First impressions: Grand Blue Dreaming

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Holy shit. That was so fun! I never knew it would be this fun to watch a bunch of half-naked guys screw around with alcohol.

…and now that I’ve said it, this sounds worse than it needs to be, haha. Anyways, Grand Blue is a series that is very fun and entertaining, provided that you like the type of adult humour they present.

At its core, it’s a seinen comedy, so don’t expect too much else from it. There’s probably going to be a little romance as well, but for now it’s not present.

There isn’t much that can be said about the show without spoiling the jokes present in this episode. All I can say is that the art is pretty nice, the sounds department is doing fine too, oh, and they even ended the episode with a joke ending song. What a joke.
*Oh and the faces is brilliant.

Overall, I loved this first episode, and I laughed a lot. It was great. I would recommend this to anyone who can appreciate seinen humour.


First impressions rating: 8/10
Most impressive part: Vodka is just flammable water.

Remember kids, bring lighters so you can differentiate between vodka and water.

That was a barrel of laughs! With that done, I can now move on to the next show…Yuuragi-sou no Yuna san! Whooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you in 6 hours!


7 thoughts on “First impressions: Grand Blue Dreaming”

  1. The lighter gag had me rolling!

    But yeah, I sure hope this manga actually has diving in it more than a few times, or we’re looking at a K-ON! situation but instead of cute girls in a light music club drinking tea all the time, it’s grown-ass college students drinking “oolong tea” and not actually diving.

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  2. Oh glad to hear it! I am going to watch this tonight! I debated adding this one in because I already watch Free and I didn’t know how similar it would be to that one, but it looked interesting.

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    1. It is NOT similar to free. The focus of Grand Blue seems to be more focused on comedy, using the topic of diving to bind the characters together. If you just give episode 1 a watch, you would know exactly what I mean. However,the humour is definitely not for everyone…

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