PSA: Please treat us scrubs better.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the part time jobs I’ve did so far, it is this: capitalist society is bad.

While do we, the bottom feeding scrubs, get more hate than those sitting at the top of the pyramid and driving us like slaves? More often than not, I get customers unleashing their fury on me, with me being unable to do anything even though I really want to help. Granted, it’s the minority but geez, I just feel anger bottling up inside.

One of the things that ticks me off majorly despite my really gentle temper would be getting blame for something I am not responsible for. It just makes me pissed. And I acumulated that anger throughout the part time jobs I’ve done.

Luckily, there’s also the fair share of grateful people who thank me for my help. Seeing others become happy makes me happy too, and I would love to do a flying kiss to them if the society allowed such a thing and if that doesn’t look weird.

That aside, back to the topic at hand. I simply cannot comprehend why despite earning the least in the work heirachy, we get the biggest dumps taken on our heads.

So please, on behalf of all people who work like I do, don’t take out your anger on us. Most of the time, nothing changes even if you do. And furthermore, we are often the people least qualified to receive your fury.

-A writing at 12AM tired Plyasm

*Yup, just wrote this because I wanted to. Sorry if there’s any incoherency and if this post seems bad.

shirobako work.gif
ZZzZ…[Anime: Shirobako]

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