Beatless: Why?

Now that I am finally started to catch up with the many shows of the season, I realised just how boring some of the watches have been. And Beatless, is one of the prime examples.

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Taking a closer look at Beatless, we can see just how much wasted potential there is. First up, the music and sounds of this anime is great. The opening song by GARNiDELiA, especially, is one of the great opening songs to grace this season. The soundtrack is also quite good and is able to bring out the mood when needed. And then, we take a look at the art and animation and realise just how much wasted potential there is as well. Smooth animations, great art and overall very aesthetically pleasing look makes this anime quite a feast for the eyes. The plot and story too, shows much interesting promise as it can make for another great discussion topic on AI vs Humans. Character wise, having hIEs being a thing, and even one being a main character makes for a very interesting cast that could have been expanded upon to make the story even more fun than it already it.

Well, with so much going for it, what exactly went wrong?

The overall execution. I’ve never personally read the source, but according to my friend, it was pretty good, which is the whole reason why I tried watching this show in the first place. However, it is quite disappointing to have the MC be this bad. After (somehow) getting himself into a life threatening situation, and getting saved by a hIE, his first response was not to ask or find out about what is happening to him. Instead, he chooses to bring his saviour to his house and…enjoy a dinner together? Why?

After the whole ordeal, they enjoyed their daily lives together. Again, why? You were literally just in a dangerous position, and yet you choose to stick around sucking your thumb after you got to safety, and passively wait for things to happen to you, not to mention the complete lack of thinking on the MC’s part. In fact, this MC is so 1-dimensional in terms of characterisation we might as well proclaim him braindead…
Either way, there’s also the stuff happening with his friends. One friend got into trouble, blah blah, and again, I really need to ask why on a lot of decisions being made here. There just really isn’t good enough reasons for 90% of the things happening in the show up to episode 6 for me to not question the actions taken by the characters.
E.G. Oh no I hate hIEs so I’ll put my life on the line to do some terrorist work against hIEs even though I have a family worried about me, a sister and friends who constantly tell me not to do foolish things, and yea, I don’t regret the decision at all… WHY?? These huge “why”s appearing in my head everytime there’s these stupid decisions basically ruined the show for me, as there seems to be a missing part of logic in the events that transpired that I’m not catching on to…

So yea, I’m lost and bored because of the plot, I don’t like the way some of the characters are written, the MC really needs to stop being so useless and stupid, and we also need to fix this weird SOL elements being mixed in between these grave situations. I’m not going to be around to see if it’s being fixed, but I assume not given how the rating on MAL keeps dropping…

So yea, Beatless is a bundle of wasted potential and regrets. Oh well, at least that opening song more than makes up for my time spent on it.


Final rating: 6/10
Verdict: “You have have forgotten, but you will die if you are shot.”


3 thoughts on “Beatless: Why?”

  1. Yeah i also found the main charcater to be bland, and the plot was just so slowly paced. I mean, they spent a whole episode just following the chick through the city as she wore a fancy outfit. And that’s not even counting the, as you mentioned, logical inconsistencies that plague the show.

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