Collaboration:The Rising of the Shield Hero Episodes 9 & 10: Building up for that climax


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Thank you all for tuning in!

Me and Astral and finally almost caught up with the current episodes! Wow! I’m surprised that it only took us this long, really. Both of us are busy as hecc and we are both taking turns to be busy and stuffs so hey, I’m glad we finally almost caught up. Just 1 episode behind now.(which is actually what we want, so people can digest the episode before we release the posts, just that we don’t want it to be this long)

Either way, Dororo episodes 9 & 10 were great. See Astral’s post(link here)[I’m an idiot because I forgot to put in the link yet again….]. Do it!!!! There was a shocking reveal too.
And of course, Shield Hero is not that far behind either. These two episodes were great too in their own right.

Now then, let’s just get on with the post shall we?
(I’m trying a new type of formatting to make it look just a teeny bit better, hope it works!)

The legend:
A busy person
A busy and stupid person
A busy person rushing out with writing this post

1. What are your general thoughts for this episode?

Episodes 9 and 10, in general, are a buildup of tension and background knowledge while the real climax comes. Each episode does have its story, and for some reason they are still quite addictive to watch, but they both play bigger roles in the general scheme of things. If you actually paid attention to all the things that happened in these two episodes, you would realise that something big is brewing. And that something is coming soon. I expect episode 11-13 to be the biggest climax for the series yet, due to my prior knowledge of what’s to come. Either way, well done Kinema Citrus, I can’t wait for the next episodes.

As always, I really do love this show. It’s turned out to be a whole bundle of fun, and i’m really glad to see one of my favorite LN series taking shape. We finally got to see Melty as well, thich is fantastic!! I love Melty, and I definitely can’t wait to see some more of her in the future.

Oh no. Astral is going to put his hands on another girl. How dare you switch waifus so easily!!!
*press F to pay respects to the abandoned Raphtalia

2. Did the episode fit your expectations, and in which ways did it differ from it?(If it does)

Fits my expectations well. Animations returned back to consistently good, and music is finally getting used more. ❤ Kevin Penkin.

Honestly, i’d been waiting for Melty to come into the scene for a while now. It’s been a while in the works, but I was definitely satisfied with how it ended up.

**press F to pay respects to the abandoned Raphtalia

3. How does this episode compare to the source material? [Only for stuff seen/read before]

Very good adaptation, yet again. The confrontation with the two heroes was very well done, and at the same time, it’s a reflection for us. Underneath every isekai fantasy we’ve watched, haven’t there been villagers/common people suffering from the thoughtless “hero” actions that the protagonists do?

Kinema Citrus is doing a great job sticking to the source material. As far as I can recall, it’s pretty much identical, which i’m just loving. Sticking so faithfully to the original work, it’s giving me such nostalgia, in a good way.

I don’t trust mine or Astral’s memories. There’s probably some discrepancy that the smart folks have figured out that we can’t. Sooooooo. If any of you noticed anything different, just say it below!

4. Which scene do you think other people would react to differently?

Hmm. Probably to the confrontation with the other heroes. I nodded my head when Ren admitted his mistake and realised the consequences of his actions. Good boi Kirito.

You know, I think some people might be pretty upset at how Naofumi treated Melty, who obviously really wanted to help him out. But honestly, I think that, given his past experiences with the Royal family, he’s god(got, you idiot) good reason to be suspicious when one suddenly is trying to help him.

I agree with Astral, and I actually talk about it in question 5. Honestly, I’ve not talked about this yet, but I really like the opposite sides of the isekai story we are so used to being shown in Shield Hero.

5. Which character did you like the most this episode? Have they done anything in particular/changed?

Melty!!!! She’s great. There’s a reason why she’s the preferred next in line ruler for a matriarchal country, and she displays all the proper qualities of a ruler. Can’t wait to see more of her.

It’s so good to see Melty finally taking her place in the series. She’s a super fun character, and I really can’t wait to see more from her, especially given the contrast between her and her slut of a sister.

Ok, but for real though, Melty>Malty. Melty is a great character, and she is a refreshing change of the royal family for now, until you see more of the queen, who has already shown how great she is.

6. What’s the high point of the episode for you and why?

When Naofumi encountered the Church of Three Heroes as well as when Melty wanted to chat with him after coming clean as a princess. His reactions are all very justified after everything that has happened to him. In fact, I would not have liked this series if he somehow got around to forgiving the royalty for all that has happened to him.

The high point was definitely seeing Motoyasu get rekt in the crotch (again). It’s just… so satisfying.

Ah yes, he got a groin guard and everything and still got destroyed. Very nice.

7. What can be improved in this episode and why? (a.k.a low point)

Seeing Malty’s face again. B I T C H.

Well, the animation quality seems to have taken a bit of a dip these couple of episodes, but you know what that means? Some juicy good stuff is definitely on the way.

I can’t agree. The consistency is better.

8. What situation/decision/action is the most relatable to you in this episode and why?

Again, when he rejected the conversation with Melty. I too, would refuse to talk with someone with a negative feeling inside of me.

I liked how Naofumi is slowly having a group of people realizing that he’s actually a pretty good guy. The young soldiers who joined up with him are pretty chill, and I’m glad they were able to look past their prejudices and the rumors, to see who he really is.

Ah yes. Rumours can only go so far. Especially if the rumour is just completely not true.

9. Pick a situation from this episode. If you were put in this situation, how would you have handled it?

Confronting the two heroes on their “deeds”. I would definitely try to make Itsuki understand that what he’s doing has real consequences and not just a game where if you win a fight you get good stuff.

It’s always kind of painful to see how poorly Naofumi is treated. He managed to keep his cool (with some help) after being snubbed by the nuns at the hourglass, but i’m not sure that I would have. At some point, enough is just enough, you know?

Ooooh? Astral admitting to having anger management issues. That’s not good.

10. Most beautiful scene?(screenshot)



I chose this scene because this character is going to be very important. And the scene made it out to be so as well. Look forward to it!!!



I picked this one based not off of “beauty” but more just how adorable it is. Filo is so happy to have a friend, and Melty genuinely cares about Filo, too. Very heartwarming and wholesome.

Wow, Astral the pragmatic screenshot chooser. So good.(not)

Scene is good though.

Well, that’s all I have for now, buuuuuuuuuuuuuut be sure to look out for episode 11 that will be on Astral’s blog. Both series are really heating up now!

See you next week!(hopefully)

3 thoughts on “Collaboration:The Rising of the Shield Hero Episodes 9 & 10: Building up for that climax”

    1. Right? For once the character doesn’t pull off some bullshit and everyone just goes “oooh” and everything is 大丈夫 and the world is saved with the power of friendship and flowers, and better yet, we get to see what’s missing in those other series–a sense of consequence and causality for the protagonist’s actions other than the ones being saved just nodding and saying thanks or whatever.

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