people to love.
…that doesn’t exist here. Out of the entire cast of characters, we have one single likeable character being the female MC and that’s about it. The rest of the characters are pretty much walking heaps of stereotypes and I swear I want to smack Theo so hard for being such a typical dumb MC getting dragged around. The pacing? What pacing? We get some episodes with absolutely snail speed that makes me want to sleep and others with literal sanic speed that had me going “What?” from start to the end. I think the story might have been going for a rollercoaster of emotions but please understand it doesn’t mean a literal rollercoaster in terms of speed when people say that…

Speaking of emotions, I think I’ve been pretty much devoid of emotions while watching this show. Frequently asking myself “So what?”, “Why?” and other questions is not a good sign. Certain plot points that are probably there to bring out emotions with the viewers just had me stone-faced because it was just simply too predictable. And I can’t say this for sure but this entire series feels like a money-grab to me, where the author just crafted the entire story just to try to cheap out entertainment for the viewer/readers and therefore shell out more money. It lacks–so called– a soul.

And that’s about all the rantings I’ll do. The music and such is fine, nothing wrong. The series managed to maintain just the right amount of entertainment for me to watch on despite it being plenty painful, but realising how reluctant I myself am to watch the next episode, I just dropped the series at episode 5 after making up my mind.

…I’ll also take into reference for myself how this story is written so that I don’t make the same mistakes when writing my own stories.


Final rating: 5/10
Verdict: “What am I to do with you?”

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