Demon S(l)ayer Corps Collab Ep 3 is out!

Whoo! I’m late on the promotion because I completely forgot about it but uh, it’s there so go read it!!!

Big bright link so you won’t miss it. Click it! Read it! Enjoy it! Then like it! And…possibly read our future posts?

Listen, I know we are late but I’m trying my best to push everything along as fast as possible, Astral’s becoming less and less active probably due to his coming surgeries(EVEN THOUGH HE’S STILL PLAYING GAMES) and yea, hard to push things along when he’s just barely participating >.>

Anyways, hope you enjoy reading this week’s episode, I don’t have time to put a smiling picture so just imagine it yourself this time :>

See you all next episode….probably on Astral’s blog.

I would appreciate any feedback and discussion!

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