Pre season preview: Summer 2018

Pre-note before the actual post: So uh, this wasn’t the post I’ve been writing for a while. First actual post in more than a month, huh. Anyways, enjoy reading it, and hopefully I can finish up the other post soon™.
Also note that MAL has been having a lot of functionalities shut down for quite a while now, and it’s annoying the heck out of me. Finding information on shows is a little hard this time so I had to rely on instincts more than usual.
Second note, for more accurate synopsis and more updated information on anime, use instead, since MAL has been so broken recently. I actually base my synopsis reading from there instead of MAL, so note that in case there’s discrepancies.
Note 3 because I’m retarded and keep having to edit here to add more things: Anime that continues from Spring to Summer will have their due review in the End season review, and will be skipped here.
I swear this is the last note: @Moya is the kind soul who sat down with me this time as we both went through the list of anime for Summer. Usually I do it with friends but this time it’s different. Check out her blog here! I even made dumb errors such as thinking that next season was going to be Fall for some reason…oh the embarrassment when we had to backtrack…

zero two beach
Whoooo! Summer time! [Anime: Darling in the FranXX]

Spring season is coming to an end! I can’t really believe it, given the amount of good/mediocore shows we’ve had this season, but…the upcoming season is full of hope. Hope that once again, has lead me to try and watch them all…or most of them, at least. With ~25 shows on my list, and how hype and promising most of them look, I am looking forward to the summer season, and so should you.

Now, let’s dive right into it!(shit pun intended)

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Pre season preview: Spring 2018

hyouka spring
It’s time for anime to spam those sakura petals! [Anime: Hyouka]

The winter season is almost over. Along with it, the many good shows we’ve had this season. However, there is no need to fret! And the reason for that is pretty simple–the spring season is even more awesome! Why…? Well, after looking through all the shows available for next season and picking the ones I would like to watch…I realised I wanted to watch 23+ shows. It’s just that every show is promising and can be really good! Well, time to introduce these, and hopefully I can convert some of you to join me in this grand seasonal adventure for Spring!

Arrangements are in no particular order!

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Pre season preview: Winter 2018

erased winter.gif
Whoooooo! [Anime: Erased]

Fall 2017 is about to be over! As the final leaves fall down in certain parts of the world, we are transiting from one great season to another. 2018 will be the year of the sequels/continuations, as we are greeted by things such as Overlord S2, Boku no Hero Academia S3, One punch man S2, To Aru project 2018 and so much more. To start off the 2018 year however, we have the Winter 2018, which already has many good sequels as well as a lot of anime to watch out for. The potential is real here, and I’m here to give my thoughts on everything from next season that has caught my attention so far. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Arrangements are in no particular order.

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Pre season preview: Fall 2017

A banner I randomly made. Will make it more pretty looking when I get the time.

Fall is upon us soon! As the autumn leaves fall, we get yet another great season of anime right after the fun-filled summer season! Although I will only get busier due to circumstances mentioned in this post, I am still looking forward to being able to watch the shows! Hopefully, my selection will be able to guide some of you people who are still deciding on what to watch. Let’s get on with it!

This post is early because of non-procrastination. And it’s here because you people need something to read while I’m still busy! Yay!

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Pre season preview: Summer 2017

Summer season is here! And with it, comes a new wave of anime. Although next season may not be as filled as Spring, we still have some really good choices, and I am definitely looking forward to this second anime season that I’ll be following. So, here we go with the things I’ll be trying out next season! Hope you guys can get inspired by this and go watch some of these if they turn out to be good 🙂 Continue reading “Pre season preview: Summer 2017”