Plyasm makes for a shit abbraviation for a watchlist.

A certain piece of poo poo called me out and tagged me to do this so here I go! *groan* I wanted to write my story today…

the gates to dreams
This is actually what it felt like when I read about the tag. [Anime: Uma Musume: Pretty Derby]

So yup, here we are, just doing this thing where I’m going to take apart my nickname and use them as abbreviations for anime in my plan to watch list. I’ll try my best to make for some interesting comments on each one, and hopefully this post will be fun to read. Here we go!

Plastic Memories

MAL link:

What’s interesting about Plastic Memories is that I’ve actually seen it once before, a long long time ago, before I’ve started to watch anime as a form of entertainment. I saw about an episode or two before I stopped it for no real reason at all. Now, I barely know the plot, and I have it on my PTW list in hopes of eventually reaching it and watching it. It might take quite a while before it happens, however.

As you all would know, Plastic Memories is one of the most famous “watch this for depression” type anime, together with others such as Angel Beats!, AnoHana, Clannad and Your Lie in April. The plot is one surrounding ultra-realistic robots that will stop working in around 9 years, so it brings people much emotional pain when they have to part with them, since they will have to build new memories with the replacements. This makes for a series that is just very good at touching moments and making you cry, and although some may claim it’s overrated and trash, I think it should be worth at least giving it a try.


Little Witch Academia

MAL link:

Why have I not watched this anime yet? Ask Netflix and their horrible release strategies. Anyways, it was a shame I couldn’t watch this anime while it was airing, but I would definitely go back to it next time and watch it when I’m done with other prominent titles on my PTW list. I really just have too many good anime that I have to touch, since I’m such a newbie.

Little Witch Academia started as a short film, and after overwhelming response, it got another short film through Kickstarter. When the hype and popularity got out of hand, they decided to make an entire series out of it. And they did. LWA follows the story of a novice witch Atsuko Kagari as she and her friends learn about what it means to be a witch, and their adventures along the way was known to be very entertaining. I’ve heard so many good things about this series that I don’t really remember the good points, and only remember that it is “Good”, “Great”, “Amazing”, “A must watch”.


Youjo Senki Movie

MAL link:

I’m so glad Youjo Senki got a sequel. It’s in the form of a movie, but hey, we take what we can get. Youjo Senki is pretty much one of my most beloved series and also the anime series that actually got me really into anime as whole.

It’s just so good. The depiction of the anti-hero Tanya, the tactics and the strategies being used in the wars, the very realistic addition of magic, everything in Youjo Senki was setting it up for success, and after the series completely blew up with popularity, it was just a matter of time before we got a sequel. This is truly, Deus Lo Vult.



MAL link:

Honestly, this was a very hard choice between Aldnoah Zero and Another. However, in favour of a single factor, I want to watch Aldnoah Zero more. What factor was it…? The presence of our god and savior, Sawano Hiroyuki. This man’s soundtracks are godly, and each one of them can give you eargasms. For that alone, the anime would have been worth watching,and not to mention we get 2 ending songs that are again, made by Sawano. It would be entertaining just from the sound department alone.

As of the time of writing, Sawano has reached up to 339 “God” comments on his MAL profile. Help us reach the realm of gods by leaving your own “God” comment now.

sawano hiroyuki.PNG

Side note: Did you know? Sawano Hiroyuki is also responsible for certain game soundtracks, such as the Xenoblade Chronicles series.


Sword Art Online: Alicization

MAL link:

God, this was such a ridiculously difficult choice since there are just so many anime starting with S. In the end, I went with Sword Art Online S3 because it is the one I anticipate and want to watch the most out of my list.

What’s that? I’m a trashy SAO fan and I should be ashamed? Well f*** you, I can enjoy what anime I want to. SAO might have so many big flaws, it might have many bad points, and the community might sometimes be very cancerous, but all that does not take away just how entertaining it is. And for someone like me who watch things just for entertainment, SAO is pretty much a gem. I’m looking forward to this S3, rumoured to be better than S1 and S2 combined.
*Also apparently new waifu or something appears so I’ll see how it goes.


Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

MAL link:★Magica

TIL you can put stars in your HTML links. That aside, again, it was a hard choice between Madoka and Made in Abyss S2. On one hand, you have a series that I have already watched and approved as one of the greatest, and on the other, a widely approved series that blew up completely and one that started an entire subgenre of anime. It was a hard choice, but I just had to choose Madoka since my want to watch it is slightly higher. In fact, it is the next anime I would like to binge.

So what’s so good about a mahou shoujo anime? If you are completely clueless, you are in for a shock. Madoka is a series about suffering mahou shoujos, and the implications of magic. It is commonly referred to as an anime capable of causing trauma and depression, and the dark themes are comparable to the likes of Fate. Either way, I’m looking forward to when I eventually watch it.

And now that I think about it, Madoka and Made in Abyss actually have much in common. Both have very dark themes that are sugar-coated with a cute imagery, and both blew up with popularity completely the moment things got real. Both also have amazing soundtracks.
Is it a conspiracy? Is the Illuminati at work here?

Whichever the case was, I hope you enjoyed this short look at some of the anime on my PTW list, and hopefully I get more chances to do things like this in the future, when I’m more free to write about it. Not just when that monk decides to tag me.

blend s sister.jpg
Tag me one more time, Shoka, I dare you… [Anime: Blend S]

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