Collaboration: Dororo Episodes 11 & 12: I can’t believe we won’t be able to hear the OP anymore (AND ANNOUNCEMENT)


Ignore the fact that we went 3 weeks without a post. Or rather, don’t because obviously you can see that there’s been nothing for 3 weeks. Or maybe you can’t because you don’t read my posts? ARGH!

Well, either way, the excuse this time is that I was too busy. Don’t worry, we’ll catch up.
(Episodes 11 & 12 of Shield Hero was great too, check it out here!)


Right, now those of you who want to leave can leave now.

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*cough* Gotta get the post going. You know the drill by now.

The legend:
Can’t believe I got so busy we didn’t post for 3 weeks
Can’t believe he tried to bully me for 3 entire weeks while I was too busy
Someone writing a post at midnight yet again

1. What are your general thoughts for this episode?

Very nice. Animations continue to be at the quality you can expect from studio Mappa, and the plot has definitely thickened to a high. I can’t wait till I watch episodes 13 & 14.

Wow… it’s been a few days and i’m still reeling from this set of episodes. I mean seriously… and I thought the Mio arc was intense. The confrontation of feelings and emotions that has been brewing for 12 episodes finally reaches a peak as Hyakkimaru finds himself face-to-face with his family. And wow… I really can’t describe with words how absolutely fantastic these episodes were. Both of these episodes had me absolutely on the edge of my seat, and i’m so very excited that we’ll be getting another 12 episodes!!!


As Astral said, we would be getting another 12 episodes. That’s right, not only is Shield Hero having another 12 episodes, so is Dororo. Our journey with Hyakkimaru is not over yet! I’m so glad it’s a two-cour and not a rushed one-cour.

2. Did the episode fit your expectations, and in which ways did it differ from it?(If it does)

It fit my expectations! We saw Hyakkimaru vs his father, and even more than that, Hyakkimaru vs his brother as well. His mother continues to be the poor soul tormented by her guilt, and I didn’t expect her to stab herself at the end.

I knew a confrontation was coming. I’ve seen the signs for weeks now. But never did I imagine things would escalate this far, or end up this crazy. From heart wrenching drama to breathtaking action, these were a couple episodes to remember.

This series has continuously blown our minds away with each episode, and I think it’ll probably not change going into the second half, knowing MAPPA.

3. How does this episode compare to the source material? [Only for stuff seen/read before]

I expect some sort of explanation or more exploration into what the goddess of mercy has been doing, and how it relates to that statue, and we hopefully will get more thicc plot.

I don’t even know anymore. After a climax like this, I can’t even fathom where things can possibly go anymore.

Wow, Astral just gave up using his brain altogether. To be expected, but still, I’m disappointed.

4. Which scene do you think other people would react to differently?

Probably to Tahomaru’s decisions to fight his brother. He turned his sword against his brother as well as his own morals.

What would other people react to differently, huh…? That’s a tough one. I think… well, I for one was initially upset at Tahomaru’s decision to oppose Hyakkimaru, but after thinking it over, I do kind of understand where he’s coming from, even if I don’t like it much. Maybe that’s just me overthinking things though.

Wow, OK, I honestly didn’t expect Astral to have been able to come up with reasoning like this, but it seems, ladies and gentlemen, that Astral does indeed have the bare minimum of intelligence.

5. Which character did you like the most this episode? Have they done anything in particular/changed?

I really like Tahomaru over these two episodes, to be completely honest. He did what he had to do in order to bring the greater happiness to his people. His utilitarianism is arguable, but he did what he believed was right, even going as far as to brandish his blade against his own brother. He has also seen quite a bit of character growth, from being sheltered to making an important decision despite it being against his personal morals, he has truly grown.


Hyakkimaru really shone in these episodes. It’s always great when he gets character development, but when it rains, it pours. His growth, his thoughts about his newly-discovered family… everything is just piling on each other, and he really grew a lot just through these episodes.

Not much to comment here, he didn’t really make a bad choice, Hyakkimaru has indeed been through a lot and grown a lot.

6. What’s the high point of the episode for you and why?

The fights against the fox spirit thingy was definitely the high, in terms of visuals and animations but for the high of plot point I would choose Hyakkimaru’s mother stabbing herself, as well as the greenish reveal of the goddess statue. What does that colouring mean?

Man, seeing Hyakkimaru fight is always a high point, but the fight between him and Tahomaru, though short, was definitely a highlight. So many emotions and tensions were swirling during this scene, it was both well-written, and well-choreographed.

Oooh, I completely missed that scene. I was too busy thinking about Tahomaru’s decision to appreciate the swordplay between the two. RIP Tahomaru’s right eye though.

7. What can be improved in this episode and why? (a.k.a low point)

Low point would definitely be animations for certain scenes but hey, we can’t have everything, sacrifices has to be made(JUST LIKE HYAKKIMARU HOHO)

Honestly, I wouldn’t change anything at all. It was perfect.

8. What situation/decision/action is the most relatable to you in this episode and why?

None really, but the utilitarianism being perpetrated throughout by both Daigo and Tahomaru and even his mother is something I can feel. A lot of times, if you are in a authoritative position, you are forced to make decisions that go against morals “for the greater good”. It may not be something you like, and you might feel shit about doing it, but sometimes you just gotta do it.

That’s another tough one… With everything that went down in just two episodes, it’s hard to pick just one point to touch on.

….so? Just list them, dammit! Instead of giving us nothing to go on…

9. Pick a situation from this episode. If you were put in this situation, how would you have handled it?

If I was tahomaru, honestly, I would have done the same, given the same circumstances. To make an entire country suffer just because of your own selfish moral high ground sounds…bad. (Please don’t scold me ;.;)

I think the situation that really took me the most by surprise was when Hyakkimaru’s mother betrayed him by breaking the final seal on the demons. All through the show so far, we’ve seen examples of strong women, from Mio’s kindheartedness, taking in so many kids and caring for them as a mother would, to Dororo’s mother sacrificing her body and strength for her daughter’s sake. I think in Hyakkimaru’s mind, this had built up an impression of what a “Mother” should be, yet when he finally found his own, she cast him aside. If I were Hyakki… I probably would have broken down pretty bad, then.

????????????????????????What? Hyakkimaru’s mother broke the seal on the demons? What’s Astral on about now?

10. Most beautiful scene?(screenshot)

Is this Kurama?

I loved this sequence. The power of her words combined with the music, and the framing, was just excellent.

Iz good choice. I can’t even say anything bad about it.

Well, that’s it for the post for this time, look forward to the collaboration coming soon!
Thank you all for reading!!!!!

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