Ousama Game: When Where What Why Who How?

Just a simple post for me dropping Ousama Game.

MAL link: https://myanimelist.net/anime/36027/Ousama_Game_The_Animation

It began on a very interesting premise and in the genre I like the most: Death games, but I guess it just couldn’t hold it together and fell apart more and more as the episodes came along. The emotional impact they were going for just isn’t there and is laughable at best, the art and animation were average from the get go, and although the voice actors did do a pretty good job it just isn’t enough to carry the show.

The main reason why this show lost my interest is how they failed to answer these simple questions sometimes: the 5 Ws and 1 H. Who is that person to Nobuaki? Why did they do that? What are they trying to accomplish? How do they think they can accomplish something? The lack of thought in the plot coupled with seemingly extremely stupid characters literally desensitise you from their pitiful deaths, no matter how gruesome they are.
While I admit that having to literally sent your girlfriend to have sex with your best friend(who is knocked unconscious) is one of the most screwed up things I’ve seen in anime, the shock element just isn’t then when you know that the decisions they are making are simply stupid.

So yea, I dropped it out of lost interest, but this definitely isn’t a bad anime per say, it’s just average. Feel free to watch it if you like the idea of the show and don’t mind cringe-worthy moments coupled with stupid characters.

Final rating: 5/10
Verdict: “You are literally telling me to go die!”

Black Clover: The abysmal mess of a shoutfest

Never have I hated an anime studio so much before. However, Studio Pierrot managed to gain my hate due to how poorly they managed to handle Black Clover. Which is why, I have to do a rant on Black Clover the anime instead of simply a post on why I dropped it at episode 3.

Take note of the emphasis on Black Clover the anime, it will come into play later.

So, what exactly is Black Clover and what is it about?

Black Clover is a battle shounen series that focuses on the main protagonist, Asta, and his rival, Yuno, and their journey to become the magic emperor.


The general story plot does not really matter here(and I will not discuss it just yet), because in its very essence Black Clover is a battle shounen with fights coming one after another.

So…what exactly went wrong with Black Clover the anime, and why does it require me to do a rant post on it?(As if everyone else have not done one/multiple already)

Quite simply put…everything.

Noragami headache.gif
Where do I even begin… [Anime: Noragami]

Slight warning: minor spoilers ahead due to screencaps, but then again they didn’t adapt much in the first few episodes anyways so there really isn’t much to spoil.

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Milestone special post: Ranting on anything and everything

I’ve achieved a mini-milestone! Currently, my blog stands at 500+ unique views, nearly 250 visitors to this blog, close to 50 likes on my posts as well as 10 followers! The numbers might be trivial, and I might seem like a dumbass doing this, but I feel like I should. After all, this blog started as a random thing for my friends at first, and somehow became a hobby of mine! Continue reading “Milestone special post: Ranting on anything and everything”

Oops, I seem to have dropped something…oh, it’s Clockwork Planet


Oh look, the anime. Which anime? Clockwork Planet. I really don’t have much to say. This was just a big disappointment and a general waste of my time. Horrible characters, barely entertaining if at all plot, weird humour sense, art and animation that is below average, blah blah blah. This anime felt as if it was made for children, not something for general consumption. Whelp, more details in the stats and ratings below.

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I regret watching Sakurada Reset


Annnnnnd there’s the third drop of the season. I really was not expecting to drop this, and I didn’t want to either. But I truly could not stand this anime anymore. Sakurada Reset had so much potential, not just in terms of the world building, but also in terms of interesting characters and possible plot. And it did live up to its potential, albeit a little bit. It had very nice and consistent animations combined with good soundtrack and music, and it managed to do the world setting properly. It even had good characters along with character developments. But, here is where it went wrong. It got bland. The story telling method, like I have mentioned before, is really bad. Like, extra-ordinarily bad. It was horribly boring as well as slow paced, making me feel like stopping everytime I’m halfway through the episode. As such, this anime had been pretty much a waste of time to me, and I realised after I dropped it that I really didn’t get that much enjoyment from this series at all. Therefore, I have dropped it. Continue reading “I regret watching Sakurada Reset”

Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho bores me


Whelp, I’ve dropped it. Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho had potential, but it decided to not expand upon it, instead giving us boring exposition, typical plot and generally not an enjoyable experience. Maybe to some it was pretty ok, but at the end of episode 5 I was pretty convinced that this anime was not for me. Boring and predictable plot, characters getting little to no character development, as well as many unexplained mysteries that they simply left hanging without making me want to know more about just makes this anime a waste of time to continue watching. Thus, it is dropped. Continue reading “Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho bores me”

Trickster is beyond saving


So, before I start, let me just get the details out first. Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo “Shounen Tanteidan” yori (or Trickster for short) was an anime from Fall/Winter 2016 that I watched and eventually dropped while it was still airing. It was possibly the biggest disappointment that I’ve had so far, in which the expectations from seeing the plot and what the anime presents at first completely falls short later on and in the case of Trickster, it went on to become absolute trash. This post will be a rant on Trickster, what it could and should have been, and what it actually became. There will be heavy spoilers ahead since I will need to reveal the contents of the show in order to rant about it and as such consider this a spoiler warning to stop reading if you haven’t and want to watch this show. Continue reading “Trickster is beyond saving”

Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai is not my cup of tea


I have dropped Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai. It has many good things, such as a really good soundtrack as well as really nice animations, but its story seems to be purely promoting more and more ecchi things as well as being close to hentai overall. As such, I will not be watching Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai anymore and have decided to drop it after the 3rd episode. I only ever decided to watch 3 episodes just to see if it has actual plot advancements etc. but it only seems to be “plot” advancements. This anime was not my cup of tea, and it is dropped from my list of currently watching anime now. Continue reading “Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai is not my cup of tea”