Collaboration: Dororo Episode 2: The blind, and the blinder

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Anyways, as you can see from the title, yes, I am doing the second episode of Dororo! Whoo!
You know, I kinda requested to get the first episode of Shield Hero since my blog was more dead than Astral’s, but I sort of regret it now. Dororo was so good…
Can’t cry over cried milk now. Let’s get right into the review itself!
(Oh and the second episode review of Shield Hero is via the link here. Please read it too! Second episode of Shield Hero was just as good. It’s just that I’m biased towards Dororo.)

Same as previous, here’s the legend:
Me from the past
The copycatThe stupid
Me from the present

Hello, Plyasm from the editorial department in the brain here. Seems like the copycat has taken some defense against my jabbing of his copying from the last episode review, so now, let’s switch up the counters a little. (And come on, this is fun.)
Astral is a stupid counter: 4 [Inherited from the Astral is a copycat counter]
Astral is a copout counter: 1
Now, resume the review!

  1. What are your general thoughts for this episode?

    As good as the last episode. Action sequence was great, animations was mostly good, soundtrack too…I am still a sucker for the opening and ending songs. The plot progressed quite a bit this episode, and I like that. Overall, this episode was as bonkers as the last, so if you haven’t watched Dororo yet, do it NOW.
    I asked for more of the blind bard, and I was not disappointed at all. I’m glad he’s come back into the story, and seems to be here to stick around for a while. He’s cool. Apart from that, our nameless protag finally has a name!!! Very exciting. Also, did I mention that this show is absolutely nuts? Every single moment has so much going on, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with what’s going on at any given time, and at the end of the episode I feel almost out of breath. Ply will probably complain about me mentioning this as well… but it’s hard to talk about the show without mentioning the OST. It is just amazing. The OP is so good; I get chills every time I hear it, and the ED is just so dang good, as well.No, I won’t complain about you mentioning it. Instead, I’ll complain about how excited Astral is in writing this. So excited, his writing became incoherent. Tsk.
  2. Did the episode fit your expectations, and in which ways did it differ from it?(If it does)
    The episode definitely met my expectations. There was more characterisation of the now named Hyakkimaru, we got more insights into what actually happened to him as well as what he can actually see. Very nice name for the main character. Dororo is beginning to grow on me as well.
    CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! My favorite thing ever, basically. I’m a sucker for character moments, as you guys probably know… and we got a lot of them this episode, interspersed between the insanity, of course. Dororo backstory, BAM! Return of the Old Man, BAM! Cameo from prosthetics guy, BAM! Name for our nameless protag, BAM! Constant character moments really help the episode flow just right.
    Not much to say for this one, except for WATCH DORORO PLS KTHXBYE XOXO ❤
  3. What do you expect to happen from here on out?(and why)
    I’m expecting the trio(with the addition of the monk) to meet up with the prosthetic limb maker, who, I believe, is probably the one who brought Hyakkimaru up after he was sent away. We will probably see more character development for Dororo as well? But most importantly, I’m very interested in what exactly Hyakkimaru got back.
    He got back his Nervous System, ya noodle. That was pretty obvious. Upcoming scenes of Hyakkimaru learning how to deal with pain/feeling? Also, what’s he gonna get back next? If it’s a 13-episode show, will he kill 1 demon per episode, the final one being a showdown with his father? Only time will tell…
    No it wasn’t obvious, you dolt. All we saw was some kind of shock, how do you know if it isn’t an organ or a limb? If it isn’t the nervous system, you are going to have to bash your head against the wall.
    Astral is a stupid counter: 5
  4. Which scene do you think other people would react to differently?
    This is a little hard. Probably when the people saw the weird dude with the bell? For me, I was actually already thinking that the “monster” was harmless. Mostly because, well, the monk didn’t kill it the moment he “saw” it. Other people might have had the same reactions as Dororo and thought that the “monster” was what the villagers were talking about.
    I thought it was pretty clear when we saw the lady initially that she was trouble… I mean, look at those eyebrows! But… If I were Dororo, and knew that Kyakki was blind, but clearly only shows hostile behavior towards demons and ghouls, I don’t think I would have stood in his way when he went to attack her. But I think to a lot of people, that might have made more sense to do.
    “Hurr durr I’m smarter than the kid”-Astral 2k1819

    Astral is a stupid counter: 6
  5. Which character did you like the most this episode? Have they done anything in particular/changed?
    Hyakkimaru still for me. Him trying to show concern for Dororo even though he doesn’t really know what’s happening was the sweetest thing ever. And god damn the reactions he has to some things is great.
    I still really like Dororo. His constant energy and scheming is both adorable and hilarious, and i’m excited to learn more about his past hinted at in the episode. What happened to his parents, what lies in his past, etc.
    I’m still of the idea that Dororo, although his name is on the anime, isn’t the real main character. Hyakkimaru is so much more interesting to me, and I am frankly, just not all that interested in Dororo, even if I like his character.
  6. What’s the high point of the episode for you and why?
    Again, the fight scene. But…this time, I’ll pick something else over it. I believe, the high point of the episode is actually when Hyakkimaru finally gave his name. It was a great moment, and his name was very nice, hence it’s the high point for me. But still, the fight scene was amazing in it’s own right as well. (A fight in a bamboo forest is just like every kung fu movie ever made!)
    I’m also gonna say the fight scene, but I’m going to highlight a different piece of the fight. I love how Dororo uses it’s environments and set pieces in the battles. In the first episode, Hyakki used the bridge as a weapon against the monster; in the second, the monster used severed bamboo as a weapon against Hyakki. It’s not just a battle between Monster and Man, it’s a battle of wits and skill, not to mention determination. Very well done.
    Clearly, Astral didn’t read what I wrote before writing the word “also”. I clearly said I picked something else over it! Not reading in 2k19?
    Astral is a stupid counter: 7
    *I like his choice though, pretty good
  7. What can be improved in this episode and why? (a.k.a low point)
    Still the same possible improvements as last time. Animations are a little shaky at times, but at this point it feels more like a charm than anything.(To be completely honest, at this point it’s probably an intentional decision so that the transitions is smooth, the action scenes brilliant and overall cohesiveness is good.)
    I kind of feel like my biggest gripe with this episode isn’t really much of a gripe at all. I think it’s possible that they could tone down the frenetic pacing just a bit, to help the audience cope a bit better with the ridiculous chaos happening on-screen… but that’s just a minor gripe, and I still like the show even with the bonkers pacing.
    The pacing is just right for me though… I don’t feel like anything is really that rushed, they just skipped over parts that might drag the story down without adding much. Every scene in the episode so far has had a role to play, even the one where they ate fish together, which shows that Hyakkimaru is capable of emotions and also display some of their character interactions between him and Dororo before we actually get to the next part in the story.
  8. What situation/decision/action is the most relatable to you in this episode and why?
    Dororo’s reaction to Hyakkimaru not doing anything against the bell “monster” while raising his sword against the “lady”. To be completely honest, I would be fooled too, not just Dororo. Ah shit, does that make me as much of a fool as Dororo?
    I think I can actually kind of relate to the villager’s reluctance to let go of the demon… though horrendous and cruel, the demon had, in fact, brought quite a bit of prosperity to the village. Having to think of providing for their families and children when times are hard, it would be easy to be tempted by the promise of easy wealth.
    I actually have to sort of agree with Astral here. I can sort of understand the villagers’ decision to do this. Still though, it’s stupid to cooperate with a monster no matter what.
  9. Pick a situation from this episode. If you were put in this situation, how would you have handled it?
    I would pick the faceoff with the “lady” the second time round. The freaking dude just let a demon escape! He even made up some shitty excuse that all the villagers will die if he didn’t help, even though in the end, it’s all greed. If I was Hyakkimaru(and had hearing), I would have sliced this dude right then and there. Sheesh, what a piece of trash can.
    I have to wonder at Hyakkimaru’s decision to allow Dororo to follow him around. Clearly, he’s always been a bit of a loner, so I do find it a bit strange how accepting he is of a kid suddenly hanging around him, even if he can’t hear what he’s saying. In his shoes, maybe I would have tried to shoo the kid away, since I would know that running into monsters again is likely, and the kid would be in danger.
    Astral is a stupid counter: 8
    Hyakkimaru can’t see if Dororo was a child in the first place, stupid. Furthermore, he’s not the one being a loner based on his thoughts, it’s just that no one really stayed around him for long, except for a few. So he was probably intrigued by the soul that decided to stay near him. And since Hyakkimaru believes in his own abilities so much(judging by his actions and behaviour), I doubt he would cast another person away.
  10. Most beautiful scene?(screenshot)

Can I use the opening again? No? Then I’ll use the ending.
I mean, come on. The ending is just as beautiful. See for yourself:

Protect this smile.

Hyakkimaru’s smile. Too good.
The fight scene in the forest. Holy cow, was that some stellar animation, and the way they used the set pieces was just fantastic. I loved every moment of it, and it deserves some recognition.

Woah, nice choice.

To be honest, MAPPA killed it with the opening and ending animations.(*cough* If you can’t tell by how much I’m just milking it for pictures *cough*)
This show is going to be a nice watch throughout the season. I think.

And that’s about all!
Overall, the episode was as good as the last, and I definitely look forward to more. Meanwhile, Shield Hero has been pretty amazing too, so I’m glad our choices for this season were good.

Astral is a stupid counter: 8
No change to the “Astral is a copout counter”.
I expected Astral to do better now that I’ve converted the counter but…shake my head. And don’t forget, if Hyakkimaru didn’t get his nervous system back in the next episode, Astral has to bang his head against the wall 😉

What did you guys think about the episode? More importantly, did you enjoy it as much as we did? Let me know in the comments below.

-A loving the opening song Plyasm


Message from editorial department in Plyasm’s brain:
There’s actually a reason why the title of this post was called Blind and the Blinder. Stems from what the monk said about Hyakkimaru and his hearing–that they can see what normal people can’t see, and that normal people are sometimes more easily tricked. This makes the normal people more blind than the blind people in a sense. Well, not that I actually have any deep life lessons here but I’m sure you guys can figure something out.

Collaboration: Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 1: Start of the legend

Hello, everyone!

It’s me! I’m finally back!

…you still remember me right? I haven’t faded into obscurity yet, right?


oreigairu teehee hachiman
Tee hee ekse dee~ [Anime: Oreigairu]

*cough* Back on topic. So Astral and I decided to do a collaboration together for this season. The initial idea what to do Shield Hero and 1 other show. After much discussion, we decided to do Dororo since the summary looking interesting. (And boy did we make the right choice)

So yup. The post of the first episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero(Kitsu Link) is on me, while the post for the first episode of Dororo is with Astral. So if you want to check that out as well, head over there via this link. (Check it! Please do! Dororo was amazing!)

This is going to be a rotation, meaning I would get the second episode of Dororo, and Astral will do the second episode of Shield Hero, and so on. (If you are just here to look at Astral’s words, they’ll be here, be patient)

Anyways, let’s get to the episode review ~

First up, there’s a set of common questions that we decided that we have to answer.
Before you check it though, let’s keep a “Astral is a copycat” counter, shall we?
Astral is a copycat counter: 0
Now, let’s begin!
Me of the past
The copycat
Me of the futurepresent

  1. What are your general thoughts for this episode?
    It was an great episode for me. The animations, voice acting and soundtrack are all on par with Made in Abyss’ so far, and that is great news, since it is literally being done by the same studio, Kinema Citrus.
    Kitsu link for Made in Abyss

    Generally, since I’ve read the manga, I already know what to expect, but this brings back a lot of memories about the start. Very nice.
    I have been following this series for so, so long. I started when it was still releasing as a webnovel, and i’ve watched it grow into a light novel series, and now an Anime. And I must say… I’m not disappointed. The show looks GORGEOUS, for starters. The music and the voice acting is on point as well; Kinema Citrus really knows what they’re doing. I’m super excited to get Raphtalia into the story as well, seeing as she’s got the same seiyuu as Mai-san from last season. Considering Naofumi is voiced by the same seiyuu as Sakuta, we already know they have chemistry, so i’m looking forward to seeing how they interact.

    Even though I have no idea who this “Mai-san” is, I can tell he’s about as happy as I am, just that he used…bigger words. I hope most of you(yes you, readers! I CRAVE your comments) enjoyed it as much as we did and are also looking for more.
  2. Did the episode fit your expectations, and in which ways did it differ from it?(If it does)
    Yep, it not only fit my expectations, it far exceeded them! I might just be biased, but come on, who can deny the general goodness of this first episode. What’s more, it’s a 50 minute special!

    You know, I was expecting it to be good, and it sure didn’t disappoint. And to have a 50-minute first episode just to get us right into the thick of things… very, very good choice. It really brought back the way I felt when I first read the webnovel so many years ago… the nostalgia is so, so good.
    Other than adding an extra sentence, I think we can all agree that Mr. Astral here did a little…borrowing yea? Heh.
    Astral is a copycat counter: 1
  3. How does this episode compare to the source material?
    Plyasm: I feel like there’s some differences to the manga, but then again, the manga isn’t the source, the web novel and light novel(probably light novel) are the sources. The one thing I felt was different was probably the scene where the 4 heroes all come together to match their general facts? Although, it might just be my memory failing me, I don’t quite remember that scene happening in the manga. Maybe it’s a manga only thing, maybe it’s an anime only thing, either way, it differs in that aspect.
    (My memory is not reliable, at all)
    Astral: This has got to be one of the best adaptations I’ve seen, at least in recent years. Not only is the overall quality outstanding, but it follows the original story extremely well, bringing back the same feelings I felt during my first reading of the story. The intro was absolutely spot-on.
    Nothing much to say here. If there’s avid readers of the light novels out there, what did YOU think of the adaptation of the source? I’m interested, since I’ve never read the light novel myself.
  4. Which scene do you think other people would react to differently?
    Definitely the entire transformation of Naofumi. The entire….fiasco before his transformation aside, I’m sure many people would be thinking that Naofumi’s change to a much more mean, realist person is jarring and just done “for the edge”. To me, it’s quite natural as an effect of what has happened to him.
    I’m gonna agree with Ply here. I know the internet has definitely taken up the betrayal scene as a new point of controversy, but honestly, I’ve always felt like it was pretty fitting. I mean, Naofumi is a pretty trusting, kindhearted guy at the start, which makes the betrayal only cut deeper. And really… there are definitely plenty of scummy people out there who won’t hesitate to lie for their own gain, so it’s not even that unrealistic, either.
    This is what it is. 😉
    Astral is a copycat counter: 2
  5. Which character did you like the most this episode? Have they done anything in particular/changed?
    As of this episode, it would be Naofumi. His realisation, from an otaku drunk on the ecstasy of a new world, to when reality hit him, really drove him the meaning of “character development”. Isekais might not be as idealised as we made it out to be.
    Well, Naofumi is really the only character we’ve gotten to know particularly well, so… I choose the Weapon Shop Owner. Yeah, that’s right. Branching out here a bit. Anyways, he plays a very important role in the story. He’s the only person who doesn’t blindly listen to rumors, and treats Naofumi as a human, the only person to show him kindness in his lowest point. It’s fair to say… he may have saved Naofumi, in the end.
    Astral is a copycat coun-
    Oh wait, he didn’t actually copy me this time? Interesting…
    But I guess his choice was pretty top notch. Smith Bro ❤
  6. What’s the high point of the episode for you and why?

    When “that” happened. When Naofumi was hit over the head by the hopes and dreams that he have had, which promptly knocked him out completely, and threw him into the valley of despair. The hints were all there throughout the episode, but Naofumi was too blind and naive. Poor boy.
    Obviously the high point is the betrayal. It’s one of the driving forces of the episode, and the series as a whole. The emotional beating that Naofumi takes during this is immense, and affects him almost permanently. It’s a very important part of the story, and they did it right.Astral is a copycat counter: 3
    You know, even if you paraphrase my points, it’s still my points. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. What can be improved in this episode and why? (a.k.a low point)
    If I really had to pick, it would probably be the pacing somewhat. Just a very small nitpick, I feel the pacing is just a tiny bit too fast. Maybe show more of the transition parts? It’s hard to pick out faults from this episode, ok!?
    A low point… Was there one? This was a really good episode. If I had to pick one thing specifically… I honestly can’t think of much. I’m copping out.
    *sigh* I guess I’ll add a counter for this as well.
    Astral is a cop out counter: 1
    Jokes aside, I think we are both probably wearing rose-tinted glasses for Shield Hero, since we like the series a lot. If you feel like there’s something that can be improved, let me know in the comments below.(In case you still don’t get it at this point, yes, I WANT YOUR COMMENTS)
  8. What situation/decision/action is the most relatable to you in this episode and why?
    Relatable, huh…probably Naofumi’s naivity as well as the other heroes’ misunderstanding of Naofumi, to be honest. Dunno why, but I feel like I’ll make the exact same mistakes as them if this were to happen to me.
    Naofumi’s anger. I think he was justifiably extremely upset by the betrayal, and constant poor treatment by everyone. At times when I’ve felt betrayed by people I trusted, I’ve also been extremely angry and bitter… I relate to that a lot.
    Well, I would be surprised if…elements of my answer were to show up in Astral’s. I mean, it says relatable to you, and I’m not him, so…yea.
    OR AM I????(cue illuminati music)
  9. Pick a situation from this episode. If you were put in this situation, how would you have handled it?
    The accusations part. I would have gotten myself killed after getting angry, no joke.
    I really think that I would have acted pretty similarly to Naofumi in that situation. I’ve never been one to sit by quietly and let my name be defamed… probably not the best of traits, as it’s gotten me into trouble on multiple occasions.
    Astral is a copycat counter: 4
    Geez, stealing the same situation as me, eh? To be honest, I was deciding between the accusations and the shop haggling part for this. And by shop haggling, I meant Naofumi teaching the merchant a lesson with balloons.(Now that I see this, I feel like that was a weird sentence)
  10. Most beautiful scene?(screenshot)



True love

Shield Bro x Smith Bro ❤
JK, it’s probably this:

I really am a real sucker for these scenary shots.

I have to say though, there really a lot of screensaver worthy screenshots that can be made from just this episode.Kinema Citrus sure knows how to do that.
This is my favorite screenshot from this first episode. The solitary figure, in the fog and rain, struggling just to kill the weakest monster. It was very well-delivered and I enjoyed it a lot.

Very nice. Another desktop picture it is.


Well, I be damned. He really chose a nice screenshot. I was actually also deciding between this scene or the plains scene, but I figured I liked the overview better than the solitary forest.


And thus we end!
Spectacular! Here’s the counter tallies:

Astral is a copycat counter: 4
Astral is a cop out counter: 1

Tsk, tsk. I expected more from you, Astral. This was fun though….both to watch and to write about. It’s good to expand my blogging brain for the first time in….6 months(sorry)
Right. Here’s some other thoughts I had that couldn’t really fit into the common questions.

For one, Kevin Penkin is now my second favourite OST composer. Besides the god Sawano Hiroyuki, of course. He really outdid himself with the soundtrack of Shield Hero. It gave the proper feelings that the shield hero was feeling throughout the episode. From happiness and joy, to a sense of urgency when he woke up, up till the extreme betrayal and loss of faith in humanity.

And for two…did you know? The voice actor of the kirito look-alike loner who plays a VRMMO is Harem King Matsuoka?! What a perfect choice, and an amazing reference to…a certain anime. Did you also know? The voice actor of the Smith Bro is the same as the voice actor of Agil?
Illuminati actually confirmed??

shield illuminati.PNG

With that said, I’ve been hyped for shield hero’s rise, and now he is, finally rising up!
Let us all enjoy the future Rising of the Shield Hero! (HEH PUN INTENDED I’M SO GOOD)

Can’t wait for more.

See you all in the next post!

-A totally not Astral Plyasm

Island: Good animations and sound design can’t save a boring plot

Kitsu link:

When the first episode aired, I was in awe. Then the second episode came around and I was let down. Now, in the third episode, I realised how much time I’m wasting when I can be watching other better stuff from this season. So. You guessed it, I’m dropping Island, and here’s why.

So Island is, excluding the story, a pretty good anime. The artstyle and animations are definitely good here. Studio feel. has done another great job with this. Smooth, pleasing to the eyes. And of course, the sound is great too. The VAs had to sing quite a bit and I enjoyed the insert songs as well as the OST quite a bit. The voice acting itself is pretty good too. All these combine to make the anime pretty good to look at and to listen to.

However, it is an anime, and anime usually need to have a good plot. And by good, I mean an entertaining plot. A plot may be full of holes and not really make sense, but if it’s entertaining enough, it’s good, because we watch anime for entertainment anyways.
So, what exactly is it about the plot of this anime makes it have low entertainment value? To put it simply…it’s boring. The potential of the plot and mysteries is high. Which was exactly why, I was tricked into thinking that it was going to be very good.

I was so wrong. The slow pacing isn’t exactly bad, but what’s bad is that they pad the in-betweens with weird fanservicey type scenes and…SOL sequences…or whatever they are doing here? It killed the magic of the show and it became boring.

As such, I really couldn’t handle it anymore after this third episode, which happens to be the typical beach episode with a very slight mystery at the end of it. Not interesting.

Therefore, I’ve dropped it. I’m not sure who else out there is continuing to watch this show but…good luck? Hopefully you find the good parts of the show.

What a disappointing drop this was. Oh well, at least there are much more surprisingly nice shows from this season.


Final rating: 6/10

island confused.PNG
The show knows itself!

First impressions: Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san

Kitsu link:

Well…I’m…slightly disappointed, but happy at the same time, maybe?

Here’s the full comparison between the Manga of Yuuna-san and what I’ve seen from the first episode of Yuuna-san the anime.

The manga has absolutely amazing art. It’s stunning, and not just the fanservice parts. The anime has great art and animations, but the artstyle clearly defers from the more beautiful manga counterparts, but it’s for obvious reasons(keeping costs low etc.). While it’s justified…I can’t be happy about this. I mean, come on…seeing your favourite characters in slightly less beautiful forms is definitely a minus. However, seeing them being animated in the first place was pretty good so urghhhhh…..

The manga’s pacing is slightly slower than the pacing shown in this first episode. This is definitely a good thing, since speeding up the pacing is appropriate since we are watching an anime and at the same time speeding up the slower pacing of the manga is welcome.

Kogarashi’s voice sounded different in my head than what he sounded on TV… I mean, the VA would have had to been approved by the mangaka, but argh… I can’t get over how different sounding he is compared to my mental image of him. Yes, this is selfish and definitely not objective, but you are reading my blog, the hellhole full of subjective reviews, so I’m not letting this go. Give me back my manly sounding Kogarashi-kun~ :<

The ecchi amounts is actually REDUCED for the anime. WOW. This is a first. Like, in the manga, the ecchi amount is actually wayyyyy higher. They must have taken into consideration the people that watch anime will probably like less ecchi, because holy hell, the censoring is real here. I’m definitely not complain, because the comedic moments are still funny, while keeping the lewdness level down. But HA, take that you perverts.

Overall, I would say this is a great adaptation. It wasn’t as insane in terms of quality as I had hoped for but hey, I’ll take what I can get. I’ll recommend this series to anyone not turned off by ecchi and hentai stuff!

Oh. One last difference, that I don’t know if I should mention…hmm…
Well, the opening of the anime contains a scene that the manga never EVER showed. Not even in the latest chapters. I’m very intrigued by this, because this either means that the creator already has the end in mind for the manga, or this is a lead-in to how the anime will end off so that we don’t get a “read the source” ending.
Either way, it’s interesting and I’ll note it down.


First impressions rating: Biased 9/10
Most impressive part: My favourite characters are coming to life~! Whooo!

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san title card.PNG
Honestly, I was so happy to just see this title card.

With Yuragi-sou no Yuna-san done, there’s actually no other first episodes released as of time of writing!(except for those netflix ones that I’m waiting on fansubs for)

Therefore, this is the end of the first impressions flood for now! Hurray!

As more first episodes are released by fansubs, I will take a look at them. Be sure to be on the lookout for those! For now, I must binge all my anime to release some posts I’ve been holding in draft status for the longest time…

See you around and thank you for all the amazing support shown throughout this period!


First impressions: Grand Blue Dreaming

Kitsu link:

Holy shit. That was so fun! I never knew it would be this fun to watch a bunch of half-naked guys screw around with alcohol.

…and now that I’ve said it, this sounds worse than it needs to be, haha. Anyways, Grand Blue is a series that is very fun and entertaining, provided that you like the type of adult humour they present.

At its core, it’s a seinen comedy, so don’t expect too much else from it. There’s probably going to be a little romance as well, but for now it’s not present.

There isn’t much that can be said about the show without spoiling the jokes present in this episode. All I can say is that the art is pretty nice, the sounds department is doing fine too, oh, and they even ended the episode with a joke ending song. What a joke.
*Oh and the faces is brilliant.

Overall, I loved this first episode, and I laughed a lot. It was great. I would recommend this to anyone who can appreciate seinen humour.


First impressions rating: 8/10
Most impressive part: Vodka is just flammable water.

Remember kids, bring lighters so you can differentiate between vodka and water.

That was a barrel of laughs! With that done, I can now move on to the next show…Yuuragi-sou no Yuna san! Whooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you in 6 hours!

First impressions: Happy Sugar Life

Kitsu link:


Holy freaking shit. I felt something was wrong ever since the start, but I never expected things to go so wrong just in the first episode alone.

I have no be honest here: I was entertained. I know I may be incurable at this point to find entertainment in all this darkness, but I can’t help it. It’s just…gripping. The cuteness mixed in with the darkness made for a recipe that is sweet but also disturbing.

The main themes of this anime is pretty simple, yet complex. What seems normal on the surface always have a harsh reality behind it. I swear, this kind of anime is sometimes even more disturbing than the likes of Mahou Shoujo Site, where the screwed up things are clearly visible…

Either way, it was an entertaining watch, art/sound/plot are all above average.

I…really can’t say much other than watch it for yourself to understand the feelings I’m having right now. It’s good…but so bad…but good…

Urgh. I can only recommend this to people who can stomach dark themes though, so be warned yet again.


First impressions rating: 7/10
Most impressive part: This is like those type of prank candy where there’s an “explosive” interior and a sweet exterior…

With that done, we can now move on to the next, which is …Grand Blue ! I’m looking forward to watching it, if it means shaking off the feelings I have currently.

See you in 6 hours!

*No screenshots this time since…there really isn’t one I can take without spoiling or anything.

First impressions: Overlord III

Kitsu link:

What an episode! This was pretty much the perfect episode to start off on and to “reset” all the tension and action that we stopped at during the ending of season 2.

The many different things that have happened during this one episode are mostly generally not that progressive in terms of overall plotline, but they all serve to further develop the many lovely characters in Overlord, especially our MC, Ainz, even further.

Furthermore, the way many things are being presented is just hilarious, and there’s definitely going to be memes about them next time.

overlord women's bath.PNG
The coolest way to declare a perverted action. We shall enter the women’s bath, FOR SCIENCE!

Next thing that has seen vast improvement is the art and animations. It seems that with each passing season, Madhouse is animating Overlord better and better. From the start, Overlord never had the same amazing animations as other series such as No Game No Life or Sora yori mo Tooi Basho, but that never stopped it from being good. And now, with the animations stepping up and actually started to look a little good for once, I have high hopes.

As for the music, it’s very surprising. I expected a great OxT opening song yet again, but instead, we were greeted with an opening song by MYTH&ROID, and OxT is doing the ending song instead. Well, not that I’m complaining, because they are both, yet again, as expected, amazing. The animations that paired up with the opening this time is probably the best we’ve seen yet, and I have to give props to Madhouse for that. Will probably be unskippable for me yet again…

overlord lip sync.PNG
The lip sync by Albedo and Shalltear was perfect! Gave me the chills…

Overall, I loved this episode, it may have been much more SOL focused compared to the action and politics heavy episodes that we ended S2 with, but it’s a welcome change of pace and entertaining as heck anyways.

Again, I recommend Overlord to basically anyone who doesn’t dislike isekai. If you haven’t seen it yet, go see it. If you have, watch this new season dammit!


First impressions rating: 9/10
Most impressive part: D…Did Ainz just get raped? The opening animations.

overlord rape.PNG
Goodness gracious! But then again, fans of the show pretty much had the same reaction when S3 was announced right after S2…Wait, that includes me. Shit.

Whoo! That was great, yet again! It seems that most of the picks in this season turned out to be good in their own right! Now, let’s see what’s next on my agenda!

OOOOOHHHH…It’s the original anime by P.A. Works, Sirius the Jaeger! I’m pumped for this! See you in 6 hours!

EDIT: …or so I would have. But of course, Netflix comes around and ruins the day~ Whoo! No decent fansubs this time round(as of time of writing) so uh…let’s wait till next time…;.;
To make up for it, I will do the next available anime instead: Happy sugar life. Yes, I skipped several because they aren’t available for viewing either…I really need to pick up Japanese.

First impressions: Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes

Kitsu link:

This was a pretty good first episode. What became clear at the end of it is that this anime will be one focused on mystery solving, a little dash of romance, and…appraising antiques.

On the topic of antiques, I really can’t understand half of what was being presented during the first episode so…I clearly can’t appreciate art properly. That said though, the art and animations of this first episode is pretty nice. The artstyle still looks like Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi to me, but…it’s not like it’s a bad thing.

Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes shop.PNG
Oh look, they sell and buy old stuff here. 

Either way, the plot so far is pretty interesting. While I am clearly not fit to say anything about antiques and such, the way it was presented was entertaining and engaging. Furthermore, the doses of mystery solving we’ve already gotten is already getting me hooked. This Tokyo(EDIT: Kyoto, I’m stupid) Holmes-san really caught my attention, and hopefully with the coming episode they will start solving bigger mysteries.

Overall, it seems like the plot really is similar to Hyouka or Gosick, since they are focused on solving mysteries. I like it, a lot. There’s also the ending song which was very nice, but the ending animations went the lazy route and was just a replay of certain moments during the episode. Not that I can blame them, but I really did expect a better ending to fit the good song…

I liked the way the series is going, and although the pacing is very slow as of now, it is pleasant and relaxing. I would recommend this anime to anyone that likes mystery solving types and doesn’t mind a slower paced anime.


First impressions rating: 7/10
Most impressive part: Figuring out everything about someone just by looking at them.

Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes holmessan.PNG
I smell it already. This man is going to be the husbando of the season for so many.

With that being over, it’s time to move on to the next. And what would be after that…?

Overlord III. YES. I’m so looking forward to this, and so far it seems that the opening song alone already generated lots of discussion. See you in 6 hours!

First impressions: Jashin-chan Dropkick

Jashin-chan Dropkick
Kitsu link:

Well, if I were to conclude this series in a nutshell in one sentence, it would be: Hilariously idiotic and being very self-aware at the same time.

But of course, I’m gonna go into more details now. First, I will have to talk about the pros.

The good parts of this anime is definitely the self-aware comedy and the character interactions. This appears to be another one of those episodic type of comedy, with reoccurring characters. The situations are very stupid, and the humour is very stupid, but at the same time, it is exactly this very self-aware stupidity throughout the show that made me laugh quite a bit. The characters are also constantly breaking through the 4th wall, which is refreshing.

jashin chan dropkick 4th wall break.PNG
Hint: It isn’t.

Another good part I can think of would be the opening and ending songs, and the animations that come with them. The opening and ending songs are really good, with the opening song being especially great. The opening animations is also currently the first opening to make me laugh out loud. Yes, I laughed at the opening animations.

jashin chan dropkick opening.PNG
Such a good opening.


But…that’s about all the good parts. Even with all the positives I’ve stated, there’s a number of negatives present throughout the show. The most obvious will be the weird thing where it seems they are continuing the anime from…somewhere, but we were given absolutely no context and just thrown into the fray right away. It makes us very lost and even by the end of the episode and through the preview of episode 2, it doesn’t look like they intend to give us the context or introduce any character properly. This means that we were never given a chance to know the characters, let alone begin to like them.

Now, that’s not the only problem here. The other problem seems to be that for some reason it seems that they have spent all their arts budget on that amazing PV, so that they no longer have the animation budget left for the actual anime, because as much as I want to defend a “simple artstyle”, they are just animating poorly here. I can see how much more charm it would have had if they just animated with more quality, but since they didn’t a lot of the scenes look…crude, or just looks as if they cut corners.

But…I have to say, overall, it was dumb, stupid, and full of flaws, but I was very entertained nonetheless. It’s different from Backstreet Girls’ WTF factor with the slideshows, in that the stupidity will probably make you laugh even if you don’t know why exactly you are laughing, and it’s probably worth a continued watch for now.

I wouldn’t exactly recommend this to anyone, unless you just want to laugh at stupid stuff. In which case, give Jashin-chan Dropkick a try!


First impressions rating: 6/10
Most impressive part: The 4th wall breaks and the stupid humour.

Jashin-chan Dropkick literally.PNG

Well, with Jashin-chan Dropkick done, it’s time to move on to the next anime!

And that would be…Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes. The Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi lookalike that seems to be similar to Hyouka and Gosick in terms of genres??

Well, whatever the case, I’ll be checking it out. See you in 6 hours!

First impressions: Hataraku Saibou

Hataraku Saibou
Kitsu link:

This is it. Humanity has achieved a new high–we can now lewd our very own blood cells. A M A Z I N G.

But for reals though, this was a very nice show. To put it simply, it’s the biology lesson I didn’t know I needed, but it’s one that is very welcome. Throughout my life, because of how I hated blind memorisation, biology has always been on the top of my hate list in terms of subjects due to just how much you have to memorise. But now, after watching this anime, my eyes has been opened, and I’ve realised how Biology can be so fun to some people.

Being a show about personafying cells, I half expected it to be full of fantasy and things, and true enough, it is, but everything is based on true facts(or at least it seems like so, can a Biology Major confirm the facts?). I liked how informative it was while still having an engaging story, and man…did they seriously get us to ship a red blood cell and a white blood cell?! And those blood platelets…SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!!!!
God, just the thought of having so many amazing things actually being inside my body makes me happy for some reason. Maybe it’s the thought of being amazing despite not actually being amazing? Hmm….

Hataraku Saibou that's adorable.PNG
My reactions exactly.

Oh, right, gotta review at the very least. Well, the art and animations is definitely good. David Production, as always, kept up their high quality animations for this series, same as their other series. I was half expecting a JoJo’s reference somewhere since it’s David Production, but I guess not…
The character designs are definitely great. They are great representations of the different types of cells we have, and I REALLY WANT TO CUDDLE THE PLATELETS, PLEASE.

As for the overall comedy/story/pacing, it’s great. Very engaging despite feeding us facts every now and then, and the humour is very on point. The VAs are also very good at their jobs, and the soundtrack is good.

Have I praised it enough yet? I think I’ve met the quota. Great.

Now, to end off, I believe this was a great first episode that made me chuckle at the simplest things we do, like sneezing, because of the way it was represented. Truthfully, this one episode alone already changed my perception of biology somewhat, and I believe if future episodes continue with this quality, I might just fall in love with my own body, quite literally.

I would recommend this to just about anyone that enjoys anime.


First impressions rating: 8/10
Most impressive part: The blood platelets. LOOK AT THEM AND TELL ME YOU DON’T WANT TO SPOIL THEM.

Hataraku Saibou blood platelets.PNG

And that’s the end of the first impressions. I’m going to need to calm down from the cuteness first before I begin another first episode, but let’s just see what’s next…

Oooh, Jashin-chan Dropkick! I’m looking forward to this. See you in 6 hours!