Collaboration: Dororo Episodes 7 & 8: Dororo never ceases to amaze


Hihi! Very sorry for the late release. Astral was busy for a bit, and then I was busy for a bit, and things just ended up being dragged till now. Either way, what matters is that we made it here, right?…right?
*Hopefully this never happens again.

Before we begin, if you want to check out the reviews for episodes 7 & 8 of Shield Hero, the link to that post is here!(Click it! Check it out!)[Will update once Astral’s post comes up]

Now, after the great episode 5 & 6 for Dororo, it really is quite hard to top that. The emotional value and quality of animations for those episodes were just spectacular. And yet, episodes 7 & 8 does not disappoint and still amaze me in different ways.

To fill in more details, it’s time to bring out the questions!

Some boi
Me as I’m painstakingly editing this post to hopefully get people to comment :<


  1. What are your general thoughts for this episode?
    Very nice episodes. 2 seperate stories, with episode 7 linking up much more to episode 6 than 8. However, they each have their good merits, and the flaws of episode 7 were complimented nicely in episode 8.
    I freaking love this show. While episode 7 wasn’t quite what I felt I needed after the insane ride that was the previous episodes, Episode 8 brought it right back into form, and I seriously just love this show so much. The characters are so good, the animation is unbelievably good, and the artstyle is lovely. There’s almost too much to comment on, but it’s all amazing.

    I have to agree with Astral here. Dororo did so much right in episode 8. Well worth the slight dip in quality in episode 7.
  2. Did the episode fit your expectations, and in which ways did it differ from it?(If it does)
    Well, apparently the lord and his “new son” can wait. For now, we continue on with Dororo and Hyakkimaru’s journey. To be honest, this makes me really think there’s going to be 24 episodes. Which would be amazing. Please, MAPPA?
    Like I stated above, Episode 7 was a bit of a letdown for me. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it didn’t quite do it for me… but Episode 8 made up for that pretty well, so it’s all good.
    Astral is a spoiled kid!!!!!
    For real though, I can’t find any problems with these two episodes. There are some issues with episode 7, but honestly, it isn’t that big and are easily complimented by what episode 8 achieved. So yea, I can’t understand why he would think that way.
  3. What do you expect to happen from here on out?(and why)
    Can’t even guess now. But I hope to see much more good stuff like what has been given to us so far.
    At this point, I don’t even know anymore. I thought maybe we’d see more of Hyakki’s father/brother in these episodes, but that certainly wasn’t the case. Maybe the spider lady will come back at some point? Maybe a stretch, but that would be cool.
    Oooh, I would love if we can see some of the previous characters again in some way. I agree with Astral on this one.
  4. Which scene do you think other people would react to differently?
    Probably to the spider ghoul’s relationship with the man. To me, it feels very surreal, and is actually a sharp contrast to what was shown in episode 6, which is humans being cruel to other humans. In their relationship, they have shown the fact that even monsters are just trying to live(some of them) and not all of them wants to kill others. Yes, there are also “good” monsters.
    This is one i’m not sure about. Maybe i’ll ask a question instead… was it ok for them to let the demon spider go? Not only does she have something that belongs to Hyakkimaru, but also consumes human vitality. Though she seems to be changed, or at least not your typical demon… what do you guys think?
    Pretty sure the spider was just a ghoul and not a demon. There are ghouls and demons in the world, and they are different. I think.
  5. Which character did you like the most this episode? Have they done anything in particular/changed?
    Saru. I like the way he speaks(not your normal Japanese speaking) as well as his relationship with the nee-chan. His entire existence reminds me of “The Jungle Book”, unironically. Just a very nice character overall, and definitely the better of the kids when compared against a certain Dororo.
    Man, this show really has a pair of powerhouse lead characters. Both Hyakkimaru and Dororo are just so great to watch. Every episode it’s very difficult to choose between them, since they’re both very interesting and mysterious in their own ways. But, that’s a good thing.
    Astral the big cop out boi!
  6. What’s the high point of the episode for you and why?
    Hyakkimaru recognising the relationship between the spider ghoul and the man, as well as the fight against the centipede demon. First up, seeing the spider ghoul’s soul change colours from red to a lukewarm orange from Hyakkimaru’s vision was just heartwarming. Second of, HOLY SHIT, I cannot believe they hand animated the freaking centipede. That shit is long and large, the amount of work put into it must have been insane. All the budget saving from episode 7 definitely went into episode 8.
    That demon fight in episode 8 was A+ golden sakuga with a side of whipped cream. Watching that enormous thing flowing so smoothly was just… Mwah! So good! The animators at MAPPA seriously need a raise for what they’re doing in this show.
    Just remember, someone had to hand animate that. Not use a poor modeled 3DCGI, they had to draw every leg of the centipede, every inch of it’s body. Geez.
  7. What can be improved in this episode and why? (a.k.a low point)
    Although I personally did not mind it, the animation and pace in episode 7 was not the best. But, as said above, these kinds of episodes have to happen in order for episodes like episode 8 to happen too. Not every studio has all the budget in the world.(*cough* ufotable *cough*)
    Episode 7 was a bit slow for me, i’m not sure why. I still enjoyed it, but it felt like there was a bit too much excess downtime where characters were just kinda standing around doing nothing.
    Again, Astral is right here, but can’t blame MAPPA.
  8. What situation/decision/action is the most relatable to you in this episode and why?
    Can I be pretentious here and say the man’s decision to save the monster? No? Damn.
    Alright, I can relate to Dororo not killing the spider ghoul. Clearly, she is not a threat to the people around her based on everything that has happened so far.
    I really loved the scene where Dororo was talking to Saru about his parents, and comforting him. We don’t know what’s really up with Dororo’s folks, but seeing the poor kid crying silently later on was so touching…
    Aww. At least Astral has a heart.
  9. Pick a situation from this episode. If you were put in this situation, how would you have handled it?
    If I was the man, I would honestly not stick around the spider ghoul. I mean, sure she has proven herself to be nice after all, but at that particular moment when she first revealed herself, I would be scared. Plus, I honestly don’t believe in the same things as the man. He has a very idealistic view.
    I won’t question the guy who picked up the Spider lady. After all, finding a sickly woman collapsed at the side of the road… I think a lot of people would be tempted to help. However, after finding out she’s a demon monster who sucks people’s souls? I’m not sure if I’d have been able to stick around with her after that…
    Seems like oddly, we both thought of the same thing this time.
    *I swear we didn’t look at each other’s answers when we wrote this.
  10. Most beautiful scene?(screenshot)



Same as last time! We had the wheat field, and now we have a cliffside pathway. Also, this scene came directly after something…



I just love the shading on the rocks, the layered steam in the air, all contrasted in front of the blue sky.

Astral chose a nice screenshot, that’s for sure.

And now for something I couldn’t fit into the question and answer format!

I CANNOT believe Hyakkimaru said Dororo’s name. I died for a moment and came back when he said it. That was so good!!!!!!!!!

Like, I’m actually in blissful shock right now. That was really good.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to more Dororo and writing about it.

And hopefully this time we wouldn’t be late, heh.

Tell us what you thought about these two episodes yourself below!

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