Tidying up

What a mess. [Anime: One punch man]

Hawwo, it’s the loser that didn’t post for way too long here.

Imagine having drafts that are over a year old. Imagine having drafts that are going to be TWO years old.

Of course, you all are not procrastinating as hard as me (I hope). Still, my point is pretty clear–that these posts are going to have to come out sometime.
And that sometime is soon™.
Don’t quote me on this though, because I’m honestly scared at this point that my procrastination will come haunt me again. Plus, I think you are all immune to my “soon” at this point since….usually it doesn’t come at all.

Either way, I’ll be trying to finish some of the drafts I started while having the ongoing collaboration with Astral. Hopefully I can get them done and they can actually see the light of day.

Other news and situations.
Anime watching, not going so well. Doubt I’ll have enough time to consume all the anime I want AND game AND do my real life.
Last season, same thing.
I am now on Tapas! My stories have published there, and there’s also an ongoing story. Although…I recently lost my editor, so I doubt I can make any progress on it anytime soon. 😦
If you do want to see the stories and show support though, the link is here.
And…that’s about all, to be honest. Hope you all enjoy reading the stuff I’ll be putting out. (Yes, this includes the collaboration between Astral and me, the next post is coming really soon so look forward to that.)


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