The Avengers: Infinity War movie experience


MAL link: Did you really think I was going to make such an amateur mistake?

Well then. This post is going to be a little different for the very obvious reason that this is not about anime. Well, if you are here expecting anime, I don’t know how you missed the title but yea, not happening.

Now, I will split this post into 2 parts. The first part will be my general impressions on the movie as well as the experience I had, without any spoilers, and the second part will be my thoughts and my own analysis for the future, which contains spoilers.

Now then, let’s talk about the experience I had with the movie.

Generally speaking, it was an amazingly entertaining movie. The cast is very deep and diverse, since they are all from well-known Marvel franchises themselves, and the plot is quite interesting this time around, obviously. With the buildup to this particular movie from all the previous Marvel movies, the hype surrounding it was immense. And it sort of lived up to the hype, I have to say. It’s a tall order, but they managed to do it.

The cinemas were completely busted. My friends and I were only able to secure front seats, despite booking in advance, and at quite a late timeslot. My neck didn’t quite enjoy the torture, but at least it made up for it with quality.

The crowd reactions were to be expected. Laughs during comedic moments, complete and utter silence for tense ones. The kid beside me even forgot to chew on his popcorn for a moment there. As the movie ended, the general consensus of just about everyone in the theatre is probably to give a middle finger for the huge cliffhanger.

As for me…well, I had already known that the movie would be a 2 part or 3 part, so I was fully expecting a cliffhanger. Seriously, everyone else including my friends are just idiots who don’t know how to research the most basic things…

The after credits scene was just basically an extension to the movie in a way.

Overall, it was very enjoyable, feast for the eyes and ears, and you will probably even forget that you are freezing in your seat with how cold they blast the cinema air-conditioners. You are dead in my eyes, whomever controls the temperature.

Definitely worth the watch. This is a solid 10/10 from me, my money was well spent, and yea, this was a great night.



Now, for those of you who have already seen the movie, I have to ask you this: “…were you ready for the destruction?”

I myself have not exactly expect destruction on this level. Well, actually, I’m more surprised by the absence of basically my favourite hero–Antman. But well, stuff happens I suppose… Either way, yup, the destruction is preeeeetty big.

2 good news though. Well, they can be combined into 1, really. Doctor Strange will almost definitely come back to life, since his sequel movie is all but confirmed, and his behavior throughout suggests that this is still all part of his plan…as well as the Guardians of the Galaxy, since they also have a sequel movie confirmed. That means the possibilities of other heroes that disintegrated being alive by the end is not as slim or non-existent as you think. Either way, don’t grieve too early yet.

Also, although the official explanation for Antman’s disappearance is that he was under house arrest, I myself personally think that the No.1 reason why he isn’t used in the movie is because of simply how overpowered he would be against Thanos.
Think about it for a moment. Antman can basically get to Thanos undetected, then destroy(or take off) his gauntlet(with help from the other heroes, of course) before he could do anything about it(or he can restrain Thanos). If that were to happen, Thanos would have been just a tad too easy to beat, and wouldn’t have this movie happen. So yup, to make sure the plot doesn’t get too stupid and giving Thanos plot armour against Antman, they made sure Antman didn’t appear.

That was just some of my personal thoughts. Oh, and, as for the symbol at the end, apparently it means Captain Marvel is coming or something. I don’t know.

What were you own thoughts on the movie and the upcoming sequels?

3D Kanojo: Real Girl: My waning interest in constructed conflict

MAL link:

While watching this third episode of 3D Kanojo, I realised just how much I hate constructed conflict. What do I mean by that?

Well, constructed conflict, to me, is when the story suddenly plugs in a certain thing out of nowhere to generate issues for the characters and therefore get a plot going. It’s the most prominent in TV dramas, especially Korean ones, with their use of accidents, cancer/other disease that kills, and sudden revelation of blood relations. These have little to no warning and only serve to create conflict between the characters, and I can already see it happening in 3D Kanojo.

Now, I’m sure I’m not being a good critic here, but it feels weird that the male MC would accept the female MC, recognise his feelings for her, begins to love her, then suddenly remembers a phase in his life which caused him to not like being touched. It just feels dumb to me that he would suddenly have issues with his own relationship at that specific point, especially since they have almost steadied their relationship.

This thought just put me off and overall, after the fun first episode the series seems to have killed its entertainment value. I’m just not entertained by it. Therefore, I’m dropping it.


Final rating: 7/10
Verdict: “I was completely fine up till now, though…”


Devils Line: 2fast2quick2steplove

MAL link:

I don’t think even lightning fast pacing can describe how fast the plot of this story progressed. It whizzed past so fast I suffered quite a bad whiplash at the end of every episode, and it just left me not very satisfied. Which is why, I find this series to be boring, and I’ve decided to drop it at episode 3 while I’m still not that invested in it yet.

The thing is, even if you have an interesting plot, you can’t just shove it down the viewer’s throat in an attempt to get them interested. There needs to be a buildup, and the best way to do that is through characters, and their interactions with each other. However, with Devils Line, it’s like the characters had the author cheat for them or something and decided to fall in love with each other in a flash. I believe, if this was in real life, it would result in what we would describe as “Shotgun Marriage”.

Either way, the point I’m trying to make is that the romance between the 2 main characters just progressed too fast. It progressed WAYYYY too fast. As I’m so affectionately described by the title, it went 2fast2quick. It was basically a 2 step romance, with step 1 being meet each other and step 2 being falling madly in love with each other. What happened to the human interaction? What happened to conflicts in between species? What happened to…the romantic portion of the romance??? It’s as if the series took a timeskip from before they met until they are a couple together, because that’s what it felt to me.

Oh, right, there’s also other things that are prevalent in the story that was quite annoying, namely throwaway characters as well as underdeveloped main characters. But at this point there’s just so many things I can point out that is wrong it’s not really worth it to do so.

Just know that this anime is average at best in my eyes, and this is coming from someone who is very easily entertained.

At least there was good opening and ending songs, I suppose.


Final rating: 5/10
Verdict: Sniper bullet confession-blocking.

This is a clickbait title. Click me!


hyouka curious
Kininarimasu! [Anime: Hyouka]

You are now checking out the post, that is for sure. But is it really because the title of this post is somewhat click-baity?

The idea popped out of a certain poo poo’s mind after having conversed about some of the titles for anime in 2018 Spring Season being somewhat plain and obvious but strong and truly representative. This is where we gather up around the imaginary Aniblogger Coalition meeting table to share our views on some of the titles across forms of multimedia which managed to hook us in with just one look.

Baiting us is one thing; keeping us with them is completely another, but we are not going to even talk much about the end result.

Heya! Welcome to one of those good times where collaborations do happen! This post is made in a spur of the moment but it is finished so quick because we all have our ideas to pitch on the table.

The coalition for this specific time:

Myself (Plyasm) and my wormhole — you are in it too, for now.

It’s time for the rest to enter:

— AstralGemini[He claims this is his shocking pink]

— Shokamoka

— Moyatori

— MagicConan14

*All of them chose their own colours willingly. And Shoka is a lazy bastard that stuck with the default black.

We are each to pitch up to three titles that we feel to be somewhat attention-worthy from just looking at them; all before everything else, content wise, skew our views in the end. This will be long since there are five of us so let’s not waste time on this post with a title bearing similar quality.

What you have just read above is actually written by the same poo poo that he called himself, Shoka. He tried to imitate my writing to write the starting of the post and hey, I gotta say he’s pretty good at trying to be me. Either way, in case you have no noticed yet, the text that we each write will be colour coded by the colours above. This is a pain to do one by one to follow what we had on the google docs but it will be worth it, I suppose.

Here goes the actual post!

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Plyasm makes for a shit abbraviation for a watchlist.

A certain piece of poo poo called me out and tagged me to do this so here I go! *groan* I wanted to write my story today…

the gates to dreams
This is actually what it felt like when I read about the tag. [Anime: Uma Musume: Pretty Derby]

So yup, here we are, just doing this thing where I’m going to take apart my nickname and use them as abbreviations for anime in my plan to watch list. I’ll try my best to make for some interesting comments on each one, and hopefully this post will be fun to read. Here we go!

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First impressions: Shiyan Pin Jiating/Jikken-hin Kazoku: Creatures Family Days

MAL link:

That was a surprisingly alright first episode. There are quite a few flaws here and there from the series so far but once you look past them the show actually has quite a bit of potential, and I’m hoping that it can reach the potential.

The story is quite unique, with the cast of characters being something we usually don’t see at all. In fact, the only normal person in the cast is the youngest brother, and his brother and sisters and all been transformed in one way or another. It’s interesting to see their lives up till now, and there’s probably going to be more things being revealed as we go along.

The art and animations are pretty OK as well, and although it looks as if it’s all chinese staff working on the series it does look like an anime. I’m not really into the character design but it’s not bad either.

As for the music and sound. Wow. They pulled so many big names into this. The opening song is by Rin Akatsuki, and it sounds really nice. The voice actors, although not really credited on MAL, I can hear a lot of big names too. Hayami Saori for one, is definitely voicing the plant sister. The one voicing the spider sister is almost definitely the same one who voiced Mordred in Fate, Houko Kuwashima, and the mindreading sister sounds suspiciously familiar. With this all-star cast, the voice acting is pretty darn good.

However, for all the praises I’ve given it so far, the series does fall short on a few points. For one, the pacing feels a little weird and there are just silences in some cases where you stare at the screen and nothing happens. The voice actors are trying their best to cover up for that, but there’s only so much they can do before it sounds awkward. Furthermore, there’s just something that is off about the story so far. I can’t quite put my finger on it but it is affecting my viewing experience quite a bit.

Overall, I would say that it was quite a pleasant viewing experience, one that I did not expect but I got anyways. The show still has to step up on certain areas, however.

First impressions rating: 7/10
Most impressive part: Spider hot baozi juggling.

hot bao juggling.gif
The funny thing is that this happens quite a bit in real life.

With this, it is the end of the first impressions train for now. From here on out, I will start writing other content, so hopefully it comes out soon.

Hope you enjoyed all of them and perhaps you found an anime you want to try out?

First impressions: Hisone to Maso-tan

MAL link:

That was a very unique first episode for a very unique series! It was a really good first episode that set up really well, and I already can’t wait for more.

First up, it is pretty recognisable from the cover alone, but the art style for this series is more old-timesy. However, that is definitely not a problem here, as it still looks really nice, and with the high quality of animation that was shown throughout the episode, it actually doesn’t really matter at all. I’m liking the character designs as well, as they all look more unique than some of the more typical things you get from anime.

Speaking of the characters, I LOVE the main character so far. Hisone is quite literally a small part of me, since I sometimes just ramble on and on without stopping and not realising. I like how she deals with her own personality, and to see her ranting in action is just so relatable and funny at the same time. She’s amazing. And of course, with the title of the series as it is, it is no wonder that the other protagonist is Maso-tan, who I assume is the dragon. Just…wow. For some reason, I feel a better developed character in a dragon that literally doesn’t speak than other real human characters in other series. This dragon is not just for show, it’s not just a moe furry bait, it has its own personality it seems. The interactions between the two so far has also been pretty golden.

…and the main reason for that would be the comedy. Unexpectedly, this series showcased some great comedy in this first episode alone. The interactions between the dragon Maso-tan and Hisone is one funny thing, the rantings and ramblings of Hisone herself is another, and we have other situations that just turned out to be hilarious. I laughed quite a bit, to say the least.

hisone rant.PNG
Me 2.

And of course, the story itself is nothing to scoff at either. I feel very invested into the story already, despite the show using the usual “narrator tells background” trope. I want to find out more about the dragons. I want to see more of the dragons in action! The other side(probably main) characters introduced so far are really great too, and I’m just loving the developments within this one first episode.

Another great thing would be the small snippets of heartwarming developments. It might just be me being easily affected, but come on, that just healed my heart.

Overall, after watching this show, I wouldn’t mind if a dragon like Maso-tan were to appear in the real world. If only. Who won’t want themselves a Maso-tan to ride to the skies with?

masotan flying.PNG

Please give me more episodes soon, and bless fansubs. Screw you though Netflix.

First impressions rating: 8/10
Most impressive part: Misone’s outburst of rants.

…and now we are down to the last of the first impressions. See you in 6 hours for my next pick, a chinese comic turned anime, Shiyan Pin Jiating, A.K.A Jikken-hin Kazoku: Creatures Family Days.

First impressions: Juushinki Pandora

MAL link:

That was a pretty mediocre first episode, and so far the series feels only a little average. However, it does have a lot of potential to be much more than just above average.

Being a mech show, the story portion is quite important, as a good story is needed for viewers to keep their interests in between the fights. In this aspect, the show nailed it pretty well. BRAI is a very interesting concept, and I would love to see more of the world presented to us as well as know more about what exactly happened. The characters presented so far are kinda interesting so far, although there are a few that I don’t exactly like.(*cough*big bouncy boob princess *cough*)

While the story and characters are pretty good so far, the animations are falling behind a little and pulling down the overall quality of the show. The 2D animations are fine(sometimes even great) but the 3DCGI feels kinda lacking so far and needs to be refined a little, but it is still watchable.  The frame rate at times also seem to be very low and it feels choppy at those moments.(again, it’s only the 3DCGI.) And of course, the most important parts of a mecha, the fighting scenes, are fine. Nothing too flashy, but not much flaws to pick on either. The actions are plenty exciting.

Although the art and animations are dragging the anime behind, the music portion again helps to make the anime better. With a good soundtrack that helps to bring out the mood a bit and good ending/opening songs, it is quite enjoyable.

A notable thing would be how a lot of the situations and scenarios in this first episode, for some reason, just seemed really cheesy to me. It was as if the events are making me cringe due to its cheesiness, and I can’t quite tell why…

juushinki pandora leon.PNG
Shouting out the character’s name in a fight. For some reason, this just made me uneasy.

Overall, it’s pretty ok, and I don’t mind continuing to watch this show. Definitely not the best the mecha genre has to offer and not exactly the best show to start with, but hey, I’ll take what I get.

First impressions rating: 6/10
Most impressive part: Evolution of the BRAIs. Felt like a power rangers moment there for some reason, haha.

With that done, there is only 3 more shows left for me to do first impressions on. Furthermore, one of the shows has really hard to find subs, even fansubs, so I don’t think I would be able to watch it anytime soon…expect this train of first impressions to end soon.

The next one on my list is Hisone to Maso-tan, a studio Bones show that I am putting my faith into purely because it’s Bones. Yup. See you in 6 hours!

First impressions: Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi

MAL link:

What a shocker! This was my blind pick for this season, and I’m so glad now. Although this fist episode starts off really slow, it did a great job at showing us some of the things that we can expect from the series, as well as keeping certain things a mystery for us to find out.

When the episode started and the opening song started, I was immediately entranced. It’s so good! The pop music style mixed with traditional instruments makes the song so addictive, and the singing by Nao Touyama makes it even better. So before I actually went ahead and watched the episode, I paused it and went to YouTube to listen to the song a few more times first. It’s just that good. Definitely song of the season for me here since I’ve already been brainwashed right at episode 1.
*I’m still playing the song on loop as I’m writing this. Here’s the link to the MV.

Now, as for the story, it is pretty simple and yet the background behind it seems to be very deep. I have a feeling there will be many interesting plot developments as we go along, and so far, it is keeping me quite interested. The characters are all pretty interesting too, and I like them so far. Can’t wait to find out more about the people at the inn, as well as see Tsubaki grow as a person.

The art and animations are really good as well. I have never heard of studio Gonzo before, but after checking, it seems they are the studio behind 18if, the anime with some really interestingly weird animations. I can now understand how they are able to animate this. Either way, the art style was quite pleasing, and for once I didn’t find the pretty boys annoying to the eyes.

Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi scenary.PNG
So erm, where can I get a ticket to the hidden realm?

Overall, it was a good first episode with high potentials, and apparently the second episode gets much better so I’m looking forward to it. Well, it is worth watching just for the opening song really.

First impressions rating: 8/10
Most impressive part: THIS OPENING SONG IS SO GOOD!

With that done, let’s move on to another anime from this season that I picked out of curiosity for its genre, Juushinki Pandora. Hopefully mecha it’s not bad?

First impressions: Dorei-ku The Animation

MAL link:

Hmmm. Pretty average first episode. Not really much for me to talk about, in all honesty.

We have a death game type story, whereby the loser will become the winner’s slave, which is not necessarily death, and can potential lead to even more interesting things. Already, my mind is running amok thinking of all the things that can happen, but that’s beside the point. It should be pretty intriguing to see what exactly can happen with the duels, and although I’m not really feeling it for the characters, it’s their interactions and the duels that matter more.

As for the art and animations, I would say that it’s pretty average so far yet again. Nothing too good, nothing too bad. And while the opening and ending songs are pretty good, the animations accompanying them are pretty simple and feels very low effort, especially when compared to the likes of Wotakoi’s opening animations.

Anything else in the episode is pretty much just introductions and setting up, and really not worth mentioning as they are not that impressive.

First impressions rating: 6/10
Most impressive part: I actually want to know what’s that ball arcade machine they were playing on?

Sorry about the slightly later posting, I hate some things to do. Glad to be able to make it slightly on time though! As for the next first impressions, I will be moving on to my blind pick for the season, Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi. Hopefully it will be good.