First impressions: Shiyan Pin Jiating/Jikken-hin Kazoku: Creatures Family Days

MAL link:

That was a surprisingly alright first episode. There are quite a few flaws here and there from the series so far but once you look past them the show actually has quite a bit of potential, and I’m hoping that it can reach the potential.

The story is quite unique, with the cast of characters being something we usually don’t see at all. In fact, the only normal person in the cast is the youngest brother, and his brother and sisters and all been transformed in one way or another. It’s interesting to see their lives up till now, and there’s probably going to be more things being revealed as we go along.

The art and animations are pretty OK as well, and although it looks as if it’s all chinese staff working on the series it does look like an anime. I’m not really into the character design but it’s not bad either.

As for the music and sound. Wow. They pulled so many big names into this. The opening song is by Rin Akatsuki, and it sounds really nice. The voice actors, although not really credited on MAL, I can hear a lot of big names too. Hayami Saori for one, is definitely voicing the plant sister. The one voicing the spider sister is almost definitely the same one who voiced Mordred in Fate, Houko Kuwashima, and the mindreading sister sounds suspiciously familiar. With this all-star cast, the voice acting is pretty darn good.

However, for all the praises I’ve given it so far, the series does fall short on a few points. For one, the pacing feels a little weird and there are just silences in some cases where you stare at the screen and nothing happens. The voice actors are trying their best to cover up for that, but there’s only so much they can do before it sounds awkward. Furthermore, there’s just something that is off about the story so far. I can’t quite put my finger on it but it is affecting my viewing experience quite a bit.

Overall, I would say that it was quite a pleasant viewing experience, one that I did not expect but I got anyways. The show still has to step up on certain areas, however.

First impressions rating: 7/10
Most impressive part: Spider hot baozi juggling.

hot bao juggling.gif
The funny thing is that this happens quite a bit in real life.

With this, it is the end of the first impressions train for now. From here on out, I will start writing other content, so hopefully it comes out soon.

Hope you enjoyed all of them and perhaps you found an anime you want to try out?

I would appreciate any feedback and discussion!

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