Collaboration: The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 5&6: Introducing…bird waifu!

Hihi. Before anything else, I would first like to apologise for the late post. We had a minor miscommunication and therefore the posts got split apart instead of posted at the same time 😡

Well, these two episodes were a return to form for Shield Hero, while Dororo reached a minor peak. If you want to know what I mean, check out the Dororo review post here.
I’m honestly hurting inside just thinking about it.

Enough rambling, on with the episode(s?) review!

shield hero motoyasu balls.PNG
Astral gives me a huge headache sometimes…

As always, the legend:

That one guy that somehow got himself a concussion but still plays games anyways
Also me

  1. What are your general thoughts for this episode?
    Good episodes. I feel like the pacing has at last stabilised. The introduction of Filo to Naofumi’s party was smooth and natural, and so far, the supporting cast has been great as well. It’s overall, nothing spectacular, but very good nonetheless.
    All I can really say is that i’m extremely pleased with the adaptation so far. They’re doing such a good job bringing each of these characters and scenarios to life on the screen… it’s absolutely lovely, seriously. Overall, I think our delay actually worked in our favor, as these two episodes work pretty well in tandem, helping us get acquainted with Filo, the loveable-yet-slightly-annoying bird loli.He’s learnt to use big words! I repeat, he has learnt to used big words!!
  2. Did the episode fit your expectations, and in which ways did it differ from it?(If it does)
    Definitely fit my expectations. Not much to say here other than that.
    Filo is about exactly as I expected her to be, honestly… Adorable, slightly annoying, and overall an unstoppable bundle of energy. The show still looks great, sounds great, and is just fun to watch, honestly.


    How dare you say Filo is annoying. She’s great! She brings much needed energy to the kinda depressing duo and she’s also good for bringing out more jealousy from Raphtalia. I bet you just find her annoying because you love your racoon waifu way too much, you creep.

  3. What do you expect to happen from here on out?(and why) [Only for stuff never seen before]
    I only faintly remember Filo’s arrival, and mostly what happened after she got into Naofumi’s party, to be honest. It was a good adaptation, that’s for sure, and they did a good job at bringing her to the screen. I…don’t quite remember Naofumi and Motoyasu having to do a race to decide the lord of the village…I feel stupid. Any confirmations from people that have read the source please?

    As I mentioned before, they’re doing a great job with this adaptation. As a big fan of the source material, i’ve been extremely pleased with each subsequent episode… and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, to be honest.

    Guess we are both looking at this with some rose tinted lenses. Hopefully our reviews don’t seem too subjective!

  4. Which scene do you think other people would react to differently?
    Seeing filo in human form for the first time. I’m sure most of you rolled your eyes and thought it was just fanservice. I mean, it is fanservice, but it is fanservice that has a purpose and drives the plot forward so….it’s good fanservice 😉
    I think some people might be a bit annoyed with how Naofumi kind of escapes the traditional “hero” archetype. He’s not always in it to save people, he always expects a reward, and has no problem exploiting or extorting people to get what he wants… But I like that about him.Ah, yes. Totally forgot about this because I’m actually used to protagonists that aren’t your conventional “Oh yes let’s save the world just because” kinda people. I mean, after all, my favourite protagonist is Tanya, who is quite the anti-hero protagonist…if you can even call her a protagonist.
  5. Which character did you like the most this episode? Have they done anything in particular/changed?
    Smith bro.
    “How big a bite can she make anyways?” Famous last words.
    RIP baguette sandwich, you looked really good too…
    At this point, do I even need to answer this question? Obviously, it’s still Raphtalia. I mean, she’s basically the greatest thing to ever grace this planet… But in all seriousness, it’s good to see someone not only supporting Naofumi, but truly understanding him. Her willingness to stand up for him, not to mention her determination to get him to actually look her way, is just fantastic.

  6. What’s the high point of the episode for you and why?
    Got to be the racing. It shows just how oblivious Motoyasu is to the lies of Malty, and also how detached he is from the real situation in this world. Plus, seeing Malty finally starting to be put down just feels satisfying. Like, come on, I’m pretty sure all of us hate her.
    Definitely the part where Filo nailed Motoyasu in the balls. That was hilarious and he totally deserved it.

    I’m just surprised he doesn’t mention Malty at all. I mean the ball kicking was pretty good and all but like, cmon.
  7. What can be improved in this episode and why? (a.k.a low point)
    Hmmm. I…can’t really think of anything. Even though there were no extraordinary moments, the consistency made sure there really isn’t anything to complain about in these two episodes.

    I was a little annoyed at how they montaged through some stuff, though it’s understandable why they did it. But in a show that looks so good, a series of still-frame images was a bit off-putting.I…barely noticed the montage though. Even though it’s a montage, it was in a good place and helped with the pacing. We aren’t here to sit through training arcs, we are here to be introduced to a new character.

  8. What situation/decision/action is the most relatable to you in this episode and why?
    Filo kicking Motoyasu’s balls. GOTTEM.

    Honestly, Probably Filo kicking Motoyasu in the balls. It might sound weird, but sometimes my internal “douchebag detector” kinda goes off, and it’s very tempting…
    1 kick to Motoyasu’s balls = 1 Naofumi saved.
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  9. Pick a situation from this episode. If you were put in this situation, how would you have handled it?
    Seeing the other two heroes help me in the castle during the spoil split, I would have probably said thank you or at least made some effort to reparate my relationship with them. It’s just me though, if I were in Naofumi’s shoes at that particular moment.
    Naofumi is honestly doing a pretty dang good job dealing with that cunt Myne. If it were me, I don’t know if I could have remained nearly as calm and collected as he manages to do…

    Oh, nevermind. He does actually mention her. Huh. Well I think the main reason why he’s so good at dealing with her now is that he’s just used to dealing with her shit. Conditioning does wonders.JUST LIKE HOW I’M USED TO DEALING WITH YOUR SHIT ASTRAL
  10. Most beautiful scene?(screenshot)



This is honestly a VERY nice looking baguette. I’m hungry now.
And no, I’m not pulling your legs this time. This is good.



He chose an interesting one here. This scene wasn’t particularly impressive, but I like the reflection. I’ll give him half a point for that.

Well, overall these two episodes were just a good return to form. I hope this trend just continues and we get more good stuff from Shield Hero.

Our next posts will hopefully not be delayed this time. Thank you all for patiently waiting!!!

I’ll make sure the idiot doesn’t get himself another concussion next time.

shield hero motoyasu heaven.PNG
Astral on his hospital bed, colourised, 2019.

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