Music you can’t stop listening to: THERE IS A REASON [“Music Week”: Day 7]

Welcome to the last day of “Music Week”. This means that from here on out, you won’t be seeing too much of this series. After all, I have other posts that I have to get to too. Before you begin reading the rest of this post, however, I would like for you to know the existence of the double post that was made in order to make up for yesterday’s lack of posts–A lovely collaboration post. You can read the exact details here.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about the music this time. What would I have selected to end off this “Music Week”? What could be a good song to share on this day that, to some degree, means farewell for these type of posts?
Thinking that for day and night, I thought of the perfect song. One that will make up for my slightly lacking of sincerity 50 followers post. One that will convey my feelings for you readers better than just a simple thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…<<THERE IS A REASON>>, the theme song for the No Game No Life Movie, No Game No Life: Zero.

Song name: THERE IS A REASON [Konomi Suzuki]

Anime: No Game No Life: Zero (MAL)


Since this particular MV cuts away some parts of the music…I feel obliged to give you the option to listen to the song in full. However, PLEASE support the artist by buying the full song here if you like it:



Why do I say what I said? How is this song in any way related to my feelings towards you readers? Well, this song is one that I would put in the “emotional” category. Not “emotional” in the sense that it causes you to be emotional, but also “emotional” in the sense that a lot of emotions were poured into making the song. If you are watching the MV now, you would be able to see just how much emotions Konomi Suzuki poured into singing the song. It’s not just about getting the notes right. It’s about being able to convey the feeling across. And I believe strongly, in the case of <<THERE IS A REASON>>, it was definitely done very well.

The first time I heard the song was of course, inside the movie theatre itself. The song served as the ending credits theme, and played after the entire movie. This song itself perfectly contained the emotions that was portrayed inside the movie(which I won’t go into detail to avoid spoilers), and it’s just not fair how much impact it had on me. Well, if you were to look at the lyrics of the song, it’s not hard to start feeling the same way as I do.
You can check the lyrics here.

So, back to the reason why I chose this song. First of all, of course, the basic requirement for any song to be featured in this series: it’s catchy. Not the kind of catchy that makes you start dancing all over the place, but the type that gets you emotionally invested in the song and start singing along to the best of your abilities.(and yes, I speak from experience.)
Another reason would be my own feelings towards you readers. So far, I believed I’ve really overused the phrase “Thank you” at this point. But it is true, I feel nothing but gratitude. Not only is it great to see people reading my posts and enjoying them, it is even better to get support for it.
Just like the song goes, we will always be together. The reason why I’m still continuing to write posts is because you readers exists. I feel nothing but love towards you bunch of lovable idiots willing to read my rants as well as my ultra-subjective reviews on whether something is entertaining. There is a reason that we came across in the world, and it is so that I can continue to entertain you.
I hope you enjoy the rest of the song, and had a nice weekend.

I look forward to writing more posts for you people to read.

-THERE IS A REASON why I write blogs, and it is for you! Not for myself, Plyasm!



…were you looking forward to another gif? Sorry, I didn’t find any appropriate ones, and I also do not want to spoil the movie by accident.

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