Narratives of Glauvania-Lilla Asher Chronicles

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It’s been a while since I last posted, and finally I can reveal why it’s taking me so long to post things. It’s totally not because I’ve been lazing around playing games and watching anime(it is). I, being the extremely hardworking blogger than I am(not), have been writing the second chapter of the story series I’m working on. Lilla Asher Chronicles is a continuation of the storyverse for the Narratives of Glauvania series, in which the short story of Tris Asher was the first in the series.

That means, yes, you are recommended to read the Tris Asher short story first for several reasons. First would be that certain characters will reappear, therefore making the story even better than how perfect it is(I’m lying) already. The second would be that the short story is a gauge of whether you will like my writing, so it can be a pretty good indicator, since it’s a finished story in of itself. The third would be…there are certain plot points and open questions that I purposely left inside the Tris Asher short story, that would be answered and built upon for the Lilla Asher Chronicles. And well, the last reason would be I just want more people to read my story.

Whether you enjoy my stories or not, you can always give me feedback. And yes, I would primarily be updating this over at Wattpad, although I will from now on post updates on my blog whenever a new chapter comes out.

…to help things along, here’s a preview of the short story to see if you will be interested.

The name’s Edmund. Edmund Smiths. I am just a normal country boy turned rich man through peddling. And now, on my sales trip in the Royal Capital of Tido, I managed to meet the love of my life.

Ahhh… The absolute beauty of Isabella. I really want to bury my face in her ample bosom and–No. I shouldn’t be thinking these things. A gentleman would never think of these things.

Calm down.

Caaaalm down.

I’m just going to casually invite her to that park at night to see the rumoured ghost, and then I’ll spring a surprise on her with a proposal of marriage.

She will be delighted. She will definitely think I am a man amongst men, and fall for me completely. We will marry, and have many children. Although it is expensive living here in Tido, It will be worth it.

She will definitely love it.

With those thoughts, I invited Isabella for another date when we met again. She agreed. YES!

I can’t wait for the night!


* * *



Oh my god…She…

She accepted it! Yes!!

I embrace Isabella tightly, smelling her unique fragrance. She smells like a flower tonight, just as always. Although I can feel her ample bosoms on my chest, now is not the time to think about that.

I am going to marry Isabella! Words cannot describe how happy I feel right now.

I pulled away from her hug a little bit, just enough that our faces can meet.

It’s time to lean forward for the kiss!

The kiss that will seal the deal!

Isabella probably noticed this, because she closed her eyes and pouted her lips a bit.

I, Edmund Smiths, has managed to get a wife! Father, mother, your son has become a man!

I leaned forward for the kiss.

Instead of the normal warm feeling of her lips, some type of warm liquid has sprayed onto my face, and some even dripped onto my hands.

Was it a prank by Isabella perhaps?

Opening my eyes hurriedly, the scene in front of my eyes is horrid.

My lovely Isabella has a deep cut through her throat.

So that means the warm liquid on my face is…

I think some of it has gotten into my mouth!!


Pulling away, I noticed the figure clad in black behind her.

Wait… Isn’t that…?!

And that’s all you will get for now. If you want to read the short story right now, you can do so on this post of mine. If you have already read the short story and you want more, the Lilla Asher Chronicles series is on Wattpad here.

And well, that ends my promotion of my own story. Hope you enjoy reading it, and I would appreciate if you took the time to like the story on Wattpad and maybe even add it into your reading list if you so desire.

Again, all feedback is very welcome. I’m just very happy that people have liked my story so far when I released it to a smaller audience.

-A relieved Plyasm

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…oh, and I’m currently writing a rather large post for the next post that will come out, which is another reason why it’s taking so long. Hopefully I’ll work faster and get it out soon, but only time will tell…