Demon Sayer Corps(collab)[And announcements]: Kimetsu no Yaiba Ep2: Obligatory training arc

Hello my lovely people! Obviously, before I officially start the post, I need to address some things.

First would be the fact that my blog got to 100 followers! Whoo!

umaru celebrations
Obligatory himouto gif.

I’m honestly very thankful to all of you, and I never thought this would happen, really. Someone like me, who takes ages to get even one post out still have people who want to read what I write. I hope I’ll continue to write enjoyable posts for you to read.
*It’s also the 2nd year anniversary of the blog, mini-celeberation whoo…
**If you were expecting more from the celebrations, I’m sorry. I really can’t think of anything unique to write for now. When I think of it, I’ll make a seperate post for you all to enjoy.

And second, is going to be addressing the collab. I know, we are late and yada yada, but it really can’t be helped. Just trying to get a collab with Astral going alone is tough, imagine doing it with 4 people. The situation this time is–Astral is still in a bad condition due to his neck, and Moya went to a certain place for a vacation and didn’t get wifi……and then she got an eye surgery as well, which is why she is not participating in this particular episode.
If you were me you would be shouting “WHY THE HECK IS HALF THE COLLAB GETTING SURGERIES AND SHIT” But well we pushed this out in the end so eh, forgive us please?
And yes, if you are reading the actual collaboration contents after this, Astral did not participate in the discussions at all. ;/

Anyways, that’s about all the stuff out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff already, geez.


Purple: Aria/Magicconan [link to blog]
Red: Moya Haha good joke she’s not here amirite hehe…kill me  [link to blog]
Blue: That one Astral boy [link to blog]
Green: Me, of course
Black: Also me, but right now instead of in the past.

1. What are your general thoughts on this episode?[Mandatory]

Very nice ~ ufotable is doing god’s work again, and I am thoroughly impressed and entertained. And of course, all the events that happened in this episode felt like ages ago…(maybe because it was ages ago?)

Same thoughts as last time, really…good job for a good source material, but the CGI is still kinda obvious. Zooming out doesn’t fool me, Ufotable…!

I thought it was a great episode. As always, the visuals are fantastic, the OST is great, very reminiscent of Fate and Kara no Kyoukai. The CGI was pretty well done this episode, though, as always, Ufotable are masters of disguising CGI.


  • I think Aria is alone this time. Heh. プライアジムさん大勝利!
  • (I’ll have you know I pride myself on my uniqueness of opinion, thanks.)

2. Did the episode fit your expectations, and in which ways did it differ from it?(If it does) [Mandatory]

Definitely. First, the use of 3DCGI was much less obvious this time, as expected, seems snow scenes are definitely the culprit. Second, the OST was a really awesome blend between traditional instruments and modern music styles, as I would have wanted, and finally, the camera angle, ways action scenes worked, how the general flow went, all definitely reminds me of Fate no matter whichever we look at. Of course, it’s still Kimetsu no Yaiba, but the general good vibes and amazement you would feel from watching Fate is present.

Pretty much. Again, this is stuff I’ve seen in the manga, with the addition of cool angles on the dodging of the traps, the wisps to visually convey the smells and better conveying of Nezuko’s size-changing ability (that’s 3 differences…which is, admittedly, more than episode 1’s 2 differences).

So good. I came into this series really hoping for a great action shounen show, and this definitely doesn’t disappoint. The little fun, comedic moments interspersed throughout the episode help break up some of the darker tones, and the story, while seemingly progressing pretty quickly, flows really well so far. Really looking forward to what’s next.


  • Aria actually reminded me, I don’t actually remember too many details of the front chapters anymore, mostly because of how deep I am in, but seeing her compare the differences just made me appreciate the episode more. And Astral’s comments were good as well, reminded me of when I first started reading the manga.

3. What do you expect to happen from here on out?(and why) [Mandatory]

Oh, after this it’s going to be *spoiler* and then *more spoilers* and Tanjiro is going to *does this remind you of Endgame spoilers perhaps?* and *bleep* is going to *bleep*. Overall, there’s going to be much more of *bleep* and you might just *I’ll get mobbed if I show this*.

I know what I know of the source material is going to run out sooner or later, so lemme talk about my expectations in the long run…Urokodaki trains Tanjiro, we run into Giyu Tomioka again and those guys from the OP appear (because let’s face it, this OP probably spoils a bunch of stuff). I mean, I already know from ANN the pig-headed guy’s name is Inosuke, so if we’re not all like Ply and censoring everything (which is no fun), I’m going to learn spoilers just from seeing these characters animated.

I’d love to see Tanjiro and Nezuko learning and growing as the series progresses. I’m already a fan of these characters, so i’m looking forward to what abilities they learn, and the growth they experience over the course of the series.


  • Look, if I didn’t censor the stuff you probably would have killed me, along with a bunch of other anime-onlys. As for your comments on the OP Aria, that applies to almost every opening, haha.

4. Which scene got the most reaction out of you? (If any at all)

Nezuko kicking the demon’s head off. If J-League is looking for more star players they know who to look for 😉

The next-ep preview. I skipped it last time, so I didn’t expect it to be voiced manga panels like a 2.5D manga.

Chibi Nezuko!! So adorable!!!


  • Yes, the next-ep preview was amazing this time.

5. Which character did you like the most this episode? Have they done anything in particular/changed?

Our boy Tanjirou. He’s such a good boy. I just want to pet him sometimes.

For some reason, I interpret the entire demon fight from this episode as comedic (even when I read the manga), so…Weird Head Demon it is. I mean, the entire scenario is kinda stupid because his head has arms and yet when he needed them, he didn’t use them…and that’s what got him stuck.

Urokodaki (is that his name?) was cool. Very mysterious, and leaves me wondering at the reason behind his mask. That said, he seems pretty brutally competent and generally awesome, so i’m looking forward to seeing more of him.


  • The demon essentially grew arms but he needed to use them to walk, hence why he used his hair instead. And I assume when he controlled his hair he ceased to to able to uh…control his arms properly? It’s like how if you use your right arm to do something enough you won’t think to use your left arm to do the same thing if you can’t use your right arm. Maybe.

6. What’s the high point of the episode for you and why? [Mandatory]

This might be a weird choice but Nezuko popping her head out of the ground at the start instantly got my mind into overdrive thinking about how that is the perfect image for a discord emote. She’s so cute. Oh, and I forgot to mention this earlier, but we got to take a look at the ending. It’s great! Unique aesthetics as well as a good song, and honestly more Fate vibes. And of course, the preview section was really well done as well with the Taisho secrets being mixed into it.(Taisho secrets is a section in the bonus chapters of the manga where they deliver some interesting but out of main plot stuff)

Again, demon fight. It gave me a gem of a comment in my notes: “When all you have is a hatchet…use your head. (LOL)”

I’m gonna say either the shy Nezuko hiding in the hole, or the trap scene. On one hand, nezuko is just so cute. On the other hand, though, I loved the animation and cinematics used in that trap scene, it was just so epic looking.


  • *cough* Astral copied me again *cough* Also, I like how fixated Aria is on Tanjirou’s head…has she discovered a new fetish?
  • Hey! A few questions back, it was the demon’s head. This is the first time I’ve mentioned Tanjiro’s (I went and checked with Ctrl + F).
  • So it’s true…you like heads.
  • Talking about heads doesn’t necessarily mean you have a fetish for them. In this case, I don’t, at least.

7. What can be improved in this episode and why? (a.k.a low point) [Mandatory]

Could use more action but eh, we’re just at the start, no rush for that yet. I’ll wait for when the action picks up.

This ep is very much set-up. I know it’s not “entire training arcs” bad, but it’s the worst you can get for 2 eps’ worth of content…(then again, it comes with the territory.)

The one thing i didn’t really understand is why Nezuko suddenly passed out and was unconscious at the end of the episode. She went from climbing back in the basket to being asleep, and it doesn’t seem to make much sense…


  • …you’ll see Astral, you’ll see.

8. Pick a situation from this episode. If you were put in this situation, how would you have handled it?

If I were in Urokodaki’s place, since I don’t know what training Giyu’s been put through and thus trust the guy less than the real Urokodaki would, I’d probably disregard the letter and mind my own business. I know that’s a bit of a copout since we’ll probably see Giyu’s training later, but that’s my answer at this stage.


  • I didn’t really think of anything this time so I left it blank, but look, Aria answered! Yay! And she wanted to not care about something that happened? :think:
  • Well, not doing something is a choice as well.

9. Most beautiful scene?(screenshot) [Mandatory]


I have found another desktop wallpaper. This is beautiful. (There’s another one for when they come back from mid-episode break)

(Cue snark:

Anyways, the real answer would be this:
ooyt9saI just really like how the moon is framed by the trees.


Gotta be this scene. Watching Nezuko just kick the dude’s head off weas equal parts hilarious and epic.


  • *For context, that is my discord avatar.
  • I was laughing real hard when I gave Tatsumaki the command to make that meme ( t!beautiful Plyasm ). Can you tell?

10. In 10 words, summarise what you want to say about this episode. (A good joke question?) [Could also be a haiku or other things of that creative nature, Mandatory]

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Tanjirou is indecisive,

And I am t-wait, should I really do this joke? Maybe I should have just stuck with the 10 words summary, hmmm.

Long path to slaying

Starts with trip down the mountain –

“Don’t lose your way, boy!”

(…this haiku’s syllables seems a bit more forced in comparison to the last one, huh?)

The only thing better than an imouto is an imouto you can fit into a backpack…


  • I don’t understand how haikus work so I’ll just say my poem was better this time than Aria’s haiku.
  • *shrugs shoulders* English in a Japanese artform is kinda unwieldy, especially considering “Tanjiro” is 3 syllables, “Urokodaki” is 5 (“Sakonji” is 3), “Kamado” is 3 (so “the Kamado siblings” is a 5 syllable line) and “Nezuko” is 3 – basically, I’m listing these to prove you end up forcing words to work. “Giyu” is 2 though, so that’s kinda easier to use…
  • …Also, I wanted to make a Kill la Kill pun here somewhere, but I haven’t watched KlK (blame licensing for that) and the passerby’s line doesn’t really match the KlK line anyway, so my joke was rendered moot.

And that’s about it for this episode of Kimetsu no Yaiba. I hope you enjoyed reading, and I’m really out of time(because I’m writing this post last minute because I was busy), so…

See y’all next(soon)! The next one will probably be posted by Aria.

Minor updates

In case you are wondering: “Where the heck is the collaboration post from Plyasm and Astral?

The answer is: The idiot gone and got himself a concussion. We will probably only resume it next week with a double post.

Even when he’s recovering, he’s still playing Monster Hunter World. Unsalvagable.

So yea, show some love to Astral while he recovers, and eagerly await the next post, I suppose.

Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait.

I apologise on behalf of that idiot.

made in abyss bow
Anime: Made in Abyss

Tidying up

What a mess. [Anime: One punch man]

Hawwo, it’s the loser that didn’t post for way too long here.

Imagine having drafts that are over a year old. Imagine having drafts that are going to be TWO years old.

Of course, you all are not procrastinating as hard as me (I hope). Still, my point is pretty clear–that these posts are going to have to come out sometime.
And that sometime is soon™.
Don’t quote me on this though, because I’m honestly scared at this point that my procrastination will come haunt me again. Plus, I think you are all immune to my “soon” at this point since….usually it doesn’t come at all.

Either way, I’ll be trying to finish some of the drafts I started while having the ongoing collaboration with Astral. Hopefully I can get them done and they can actually see the light of day.

Other news and situations.
Anime watching, not going so well. Doubt I’ll have enough time to consume all the anime I want AND game AND do my real life.
Last season, same thing.
I am now on Tapas! My stories have published there, and there’s also an ongoing story. Although…I recently lost my editor, so I doubt I can make any progress on it anytime soon. 😦
If you do want to see the stories and show support though, the link is here.
And…that’s about all, to be honest. Hope you all enjoy reading the stuff I’ll be putting out. (Yes, this includes the collaboration between Astral and me, the next post is coming really soon so look forward to that.)


Collaboration: Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 1: Start of the legend

Hello, everyone!

It’s me! I’m finally back!

…you still remember me right? I haven’t faded into obscurity yet, right?


oreigairu teehee hachiman
Tee hee ekse dee~ [Anime: Oreigairu]

*cough* Back on topic. So Astral and I decided to do a collaboration together for this season. The initial idea what to do Shield Hero and 1 other show. After much discussion, we decided to do Dororo since the summary looking interesting. (And boy did we make the right choice)

So yup. The post of the first episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero(Kitsu Link) is on me, while the post for the first episode of Dororo is with Astral. So if you want to check that out as well, head over there via this link. (Check it! Please do! Dororo was amazing!)

This is going to be a rotation, meaning I would get the second episode of Dororo, and Astral will do the second episode of Shield Hero, and so on. (If you are just here to look at Astral’s words, they’ll be here, be patient)

Anyways, let’s get to the episode review ~

First up, there’s a set of common questions that we decided that we have to answer.
Before you check it though, let’s keep a “Astral is a copycat” counter, shall we?
Astral is a copycat counter: 0
Now, let’s begin!
Me of the past
The copycat
Me of the futurepresent

  1. What are your general thoughts for this episode?
    It was an great episode for me. The animations, voice acting and soundtrack are all on par with Made in Abyss’ so far, and that is great news, since it is literally being done by the same studio, Kinema Citrus.
    Kitsu link for Made in Abyss

    Generally, since I’ve read the manga, I already know what to expect, but this brings back a lot of memories about the start. Very nice.
    I have been following this series for so, so long. I started when it was still releasing as a webnovel, and i’ve watched it grow into a light novel series, and now an Anime. And I must say… I’m not disappointed. The show looks GORGEOUS, for starters. The music and the voice acting is on point as well; Kinema Citrus really knows what they’re doing. I’m super excited to get Raphtalia into the story as well, seeing as she’s got the same seiyuu as Mai-san from last season. Considering Naofumi is voiced by the same seiyuu as Sakuta, we already know they have chemistry, so i’m looking forward to seeing how they interact.

    Even though I have no idea who this “Mai-san” is, I can tell he’s about as happy as I am, just that he used…bigger words. I hope most of you(yes you, readers! I CRAVE your comments) enjoyed it as much as we did and are also looking for more.
  2. Did the episode fit your expectations, and in which ways did it differ from it?(If it does)
    Yep, it not only fit my expectations, it far exceeded them! I might just be biased, but come on, who can deny the general goodness of this first episode. What’s more, it’s a 50 minute special!

    You know, I was expecting it to be good, and it sure didn’t disappoint. And to have a 50-minute first episode just to get us right into the thick of things… very, very good choice. It really brought back the way I felt when I first read the webnovel so many years ago… the nostalgia is so, so good.
    Other than adding an extra sentence, I think we can all agree that Mr. Astral here did a little…borrowing yea? Heh.
    Astral is a copycat counter: 1
  3. How does this episode compare to the source material?
    Plyasm: I feel like there’s some differences to the manga, but then again, the manga isn’t the source, the web novel and light novel(probably light novel) are the sources. The one thing I felt was different was probably the scene where the 4 heroes all come together to match their general facts? Although, it might just be my memory failing me, I don’t quite remember that scene happening in the manga. Maybe it’s a manga only thing, maybe it’s an anime only thing, either way, it differs in that aspect.
    (My memory is not reliable, at all)
    Astral: This has got to be one of the best adaptations I’ve seen, at least in recent years. Not only is the overall quality outstanding, but it follows the original story extremely well, bringing back the same feelings I felt during my first reading of the story. The intro was absolutely spot-on.
    Nothing much to say here. If there’s avid readers of the light novels out there, what did YOU think of the adaptation of the source? I’m interested, since I’ve never read the light novel myself.
  4. Which scene do you think other people would react to differently?
    Definitely the entire transformation of Naofumi. The entire….fiasco before his transformation aside, I’m sure many people would be thinking that Naofumi’s change to a much more mean, realist person is jarring and just done “for the edge”. To me, it’s quite natural as an effect of what has happened to him.
    I’m gonna agree with Ply here. I know the internet has definitely taken up the betrayal scene as a new point of controversy, but honestly, I’ve always felt like it was pretty fitting. I mean, Naofumi is a pretty trusting, kindhearted guy at the start, which makes the betrayal only cut deeper. And really… there are definitely plenty of scummy people out there who won’t hesitate to lie for their own gain, so it’s not even that unrealistic, either.
    This is what it is. 😉
    Astral is a copycat counter: 2
  5. Which character did you like the most this episode? Have they done anything in particular/changed?
    As of this episode, it would be Naofumi. His realisation, from an otaku drunk on the ecstasy of a new world, to when reality hit him, really drove him the meaning of “character development”. Isekais might not be as idealised as we made it out to be.
    Well, Naofumi is really the only character we’ve gotten to know particularly well, so… I choose the Weapon Shop Owner. Yeah, that’s right. Branching out here a bit. Anyways, he plays a very important role in the story. He’s the only person who doesn’t blindly listen to rumors, and treats Naofumi as a human, the only person to show him kindness in his lowest point. It’s fair to say… he may have saved Naofumi, in the end.
    Astral is a copycat coun-
    Oh wait, he didn’t actually copy me this time? Interesting…
    But I guess his choice was pretty top notch. Smith Bro ❤
  6. What’s the high point of the episode for you and why?

    When “that” happened. When Naofumi was hit over the head by the hopes and dreams that he have had, which promptly knocked him out completely, and threw him into the valley of despair. The hints were all there throughout the episode, but Naofumi was too blind and naive. Poor boy.
    Obviously the high point is the betrayal. It’s one of the driving forces of the episode, and the series as a whole. The emotional beating that Naofumi takes during this is immense, and affects him almost permanently. It’s a very important part of the story, and they did it right.Astral is a copycat counter: 3
    You know, even if you paraphrase my points, it’s still my points. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. What can be improved in this episode and why? (a.k.a low point)
    If I really had to pick, it would probably be the pacing somewhat. Just a very small nitpick, I feel the pacing is just a tiny bit too fast. Maybe show more of the transition parts? It’s hard to pick out faults from this episode, ok!?
    A low point… Was there one? This was a really good episode. If I had to pick one thing specifically… I honestly can’t think of much. I’m copping out.
    *sigh* I guess I’ll add a counter for this as well.
    Astral is a cop out counter: 1
    Jokes aside, I think we are both probably wearing rose-tinted glasses for Shield Hero, since we like the series a lot. If you feel like there’s something that can be improved, let me know in the comments below.(In case you still don’t get it at this point, yes, I WANT YOUR COMMENTS)
  8. What situation/decision/action is the most relatable to you in this episode and why?
    Relatable, huh…probably Naofumi’s naivity as well as the other heroes’ misunderstanding of Naofumi, to be honest. Dunno why, but I feel like I’ll make the exact same mistakes as them if this were to happen to me.
    Naofumi’s anger. I think he was justifiably extremely upset by the betrayal, and constant poor treatment by everyone. At times when I’ve felt betrayed by people I trusted, I’ve also been extremely angry and bitter… I relate to that a lot.
    Well, I would be surprised if…elements of my answer were to show up in Astral’s. I mean, it says relatable to you, and I’m not him, so…yea.
    OR AM I????(cue illuminati music)
  9. Pick a situation from this episode. If you were put in this situation, how would you have handled it?
    The accusations part. I would have gotten myself killed after getting angry, no joke.
    I really think that I would have acted pretty similarly to Naofumi in that situation. I’ve never been one to sit by quietly and let my name be defamed… probably not the best of traits, as it’s gotten me into trouble on multiple occasions.
    Astral is a copycat counter: 4
    Geez, stealing the same situation as me, eh? To be honest, I was deciding between the accusations and the shop haggling part for this. And by shop haggling, I meant Naofumi teaching the merchant a lesson with balloons.(Now that I see this, I feel like that was a weird sentence)
  10. Most beautiful scene?(screenshot)



True love

Shield Bro x Smith Bro ❤
JK, it’s probably this:

I really am a real sucker for these scenary shots.

I have to say though, there really a lot of screensaver worthy screenshots that can be made from just this episode.Kinema Citrus sure knows how to do that.
This is my favorite screenshot from this first episode. The solitary figure, in the fog and rain, struggling just to kill the weakest monster. It was very well-delivered and I enjoyed it a lot.

Very nice. Another desktop picture it is.


Well, I be damned. He really chose a nice screenshot. I was actually also deciding between this scene or the plains scene, but I figured I liked the overview better than the solitary forest.


And thus we end!
Spectacular! Here’s the counter tallies:

Astral is a copycat counter: 4
Astral is a cop out counter: 1

Tsk, tsk. I expected more from you, Astral. This was fun though….both to watch and to write about. It’s good to expand my blogging brain for the first time in….6 months(sorry)
Right. Here’s some other thoughts I had that couldn’t really fit into the common questions.

For one, Kevin Penkin is now my second favourite OST composer. Besides the god Sawano Hiroyuki, of course. He really outdid himself with the soundtrack of Shield Hero. It gave the proper feelings that the shield hero was feeling throughout the episode. From happiness and joy, to a sense of urgency when he woke up, up till the extreme betrayal and loss of faith in humanity.

And for two…did you know? The voice actor of the kirito look-alike loner who plays a VRMMO is Harem King Matsuoka?! What a perfect choice, and an amazing reference to…a certain anime. Did you also know? The voice actor of the Smith Bro is the same as the voice actor of Agil?
Illuminati actually confirmed??

shield illuminati.PNG

With that said, I’ve been hyped for shield hero’s rise, and now he is, finally rising up!
Let us all enjoy the future Rising of the Shield Hero! (HEH PUN INTENDED I’M SO GOOD)

Can’t wait for more.

See you all in the next post!

-A totally not Astral Plyasm

Hai domo, virtual blogger Plyasm here

*Don’t mind me copying Kizuna Ai here~

And today is my birthday! Yay! Happy birthday to me!

That post from Moya came as a surprise to me. [Anime: ERASED]

I didn’t actually write this post on my birthday itself, that would be stupid. The time of writing this is the 7th, a day before my birthday.

But eh, it’s been a while since my last update post hasn’t it. Didn’t even feel that long. And well, it’s been a while since my last anything. Hope all of you enjoyed your time without my presence, because your happy times won’t last for much longer, heheh.

umaru smug.PNG
Kukuku…[Anime: Himouto! Umaru-chan R]

On a more serious note, this is obviously an update post and I need to update everyone on what has happened so far and why exactly I have disappeared…or would I?

Let’s just say, I’ve been pretty busy with quite a lot of things in real life. Yes. That is absolutely the reason why I haven’t been posting and not procrastination. Yes.

Now excuse me while I go back to my gam-I mean writing the next post. Yes.

Alright. Truth be told, I have yet to even touch the Fall season. I might sometime soon, but there’s enough things on my back burner as it is. First impressions are going to be important, but they are going to be so late I wonder if anyone will even bother to read them at that point. And probably a preview to let people know what I think are interesting and what are not.

I’ve just fallen behind incredibly at this point, both in terms of anime and post writing. I do have a lot of ideas, but I just can’t seem to find the time and drive to write it.

And yea, that’s about it for this status update. I really don’t have much to say, nor do I have excuses. I can only say sorry if you have been looking forward to my content. Although, I won’t know whether you enjoy my posts. Only you know.

Now, before I end this post off, I have to say that what dragged me to write this post was Moya and Yomu’s collaboration on a song, in which she called me out for having a birthday. She is wrong on the date but, she’s close enough. And I figured since you all know the rough time range anyways, I might as well come out about it.

And of course, I have to thank everyone for wishing me a happy birthday. I don’t exactly celebrate or ….care about birthdays much for that matter, but thank you. I received your thoughts and that’s good enough.

See you around in the next post…whenever that is.

-A now closer to death by one year Plyasm


First impressions: Island(and small announcements)

BEFORE I begin this post, here’s some announcements.

First is the obvious. The first impressions flood will now begin, and yes, it’s 6 hours per post. The order will be based on the order of release as per shown by’s a pretty good website!)

Second…well, MAL has been disgusting for the past month. They STILL have not fixed their shit, and it’s forcing me to migrate to a new platform because there’s no freaking way I’m gonna manually update anime that I’ve watched episode by episode. (Background:the software I’m using, Taiga, uses the MAL API in order to automatically update anime as I watch. It’s hyper helpful for someone like me who watch a lot and is lazy. The API got disabled due to the site having security problems along with a lot of other functions, and till now it’s not back, and it’s been causing me so much problems.) I spent an hour and 30 mins and managed to migrate my entire MAL account to by hand(because list exporting is broken, GOD DAMMIT MAL), and I’m now hooked up to using my Taiga. So yup. Now, I’ll be using and as a result all future links to anime data/information will be linked towards’m not going to update the previous ones, I’m not insane enough to do that since I link all the time)
*As I’m editing this post I’ve realised how much I ranted on this. My bad.
** link for my profile:, go ahead and add/follow me!

That is all. For now, enjoy the post!

Kitsu link:

Alrighty. I have to say, this was a really good first impression that this anime gave me. From the way the genre tags and synopsis looked, I was already expecting quite a big mystery. But what I underestimated going into this anime, was how compelling it was.

Throughout the entire first episode, I found myself being very entranced by the mysteries presented, as well as the ways the characters acted. It was obvious from the start that this island isn’t as simple as it looks, but the things that have happened are still quite interesting and I really just want to find out why exactly do certain characters do some things.

That aside, I think the art and animations are really nice so far. As expected of studio feel., they manage to really make the island come to life and be mysterious even though it looks to be just a remote type of island. The character designs are pretty OK too, although it seems that it’s more towards a lolicon-bait type.

island flat chest.PNG
That’s him officer! Take him away!

Another good point I want to point out from this first episode has to be the music. The insert song sang by the VA was amazing and so far the use of background sounds/tracks is pretty on point as well, with each “weird” action being highlighted by a change/stop in the music.

That said, it can also be noted that the pacing for this anime feels slightly faster than it should for a mystery show, so it’s something to take note of. I do have trust in studio feel. to get the pacing and everything right, but if there’s rushing or slowdowns along the way it’s pretty noticable.

I do have to point out though that I definitely have a bias here, since time travelling as a subgenre/subject is very interesting to me. Hopefully it’s interesting to you people too, and as of the first episode alone, I can say that it’s a recommendation from me.


First impressions rating: 8/10
Most impressive part: Suspense and the built up tension in spite of peaceful atmosphere.

With that, the first first impressions has come to an end. See you in 6 hours, and the next anime I shall reveal is…Hanebado! Whoop! I can’t wait till I can share my reactions on that.

Hai Hai Plyasm-desu.

kazuma pose.gif
Trying to find a not-so-ero-gif of this man is so hard…[Anime:Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!]

So uh…very obviously, if Ply makes a post last minute with a weird title, it’s gotta be an update post announcing that something will be delayed, right?

Well shit, you’ve got me all figured out now.

But wait, before you raise your pitchforks even more, let me say my piece first. Yes, it’s correct, this is an update post, but the content is a little different…

So first I would like to explain why in the world I’m delaying something and what I’m delaying in the first place…the end season review. It’s getting delayed, yes.

But it’s because I don’t really have time to finish all the anime from this season, I swear!
*Shortage of time may or may not be due to be gaming too hard and procrastinating.

H-Hey, just look at this for a second…I tried my best, OK. I’ve been binge watching them one by one to try to catch up to speed, but I really had some important things going on so it’s not exactly all sunshine and flowers for me either.

anime watch list spring.PNG
I…really tried ;.;

But yup, with things as they are, I wouldn’t be able to release end season review on time….yet again. It will come eventually.

Another thing I need to announce is the complete scrapping of mid season reviews. I’m sorry if some of you enjoyed it, but I realised just how little value it has since I’m gonna be doing a whole overview in end season reviews anyways soooo…
Also, there’s the case of my wanting to write individual anime reviews and stuff for quite a bit now, but filling my schedule with a mid season review in the middle really hinders things. So now, here’s my renewed schedule(which I can hopefully keep to):
First impressions flood -> Whatever posts I want to write -> Pre-season preview for next season -> End season review -> next season

So…yup. That’s about it. Also, be ready for the first impressions flood as always, since summer starts tomorrow and I’m watching a heckton of anime.

….what? There’s nothing left, shoo shoo.
W-what? Wait, we can make a deal, please put down the pitchforks!!


A little update post that you all deserve.

Well, I haven’t posted anything new for a while, despite saying multiple times that I have big posts incoming that I’ve been writing. So, what gives?

Basically, I’ve been in pretty much an emotional and psychological slump. A lot of pretty much bad things have been happening and each time it just hits me harder. I almost felt like I was going to lose it eventually, but luckily, with great friends such as the lovely folks over at the Anibloggers Coalition server and others, I recovered.

Well, sort of. I don’t think I’ll be in the mood to write for quite a while(depends). So, till then.

Apologies to anyone who wanted to read more. This is truly my fault.

nichijou rain
Oh, life, why must you be so….dumb. [Anime: Nichijou]

P.S: Nope, I have not been watching anime. Was not in the mood for that either.

1 year anniversary special post: Reviewing…my own blog.

umaru celebrations
Whoooooooooo! Party! [Anime: Himouto! Umaru-chan]

When I nonchalantly opened up WordPress in my browser, the last thing I expected was for WordPress to congratulate me on the anniversary of my account/blog. And well, they did. For all the shitty sides of WordPress, they at least remember when is the anniversary.

So, what did I do after seeing the notification? Of course, I decided on something that no one else has done before: a post to celebrate the anniversary. I’m such a genius.

Jokes aside, as I sat here thinking of what in the world I could do as a post, instead of just making it a celebrations post that is bland and boring, my mind clicked and I thought up this brilliant idea of actually doing a review of my own blog. Sure, I claim to live for entertainment and I just want to make entertaining posts, but how entertaining are my posts exactly? That is a question that I will try to analyse with this post, so sit tight and let’s get right into it!

Let’s travel back all the way to the beginning… [Anime: Kyoukai no Kanata]


Wow. My first ever post. A very notwell put together 3 lines that basically introduces what I wanted to write about in the blog as I first started…before I started getting liabilities and things, of course. There really isn’t much to talk about here, other than how embarrassed I am that I am actually digging this up…

ebina embarassed
Everyone’s gotta have a beginning, OK? [Anime: Himouto! Umaru-chan]

Entertainment: 0/10 (Come on, it’s just an introductory post…)


<<Anime first impressions: Alice to Zourokou>>

Oh. Oh my. Oh my goodness. Please, just get this out of my face. It’s…so…UGLY!!!!!

The formatting of the post is ugly! The way I rated it is ugly! The way I evaluated everything is ugly! Everything is just so…fugly!!

Bleh….[Anime: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works]

But then again, it was truly the start of something special for me. Back then, all I did was to copy paste what I wrote to my friends a little, added some more things, and posted it out as a first impressions. After all, it was only meant to be shared to my friends, and my aesthetics sense is not the best.(It is still very shit to this day.)

The first impressions series ended up being a staple for me, and I did it for any anime from a new season. It might not mean much nowadays, since the first impressions of an anime really doesn’t mean much, but it’s just good to have and I will probably continue to do it just for the sentimental value.

On the topic of the post itself…the way I wrote was very different back then. It was amateurish, and well, full of subjective views(I’m totally an objective blogger by the way.)

Entertainment: 3/10 (Darn. There really is 0 attractiveness to my writing back then.)

You know what, let’s skip several posts that are very similar to get to more important ones where changes occur. It’s a bunch of first impressions on anime from that season back then, and they are more or less the same. Of course, they all had the very nice grand total of 0 likes and 0 comments.


<<Anime special reviews: Alice to Zourokou(Ep 2)>>

What is…what?? I called this a special review????? Nani?!

お前わもう死んでいる! [Anime: Eromanga-sensei]

But really though. I cannot believe my eyes as I read this…it’s just so bad!

While I understand my own sentiments back then for creating this special post, just calling it a special review in the title in the first place is already failing in all sorts of places. Who’s going to click on a “special review” that doesn’t even briefly touch on what whatever it’s going to review on?

Oh…right…I didn’t actually review it either…. then why the heck did I even write the post?????????

And oh god, the special counters at the bottom. Why. Just why. Why did I rely on these useless numbers so much. “Joke counters”? Which part of this is funny?

While I’m happy that this post is the start of a series of special reviews that eventually became much more convoluted and defined, reading this back just feels so bad…

Entertainment: Cringe/10


<<Anime first impressions: Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho>>

Not much has changed since my first impressions. In fact, almost nothing changed except that I’ve gotten much lazier at writing this one since it was really late into the season that Zero kara started up. So, why would I pull this one up then?

Well, it is my first post ever to get a confirmation of sorts from other people. And yes, I’m going to drag you out again, Sam. It was your first ever like (you were even my first follower!) that suddenly woke me up. “Right, my writing can be seen by other people on the internet too, not just my friends. Maybe I should start trying to write better so other people will enjoy my posts?” It was that at moment that a thought as such finally started running through my head.

I thank all of you nowadays who regularly like my posts. While it might have been just a press of the button for you, it is another “Yes!” in my heart, and more drives for me to continue writing.

eye sparkle.gif
Thank you so much for all the support! [Anime: Ao no Exorcist]

Entertainment value: 4/10 (Still trashy writing as always.)

Skipping forward a little…


<<Anime afterthoughts: Youjo Senki>>

Wow. I cannot believe the me back then had it in myself to write something of that calibre. But then again, I really did love Youjo Senki as a series. (And I still do to this day! Hooray for movie sequel!)

I’m pretty sure I basically wrote the entire post in around an hour and just posted it then and there, after a small amount of checking, which was why there is quite a bit of mistakes. Either way, that was great to read back again, and I think I could have gotten much more in-depth there. Well, perhaps I could write another post next time to give this series the recognition it deserves?

I’m very happy that this post kicked started the anime afterthought series. Of course, it only really had two posts within the series, one being the No Game No Life afterthoughts, but I assure you the series will continue next time, it’s just that I don’t want to write a bad post. I want the series to be of the utmost quality, and this post about my love for Youji Senki kickstarted it all.

Entertainment: 7/10 (Pretty good!)

At this point, Karandi liked my post, which is how I managed to find out about her.

Skipping forward a little again…


<<Anime first impressions: Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭ Episode 1>>

My first post to obtain multiple likes. Honestly, it really is not that much better than any of the posts before it, but I believe my speed at writing and posting it was what made some people find me and like my post.

And yes, it is through this post that I got to know a certain Fake plant selling Monk, who has played quite a major role in my blog’s evolution.

Entertainment: 4/10 (Eh, it’s still pretty bad…)



<<So I just got really lucky/unlucky today…>>

The first post to feature content not from an anime, but rather, from my real life. It’s just the description of a funny event that happened on the day which I wanted to write about.

The bland writing with the way I described the events kills me inside when I read it, but I guess the parts with the calculations and the maths is more interesting. Overall, an average post, but the start of my putting other content onto the blog other than just anime reviews.

Entertainment: 6/10 (Short and not so sweet)


<<Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai is not my cup of tea>>

My first “drop post”. Just a post about the reasons why I drop an anime that is mid-airing, and well, I’m not impressed with myself here either. Horrible structuring, yet again, and I somehow managed to shoehorn myself into putting my thoughts in terms of categories…again. It’s not fun to read, at all. But luckily, I’ve been trying my best to make drop posts much more interesting nowadays.

I’m trying my best…[Anime: Noragami]

Entertainment: 3/10 (Oh, it hurts…)


<<Mid season review: Spring 2017>>

Ah…Mid season reviews. The one thing that changed the most from post to post. With every mid season review, it feels as if I try to refine it further. I’m pretty happy with the state that it is in right now, but looking back at its humble beginnings really make me have a sense of nostalgia of when I still made these types of horrible mistakes.

The “awards” I gave out at the end turned out to be something I wanted to continue as a trend on the End season reviews, and it’s fate will be discussed next time. I have to comment on how pretentious it is though, since I was never a critic.

Overall, an OK start for a series of posts that I will continue to try to improve for a long time.

Entertainment: 6/10 (Not too bad)


<<Trickster is beyond saving>>

This was my first post ever when I unleashed all hell and just full on ranted on a show. Trickster was a show I watched before my first season of anime begun and it carried over into the season just before that, but it just got so bad I couldn’t take it anymore and dropped it, but I decided to rant on it to vent my frustrations.

It was really harsh, and my anger as I typed out the post was pretty evident. Either way, this was the start of something truly special to me–converting my fury into words and unleashing them on a post to warn people of something not so entertaining. Perhaps I should do more rant posts in the future?

Entertainment: 7/10 (Not bad! A much better attempt than all the posts before it.)


<<Coming up…>>

My first posts made just for some announcements. And one that had a lasting effect, actually. The announcement about the many upcoming posts ended up being kinda a bunch of empty promises, as evident by this:

It just keeps growing…sigh.

The second announcement about my original story, is not an empty promise however. I really did write it, up to a prologue and two chapters. However, I have since realised how poorly my writing was at the time, with lots of mistakes made and an overall not that good enjoyable reading experience, so I’ve pretty much “taken it down” and I will probably reboot the series next time. Currently, I am working on the Narratives of Glauvania series, one with much better writing and personally, I am proud of myself so far for what I’ve written. I will be doing advertisements on it next time as well as fully transporting it over to my blog as well instead of just having it on Wattpad.

The YouTube channel ended up pretty much dead. I just didn’t have that much time to focus on both quality blog content and recording gameplays to upload, so it just became just sort of limbo, where I want to upload content again, but can’t find the drive or the time to. Well, it was good while it lasted for a little.

And yeap, the last announcement was the one with the longest impact. Why? If you look at my blog now, it’s the theme I changed into. I may or may not change it again in the future to make accessibility even better, but for now, I like this theme so far. I’m not really sure though, perhaps you can give me inputs in the comments?

It’s just a post of announcements, but somehow I feel old reading it. The excitements I felt back then was not really the same as I feel now, but I believe not much would have changed. I still like writing and others reading my writing, I still like anime, and I am still working on an original story. Perhaps the only big change would be my writing skills. Hopefully it has gotten better?

Entertainment: 2/10 (It’s just an announcement post, but it really fails at hyping things up…)

Fast forward a few posts with little significance…


<<Pre season preview: Summer 2017>>

Originally made so some of my less informed friends can be informed about shows that are appearing next season, I never expected Pre season previews to become a staple series that I would write for every series. Even more so, I never expected to be able to help people find series that they never took a look at.

Nowadays, I’ve been working harder on Pre season previews than before, trying to provide a reason why you would watch the things on my list. Hopefully it’s been entertaining enough?

entertainment: 6/10 (A good attempt!)


<<End season review: Spring 2017>>

This is probably one of the posts that I put in the most amount of effort into. The banner image, with the editing, for one, took me an entire day to do back then. The post itself, with the vast of anime that I had to review at the same time, took me time to think up and write as well. With my skill level of before, it really was kind of a chore to do, and in the end, there really wasn’t much to the post. Again, the awards and things will be talked about next time.

The only thing I can see myself enjoying doing again would probably be making a banner similar to that one, but it would require much time and effort so hopefully I get to do it again next time.

Entertainment: 7/10 (That poster is preeeetty good)



<<Feels Friday: Tsuki ga Kirei’s brilliant ending>>

My first Feels Friday post, it will probably become a long running series as we go along since I’m such a crybaby…

I don’t really like how I described the emotions I felt here, nor do I like the way I presented the content. It’s more of a simple show and tell of whatever was on the screen rather than trying to explain just what exactly made me cry or “have the feels”.

I’ve been trying to do better, but geez, this takes me back.

Entertainment: 5/10 (It’s ok I guess? Revisiting the moment from Tsuki ga Kirei is great.)

At this point, my blog started picking up in popularity a little. It’s not getting ~10 views on each post, and well, it’s staying around this way for now, and I’m content even if I just have a small audience.


<<Tuesday’s Topics: Re:Isekai, and why they are popular>>

My first attempt at writing something completely new to my blog, a discussion of a topic. And one that started a series with quite literally just this one post currently. I like how my writing has slowly become better here, and my ideas more coherent. While it is still obvious how sometimes my sentences fall apart and doesn’t bring the idea across, I would give myself an E for Effort.

And yes, I’m planning to write another Tuesday’s Topic post again. It needs to be high quality.

Entertainment: 7/10 (Doing good!)

Much skipping ahead later…


<<This blog might be lovely, but you definitely are>>

Oh my goodness. The cheesiness that’s just dripping from this title. Urgh…

That aside, being my first “award post”, trying to find some facts I can reveal was quite a daunting task. Now, I’ve got this catalogue of nominations that I will have to answer eventually, and it’s actually getting pretty hard to keep track.

Either way, I myself don’t find these facts all that fun and interesting, since it’s well, about myself. Hopefully it’s been entertaining to you people though?

Entertainment: 6/10 (I’m not narcissistic)


a few moments later.jpg
[Anime: ???Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?]

<<Black Clover: The abysmal mess of a shoutfest>>

Although I’ve already brought your attention to the first rant post I’ve made, I feel the need to do so again for this rant post on Black Clover. Mostly because of the amount of rage I felt, this was again one of those posts that I put quite a big of effort into. I still have no regrets dropping Black Clover, and the manga continues to be very enjoyable.

And yes, f**k you Pierrot.

Entertainment: 8/10 (Whew, one of my more satisfactory posts.)

It was at this point that my blog started to expand in even more directions, including manga and novels. And well, I’m going to save the trouble of writing about them individually and conclude all of the new types of posts up right here:

I’m happy about these posts. My writing has drastically improved when compared to back then, and I’m certain that they are at least a little entertaining. Still, it feels good to be able to expand, and being able to talk about many more things on my blog just makes me happy.

Hopefully you readers are happy too?

And thus we’ve come to the present. What’s in it for me? What’s in it for you?

Well, I can say that this anniversary wouldn’t be the last of the blog, that’s for sure. I feel very committed at this point and will continue to improve on my content. After all, I’ve got you people who I need to entertain!

Don’t worry, writing will continue to be fun to me, and yes, with this post, I’ve gotten back my form. Expect new posts soon!

intense writing.gif
Intense writing in progress…[Anime: Noragami]

Thank you all for supporting me and my blog so far. We’ve been through a lot, and I’ll be sure to continue as long as there’s even a single person looking forward to my posts.

Happy anniversary.



Spring season has started. And you know what that means. An overabundance of first impressions posts, of course, since I’ll watching ~25 different series from this season. I’m going to amass the posts first, then release them at one go, using the same “6 hours per first impressions” format as before. And yes, I would be releasing the End season review for Winter 2018 sometime soon too. And as for other posts, I’m going to try my best to pick up my writing again, so expect to see them. Maybe. I’ll try…

So yup, incoming huge number of posts. I’ve been stagnant for too long.