First impressions: Overlord III

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What an episode! This was pretty much the perfect episode to start off on and to “reset” all the tension and action that we stopped at during the ending of season 2.

The many different things that have happened during this one episode are mostly generally not that progressive in terms of overall plotline, but they all serve to further develop the many lovely characters in Overlord, especially our MC, Ainz, even further.

Furthermore, the way many things are being presented is just hilarious, and there’s definitely going to be memes about them next time.

overlord women's bath.PNG
The coolest way to declare a perverted action. We shall enter the women’s bath, FOR SCIENCE!

Next thing that has seen vast improvement is the art and animations. It seems that with each passing season, Madhouse is animating Overlord better and better. From the start, Overlord never had the same amazing animations as other series such as No Game No Life or Sora yori mo Tooi Basho, but that never stopped it from being good. And now, with the animations stepping up and actually started to look a little good for once, I have high hopes.

As for the music, it’s very surprising. I expected a great OxT opening song yet again, but instead, we were greeted with an opening song by MYTH&ROID, and OxT is doing the ending song instead. Well, not that I’m complaining, because they are both, yet again, as expected, amazing. The animations that paired up with the opening this time is probably the best we’ve seen yet, and I have to give props to Madhouse for that. Will probably be unskippable for me yet again…

overlord lip sync.PNG
The lip sync by Albedo and Shalltear was perfect! Gave me the chills…

Overall, I loved this episode, it may have been much more SOL focused compared to the action and politics heavy episodes that we ended S2 with, but it’s a welcome change of pace and entertaining as heck anyways.

Again, I recommend Overlord to basically anyone who doesn’t dislike isekai. If you haven’t seen it yet, go see it. If you have, watch this new season dammit!


First impressions rating: 9/10
Most impressive part: D…Did Ainz just get raped? The opening animations.

overlord rape.PNG
Goodness gracious! But then again, fans of the show pretty much had the same reaction when S3 was announced right after S2…Wait, that includes me. Shit.

Whoo! That was great, yet again! It seems that most of the picks in this season turned out to be good in their own right! Now, let’s see what’s next on my agenda!

OOOOOHHHH…It’s the original anime by P.A. Works, Sirius the Jaeger! I’m pumped for this! See you in 6 hours!

EDIT: …or so I would have. But of course, Netflix comes around and ruins the day~ Whoo! No decent fansubs this time round(as of time of writing) so uh…let’s wait till next time…;.;
To make up for it, I will do the next available anime instead: Happy sugar life. Yes, I skipped several because they aren’t available for viewing either…I really need to pick up Japanese.

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