First impressions: Back Street Girls

back street girls.jpg
Kitsu link:


Well then. Welcome to the backstreet girls, here’s your entry requirements:
1. Turn off your brain.
2. Turn off your brain.
3. Turn off your brain. For reals.

Have you met the requirements? If you have, then you are in a perfect position to watch this anime! Whooo!

But seriously though, what the f*** did I just watch…?

First off, the premise is ridiculous, and of course that’s part of what makes the series funny, but come on, this really is still ridiculous…well at least my rational side is telling me watching this is wrong. Quality entertainment people, quality entertainment.

@Shoka I blame you for the existence of this series! If not for the ridiculously effective sex change operation in Thailand, this series wouldn’t have existed…

As for the actual review on the series…well, let’s address the elephant in the room first. A.K.A The animations. Well, we would have, if there was animations to begin with. The entire episode(and probably future episodes) is literally just…a slideshow of the manga panels. Like…that’s it. Sure, there are mimimum animations for mouth movements and stuff but damn. It feels like all they did was to colour in the panels, animate the mouths moving a little bit, and called it animation. Technically it is, yes, but come on J.C staff, what in the heck…

back street girls reaction.PNG
Man… one day I’m going to die laughing from these Kitsu reactions.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the actual good(?) parts about the anime. The voice acting. It’s done preeeeetty perfectly, and makes you laugh quite well despite the slideshow’s best efforts to turn you off.

And like, the musics are actually pretty good?…Like, unironically, they are pretty good. But…yea…that’s about all I can talk.

Overall, I’m just…sort of shocked at the animations & the premise, I guess. I’ll probably continue watching for one or two episodes before dropping it, and I’m definitely not going to recommend this to…anyone. Well, unless you want to just turn your brain off and laugh at silly things, in which case…go ahead.

If you people actually lewd the girls(??), I have something to say to you: Go to Thailand.

back street girls popular.PNG
Me 2. 


First impressions rating: Shokamoka/10
Most impressive part: …the moving pictures slideshow they showed me for the past 20 minutes. Also the efficiency of Thai sex change procedures.

*This anime is going to turn into a meme, I’m calling it now.

Hmm, that was a pretty good change of pace after the two amazing first episodes. I really am not sure how to feel about this. @Shokamoka, when are you becoming an idol?

Next on the list…Isekai Maou. Something I’m a little scared to look into in case they stuffed too much fanservice inside and turn it into a borderline hentai. See you in 6 hours.

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