Magnificent Manga No. 4: Mujaki no Rakuen

Manga name: Mujaki no Rakuen

Chapters read: 86 (COMPLETE)

MAL link:

This might possibly become my most controversial post, simply due to the nature of this manga. This was one manga that confused the heck out of me, making me question my sexual preferences as well as my likes and dislikes. But overall, it was one of the most entertaining manga I’ve ever read, so I really just have to recommend this manga out.

The good: Great throwback to childhood innocence and romance moments

  • Have you ever wondered what it would have been like if you were to be taken back to your own childhood while still retaining your adult mind? That’s pretty much exactly the premise behind Mujaki no Rakuen. Such a premise should be plenty populated with the vast amounts of isekais floating around as well as time travelling being not a new topic for creating content. However, Mujaki no Rakuen is so far the only manga I’ve read that has taken this premise and stuck with it all the way through the end. Isekais mostly get past this phase of “childhood” in a different way while being in a different world altogether(basically treating it just as a stage for the MC to clear), and time travelling usually doesn’t touch on the complete innocence of childhood, and choose to focus on more “important” aspects of the person’s life instead, such as high school(I’m calling out ReLife here). This means that Mujaki no Rakuen is pretty unique in this sense.
  • Well, uniqueness wouldn’t mean anything if the plot itself did not build upon it and make it a good read. Thankfully, I can confidently say that Mujaki no Rakuen manages to portray the innocence of childhood as well as the many elements of it pretty well, and makes it engaging at the same time. Our MC has mostly failed his adulthood and his return to his childhood will be something he needs in order to change his life.
    There’s a famous saying of “The 3rd year of a person’s life decides his entire life”(brilliantly butchered the quote with translation here) in chinese culture, which basically means that a person’s life is to be decided from what happens when he/she was still very young. I think it would apply to this manga pretty well, as we find out just how different the MC’s childhood is compared to his utter failure of an adulthood. Looking back, we all have many memorable moments and turning point in our childhoods that I’m sure many would love to go back and change, and I bet most of us here have a childhood that really does not reflect the lives we are having right now. The MC’s struggle to change his past and grow as quite literally a “man-child” is entertaining to say the least and gripping to say the most.
    Along the way, we also get to see the clash of an (failed)adult’s mindset vs a child’s mindset. All the silly mistakes we made when we were young seem so foolish to us now, and the things we do seem immature and inappropriate, but isn’t that exactly the point of childhood? Our innocence at the time allows us to look past all our failures while we grow from this experience. It might appear simply as “cute” to us, but it’s these important factors that makes our “childhoods” childhoods.
    This was the major driving force behind me finishing this manga at basically one go, and hopefully it will be for you people too.
  • Another great point that this manga has would be the art. Being the product of a popular lolicon artist named Uran, Mujaki no Rakuen manages to have some great character designs, good artstyle and overall pleasant to look at panels. Here’s one for you to feast your eyes upon:
    mujaki no rakuen.png
    It was pretty hard to find a non-sexual panel to put out…I have to admit.

    Well, this is a pretty straightforward point, so I won’t elaborate on it too much.

  • The last great point about this manga would be the romance. Although it sounds stupid when you read this, the romance portion of this manga is really good and captivating. It was great seeing those moments and I feel as if I has been “purified” in a way with the combination of the pureness of children and their love. (This sounds really pedo so I’ll stop that here)
    Either way, it’s one of things that I can’t talk about without spoiling the contents of the manga, so you will only come to understand if you read the manga yourself.

I think I might have praised this manga too much now. There’s a reason why I said this will be the most controversial posts that I make and I shall make that point clear with the bad points about Mujaki no Rakuen.


The bad: Extremely ecchi/Borderline hentai, snail-paced plot

  • Mujaki no Rakuen is drawn by Uran, an artist primarily drawing ecchi loli manga. It would not be a big surprised to know that Mujaki no Rakuen is no exception and is also an ecchi loli manga. Extremely ecchi, in fact, with a lot of 18+ scenes and other adult suggestive scenes. For lolicons, this might have been a heaven. For people like me however, we probably get turned off and get turned away. And most people probably will.
    For some reason, however, I found myself weirdly accepting of these scenes instead of just filtering them off like my brain always does. This confused me a lot and I’m not sure if I became a lolicon and a pervert but still, I can’t explain this.
    Either way, the MC’s mind is very dirty, the scenes are very sexual, borderline hentai is ever-present in this manga. Be warned here.
  • The plot moves very slowly. Being a rom-com would mean that this is normal, but yup, this would definitely turn off a lot of people.
    As for myself, I was not affected. In fact, I personally found the pace to be ok and since I almost finished the entire series in one go, I liked the pacing.

When I say that this manga is borderline hentai, I really mean it. Do not attempt to read this manga at all if you dislike/hate this kind of stuff.



Magnificent rating: 9/10
“Controversially amazing”

Recommendation: I personally enjoyed the heck out of this manga and was plenty entertained. Seeing the ending as it is just emptied me out, just like how finishing a good series does. I can’t speak for the tastes of everyone out there, but if you think that you would not be turned off by the borderline-hentai/extreme ecchi and be able to enjoy the manga for its good points, go ahead and give this manga a try. This is probably my most shaky recommendation so far but I have no regrets. Afterall, this manga is the “Paradise of Innocence”.

mujaki no rakuen lust.PNG
Come now, give in to your lust and read this manga… (No, I’m not recommending this manga out of lust, it genuinely had a theme I enjoyed.)

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  1. How interesting, I do enjoy controversial material, but unfortunately I don’t read digital manga only physical manga so I probably won’t end up reading it, but if I do decide to start reading digital copies of manga this will be on the list for sure. Great post by the way!

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