Hai Hai Plyasm-desu.

kazuma pose.gif
Trying to find a not-so-ero-gif of this man is so hard…[Anime:Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!]

So uh…very obviously, if Ply makes a post last minute with a weird title, it’s gotta be an update post announcing that something will be delayed, right?

Well shit, you’ve got me all figured out now.

But wait, before you raise your pitchforks even more, let me say my piece first. Yes, it’s correct, this is an update post, but the content is a little different…

So first I would like to explain why in the world I’m delaying something and what I’m delaying in the first place…the end season review. It’s getting delayed, yes.

But it’s because I don’t really have time to finish all the anime from this season, I swear!
*Shortage of time may or may not be due to be gaming too hard and procrastinating.

H-Hey, just look at this for a second…I tried my best, OK. I’ve been binge watching them one by one to try to catch up to speed, but I really had some important things going on so it’s not exactly all sunshine and flowers for me either.

anime watch list spring.PNG
I…really tried ;.;

But yup, with things as they are, I wouldn’t be able to release end season review on time….yet again. It will come eventually.

Another thing I need to announce is the complete scrapping of mid season reviews. I’m sorry if some of you enjoyed it, but I realised just how little value it has since I’m gonna be doing a whole overview in end season reviews anyways soooo…
Also, there’s the case of my wanting to write individual anime reviews and stuff for quite a bit now, but filling my schedule with a mid season review in the middle really hinders things. So now, here’s my renewed schedule(which I can hopefully keep to):
First impressions flood -> Whatever posts I want to write -> Pre-season preview for next season -> End season review -> next season

So…yup. That’s about it. Also, be ready for the first impressions flood as always, since summer starts tomorrow and I’m watching a heckton of anime.

….what? There’s nothing left, shoo shoo.
W-what? Wait, we can make a deal, please put down the pitchforks!!


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