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hyouka curious
Kininarimasu! [Anime: Hyouka]

You are now checking out the post, that is for sure. But is it really because the title of this post is somewhat click-baity?

The idea popped out of a certain poo poo’s mind after having conversed about some of the titles for anime in 2018 Spring Season being somewhat plain and obvious but strong and truly representative. This is where we gather up around the imaginary Aniblogger Coalition meeting table to share our views on some of the titles across forms of multimedia which managed to hook us in with just one look.

Baiting us is one thing; keeping us with them is completely another, but we are not going to even talk much about the end result.

Heya! Welcome to one of those good times where collaborations do happen! This post is made in a spur of the moment but it is finished so quick because we all have our ideas to pitch on the table.

The coalition for this specific time:

Myself (Plyasm) and my wormhole — you are in it too, for now.

It’s time for the rest to enter:

— AstralGemini[He claims this is his shocking pink]

— Shokamoka

— Moyatori

— MagicConan14

*All of them chose their own colours willingly. And Shoka is a lazy bastard that stuck with the default black.

We are each to pitch up to three titles that we feel to be somewhat attention-worthy from just looking at them; all before everything else, content wise, skew our views in the end. This will be long since there are five of us so let’s not waste time on this post with a title bearing similar quality.

What you have just read above is actually written by the same poo poo that he called himself, Shoka. He tried to imitate my writing to write the starting of the post and hey, I gotta say he’s pretty good at trying to be me. Either way, in case you have no noticed yet, the text that we each write will be colour coded by the colours above. This is a pain to do one by one to follow what we had on the google docs but it will be worth it, I suppose.

Here goes the actual post!


Ibara no Ou

MAL link:

These two titles are ones I haven’t talked about much, so it’ll be interesting to hear what people thought of them. The first of my choices is the movie Ibara no Ou (King of Thorn in English), which I had no idea existed until I spotted it on the local library shelf…and yet I came away wanting to know more about it. The premise comes off as a typical sci-fi, but then it cleverly blurs the line between “reality” and “fiction” in a few ways and that’s what made it stand out (it makes a few connections to Sleeping Beauty, aka Ibarahime, which is what gives the movie its title). Considering this was from 2010 though, I’ll admit I’m a bit more forgiving on the CGI monsters in this than, say, Rokka no Yuusha. According to bonus disc material, there were a lot of changes made from the manga (to the point where the endings are completely different), but since I’ve never set eyes on the manga myself, I can’t really discuss that.


Countdown 7 Days

MAL link:

The second choice is Countdown 7 Days by Kemuri Karakara. (I’ll admit I’ve only seen the first volume of this one because it has a very short run…) This one’s a lot more straightforward in that there’s a well-known title I can liken its “real self” to – Noragami. However, instead of the father-son dynamic Yato and Yukine have, Onigawara and Mitamura have more of a friendly rapport and the twist regarding Tsuru is probably something no one saw coming, for better or for worse. That isn’t to say I enjoyed everything about it though, as it does rely on its comedy to drag itself along a bit…and considering this is, to put it bluntly, a manga about dead people, overall it does come off as somewhat insensitive.

Shoka: Th-this looks like the kind of title one would use for terrorism type plot…Man, just what are you attracted to?!

MC14: Countdown 7 Days is probably the more honest title of the two, since part of the manga’s elevator pitch is “find Tsuru in 7 days”. However, everything about this manga’s exterior comes off as “serious” (even the goofy doodles of Mitamura and Onigawara running on the back cover could be misconstrued), so I can completely see where the misconception of a “terrorism-type plot” comes from.

Moya: Terrorism type plot is…great? (Zankyou no Terror was another title that totally had me hyped…)

Astral: Zankyou no Terror has more victims, I see. The title got me interested, too!

Plyasm: They both sound violent to me for some reason, and I like that, heheh. I’m going to check them out myself!
*EDITED SIDE NOTE: I actually have Zankyou no Terror on my PTW list!


I’m picking Masamune-kun no Revenge, Kamisama no Memochou[Love this show to bits because it’s amazing] and Suicide Island as my picks for attention seeking titles. Let’s go through them one by one.


Masamune-kun no Revenge

MAL link:

The first would be Masamune-kun no Revenge. The biggest part that cried out to me has got to be the “revenge” portion, as with most other people. The thing about revenge is that it could be leading to a variety of topics, mostly surrounding dark themes, and I have to admit I’m a sucker for darker themes, even if they make me very depressed and act quite literally like the notlikethis emote all the time.

And well, my expectations and almost everyone’s expectations were pretty much betrayed when it comes to the actual series. I read the manga instead of watching the anime, and even with the latest chapters, there is not an ounce of revenge. It’s moreso romance drama than anything, and it feels like the “revenge” part was just written in to grab people’s attention. And they did.

Moya: I was baited by that one too! But yeah, you can’t really expect nice and brutal revenge in a high school drama… Would love to see it happen though.

MC14: I admit I was another victim to this one in anime form. Considering the elevator pitch on the story is pretty simple though, it was pretty inevitable that there’d have to be a series of romantic obstacles getting in the way of Masamune and Aki if we were going to watch for 12 episodes or read the manga. 


Kamisama no Memochou

MAL link:

The second on my list would have to be Kamisama no Memochou. When I randomly saw the name of this anime, it instantly got my attention. Why? Because of the way it sounds. Heaven’s Memo Pad sounds like a really good idea that feels similar to Death Note somehow, and the subtext “It’s the only NEET thing to do” only made it even more interesting. A NEET thing to do? What does that mean? Does it mean there’s a certain moral to being a NEET? When I compared the title with the summary, things got even more foggier and yet more interesting. It was supposedly about a NEET detective using the internet to solve cases, and yet makes no mention of this “Heaven’s Memo Pad”.

Astral: FALSE. There are several times that Alice mentions Heaven’s Memo Pad, though each time, it’s used in a very cryptic context. My favorite, though, has to be this one:
“Heaven’s Memo Pad… Isn’t it a wonderfully irresponsible phrase?”

When compared to the actual content that I was given, it feels like I’ve been bamboozled somehow but I can sort of guess what the Heaven’s Memo Pad refers to now. Furthermore, I enjoyed every bit of the show. What a nice title.


Suicide Island

MAL link:

My last choice for the 3 choices would have to be Suicide Island, or Jisatsutou. Just…read the title! Does that not interest you in the least? What makes an island a suicide island? Because lots of people suicide there? Or because there’s something more sinister at work?

The actual content of Suicide Island ended up being really close to what the title implies, but I’m not going to spoil it of course.I’m just going to say that having a summary and a title that both actually happen in the content is probably an achievement at this point, since so many series have completely misleading titles and summaries… I have to say the author did a great job deciding on this title that is both concise(in this age of long ass titles) and at the same time makes people anticipate what’s coming well.
*Suicide Island is a manga only series at the time of writing.




So Hinamatsuri. Technically shouldn’t be picking this one since it only has one episode out as of right now, but if we’re talking about titles that make me think certain things, this is definitely the most recent one. As you probably already know, Hinamatsuri is a Japanese Girl’s Day festival, also known as Doll’s Day.

This thing! [Credits: Google and Wikipedia]

And this is what an altar full of dolls looks like! Creepy, right? Horror story material, right?

MAL link:

And with a cover image like this, I thought this was going to be some sort of thriller where people’s souls get trapped in hellish red orbs.

And it turns out to be a slice-of-life show. The red orbs are frickin ikura (fish roe). Technically, it was the combination of title and image that misled me, but still.

Astral: Man, Hinamatsuri grabbed my attention this season too! The splash art and the title both lured me in pretty good!

MC14: The comedy was the thing that lured me into watching this one. I thought the orbs were a Dragon Ball parody, considering the ET stunt they did with the other key visual…

Right? I think I like it the way it is though. Too many dark and edgy supernatural shows every season.

Plyasm: Speaking of Hinamatsuris, they really are creepy as heck. I remember seeing them in a certain Detective Conan case before, and overall they are both creepy and beautiful at the same time. The show so far does not relate to the title at all though, and is just a hilarious comedy gold show…
EDITED NOTES: Let me shamelessly plug my first impressions here…

MC14: You mean Hina dolls, right?[I do, I just suck at…everything.] I remember that Detective Conan case…and before we move on, can I just point out that the title is katakana for “Hina” and hiragana for the rest, meaning it could end up meaning something along the lines of “Hina Festival” sooner or later? Just some food for thought.

EDITED NOTES: For the enjoyment and reading benefits of everyone here, yes, I went and researched which case it was. Here’s the link to the page on that case.



MAL link:

Next up, Otoyomegatari is an interesting one. The title of the manga is a combination of “otome” (maiden/young girl) and “yome” (bride) + the word “story”. It looks just like it’s going to be about a child bride and all the relationship issues and social questions this could raise.

In the end, the manga does anything but raise issues. It’s more concerned with depicting a time in history than challenging it, which…was actually not bad at all! It was a beautiful (though highly idealistic) glimpse of Turkic Central Asia in the 19th century. The manga turns out to be about a 20-year-old girl who marries a 12-year-old boy, so yeah, the exact opposite  what the title suggests in terms of the direction of age-gap. For a series with a title that emphasizes underage marriage, age is actually very rarely brought up as a problem in the series. Practically everybody is nice in the manga – the family life it depicts is so functional it makes me envious. A very sweet slice-of-life series.

Plyasm: Now that you’ve said it, I want to check it out now. Well done with the advertising ;P

MC14: I’d heard of this series before in passing, but…alright, it does sound pretty interesting.



Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

MAL link:

My first pick for this post is a show called Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet. Hear me out here, you guys. I originally picked up this show purely because I thought “Gargantia? Verdurous Planet? The heck are these big, fancy words? Better watch the show and find out.” Literally, it was just the big words that made me click on the show and watch it.

Shoka: So you are that kind of guy who would actually freak out if we tell you that dihydrogen monoxide is poisonous, huh…

Astral: I’m not THAT dumb… usually…

Plyasm: I would normally stay away from titles like that, since it has a bad foreboding sense… my instincts just tell me to stay away from things I don’t know about.
Also, did you know? 100% of criminals drank water. Shocking right? Even more shocking, water is actually the leading cause of drowning worldwide. Such a dangerous substance.

Shoka: You are not meant to spoil that part! Did you know? There really are people who do not know what that chemical compound is! 🤔

Anyways, turns out it was just a mech show with a surprising amount of heart… and a pretty lame plot twist.

As far as those big words are concerned, Gargantia refers to a large fleet of ships on the planet, and Verdurous basically just means Verdant, or full of greenery. Which is weird, because the planet is like, 98% water.

MC14: This was on my PTW for reasons I’ve forgotten, but every time I read the romaji Suisei no Gargantia, I think “water planet” every time (sui is one way to read the kanji for “water”), even though when you check the kanji, the one in the Japanese title does mean “green”! So I guess it might be a language joke that didn’t translate well enough.

This Beautiful yet Ugly World

MAL link:

When a show has a title like This Beautiful yet Ugly World, you better expect something great out of it. Philosophical dilemmas, probing the nature of humanity? Exploring the dark and light sides of society, or uncovering the mysteries of the human psyche? All that and more can be expected, with a title as cryptically interesting as this one.

MC14: I’ve seen some of the episodes on this one. It’s an apocalyptic show with an OP I love to bits…

The actual show, however, is a subpar Shonen wannabe. Oh, and there’s like, aliens and monsters and stuff? It’s pretty weird, and honestly, I can’t even remember half of what happens in the show. My expectations were high going in, but got immediately knocked flat, much to my chagrin.

MC14: I did admittedly find this show somewhat early in my life with anime, but…it’s a Gainax show. It was their 20th anniversary show back in the day, in fact. I think that tells you quite a bit about it.

Shoka: Talking about baits right here, yo. It is a variant of “interesting”.

Plyasm: Ahaha. I would have been baited too. That’s a great title objectively but a very misleading one.


My first pick is by all means going to have you nod…

One Punch Man

MAL link:

I mean come on, who does not become interested after having seen such a title?

Having been very familiarized with superhero flicks as a kid, my adult self had yet to experience something as outrageous as a man who could end all misery in a single punch. I was not trying to think hard about the show and what it would become since I have not seen anything but the title and a red punching glove — the original source material was never in my radar then.

What came up in my mind once was that one scene in Durarara where a single punch sent some dude flying and his clothes all stripped off on their own, just before he landed on the ground. I had a feeling that One Punch Man would be satire and I’m actually glad it was the case.

Astral: One Punch Man is the kind of title that’s both clickbaity, and gives you more than enough information for the rest of the show, I think. The main clickbait is just “oh, there’s no way this premise could actually be interest- HOLY CRAP WHAT IS THIS GODLY HYPE SHOW?!?!?!”

Plyasm: I wanted to put One Punch Man at first, but then I realised I checked it out not because of the title but rather that I saw Saitama and got interested at his character design. Lame, I know.

Next up I have that one show where its title stirred up the anime community like hell — mostly the boys.


MAL link:

What did we really expect upon seeing that?

Of course, games! And the part where people hardly paid attention to — the players!

I seriously laid my expectations down right at the moment I’d seen the visuals of Tendou Karen — apparently your typical blondie heroine. I’d fully expect the show to give me something different to everything else with involvement of games before it; I’d wanted the show to have me laugh, get angry and cry with the gamers whether they are playing games or not.

The show did exactly what I was after…

But man, a certain chunk of anime fans never fail to impress me, really!

It says Gamers! that would sure involve games, but never was there anything between the lines for us to read. This was where a lot of disappointment came from; the fact that many watchers truly expected the characters to play games in the same way literally almost every other protagonists of gaming genre anime do — go hard or go home (or in SAO’s case, go to hell).

We often forget that there exist casual players and trust me on this: they are equally as hard working and cunning as hardcore ones. They just don’t think games will ever make up hundred percent of their lives.

Astral: Honestly, the main “games” that these gamers play is just the game of screwing with each other to no end. The show should really just be called Misunderstandings: The Animation.

Shoka: Baited!

Plyasm: I was quite interested by the title but seeing how it had a high chance of being boring I decided to not try it, what a wrong decision it was…

As you can see, we have been baited by quite a variety of names which simply goes go show there are many fishes in the sea!

This has been Shoka handing out a hand in the collaboration. It sure has been fun. Maybe I can come up with another theme to keep the vibes going?


With that, we have come to the end of the collaboration post. This was absolute hell to edit since copying from google docs made this lose all formatting, and I had to sort out all the pictures and relevant links too, but yea, worth it in the end when I look at this rainbow of beauty.
*I tried out a plugin by wordpress too promising to turn google docs into drafts easy, but all I got was an authorisation error and a giant middle finger in my face(didn’t actually happen, but I can feel it). Thanks for all the working tools, wordpress. I totally love it when things break all the time.

That aside, it was very fun to do this collaboration, it was fun chatting about it, and…

Of course, we have to have this announcement at the end. Shoka has decided to use his monk brain more than necessary and made yet another collaboration post out of this, this time about clickbaity synopsis/summaries instead of titles. This very original idea is now looking for collaborators so if you want to join, contact him!
*An easy and more fun way is to join our Coalition discord, which at this point in time if you still don’t know about, just leave a comment below with an email I can contact you with and I will send you an invite link. Fast working speed promised as long as I’m not asleep.

That said, see you in the next post. 

-A green with no envy Plyasm


himouto wave
See you around! [Anime: Himouto! Umaru-chan]

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  1. This is among the easiest kinds of collabs I’ve done so if you are interested in the next part — do indeed contact Ply or myself.

    We will not bite. I can guarantee on my part, that is certain.

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  2. This was too good.
    I agree how so many titles don’t match the story at ALL.
    Like say LIFE was about not life but people wanting to die. But One Punch Man? I agree…

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