Märchen Mädchen: It finally became boring

What can I say? After being only borderline entertaining for quite a while now, Märchen Mädchen has finally became boring. With the latest episode 7, I saw how the art and animations started to break down, making some scenes look pretty hideous. As a result, my interest just plummeted and along with how boring the plot of this episode is I just couldn’t watch on anymore.

MAL link: https://myanimelist.net/anime/35997/Märchen_Mädchen

This series has its many faults, and I feel like I placed too much hope in it even though I never had any high hopes…which makes it even worse.

Art and animations started off as being pretty nice. Then, it just dropped. And dropped. And dropped. Until the unwatchable scenes in this episode, it actually still maintained a decent overall quality, but I guess production just couldn’t keep up… That aside, the character designs are actually pretty good.

Voice acting is pretty average, but the background soundtrack…is just lackluster. While I didn’t expect much, I would have liked if the OST helped to at least make the experience more enjoyable, but alas.

Plot wise… eh.
If done correctly, I’m sure this plot is actually pretty new and innovative but…why is it that the pacing feels completely off for me? I just got thrown off by the pacing most of the time, despite the story being actually pretty good. I don’t know exactly what’s wrong here, but something is wrong here.
And no, being typical and full of stereotypes doesn’t make the plot bad.

Well, at least the opening and ending songs are pretty nice. And it was good while it lasted.

With that said, I dropped Märchen Mädchen. Time to move on to better series!


Final rating: 6/10
Verdict: “Return to your world. And never come back, please.”

3 thoughts on “Märchen Mädchen: It finally became boring”

  1. I don’t really agree that it’s become unwatchable but I do agree that there was a marked drop in animation quality as you said. Though they’re obviously aware of this fact as the show has gone on hiatus until March 22 to bring the quality of the animation up. Does seem like a ‘too little too late’ situation.

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    1. It’s definitely not unwatchable but hey, I did say I would drop this series the moment it becomes boring, since I don’t feel that it’s good enough to deserve too much attention out of me.

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