Creative Aniblogger Collaboration: Short story shenanigans–Couples & Parks?

Hello everyone!

As you would have already guessed, yes, this is the second post for the day. Horray! Instead of simply Day 7 of “Music Week”(which you can read here), you get a bonus-special…something absolutely amazing!
*This is absolutely not because of my inability to find a song for today

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Now then, it’s finally time to present this collaboration to everyone! [Anime: Re:Creators]

What is it? The impatient ones amongst you might already be asking. Why, it’s a lovely little initiative started up by our folks over in the discord server–a collaboration!
In fact, this collaboration is the reason why our discord server exists in the first place. It is the start of everything, quite literally. Without this collaboration, I wouldn’t have started the discord server with the 5 of us and naturally, others wouldn’t be able to join either.
Reminiscing aside, it’s time to finally get on with what the collaboration is about.

The entire premise is quite simple, really: the people participating were to write a short story of no more than 10k words. We were each assigned a random genre of anime(yes, anime) to write a story on, along with the common theme of the need to include a “couple” and a “park”. Now, I wouldn’t spoil which genres each of us got, and I wouldn’t say mine until the end of the story, so expect each story to be vastly different 🙂

First up, we have Irina and her wild ride right here. Just when you thought her talents have their limits, she breaks you expectations and goes for more.
Next, we have Astral and his fantastic story here. I loved the progression, the characters, and everything that has to do with it.
After Astral, we have Keiko’s story here, imbued with her very best, and one that I enjoyed reading a lot.
But of course, last but not least, you have me. What is my story like…? You will have to read it to find out, but know that it’s not for the faint hearted…
*Please go read the stories that the others wrote, because they deserve your recognition!

Well, before we begin the story, I feel compelled to talk about certain things related to this collaboration. Such as the people who would have been able to join but couldn’t due to circumstances, they deserve some time in the limelight too!
We have Shoka and his issues with parents and blogging preventing him from doing anything really, hence his recent inactivity…
We also have Iza, who sadly couldn’t join us in time because of real life.
And then we have the loyal TPAB who wouldn’t forget his promise with Iza and thus wouldn’t be joining us this time.

All of them participated in this small project/collaboration in one way or another, and of course they were integral parts that made this possible today. TPAB especially, since it was his idea that brought us together.

And yes, this collaboration took forever to come out. The initiative started August last year and was planned to finish within the year. Yes, it started over half a year ago…
If there’s anyone to blame for how long it took, it’s definitely me. I procrastinated too long in writing my story during the time, along with other issues. Well. At least the project is out now right? Right…?

I think I’ve taken up too much of your time just going on about what the collaboration is actually about instead of actually letting you read my story, so I’ll stop now.

Before you read, there is one FINAL THING I have to say, and it’s quite important. First, there are 3 different ways you can read this story, with the first being just reading on, and reading the story from this post itself. Another method would be to download the rtf format using the link here, and using a word processor such as Microsoft word to read it. And the third way, would be to access the Wattpad site for it. Yup, I uploaded it on Wattpad, for certain reasons I will get to later. The link to that is here.

Second thing I have to announce would be that this is actually part of a series of stories I will be writing named <<Narratives of Glauvania>>. The short story is but the starting of the series, so if you want more, the link to the continuations in at the end of the post.

Without further ado, please enjoy yourself with the story. And if you think you would like to try your hands at writing a story too, go ahead! Before that, however, please leave your thoughts of our stories below!

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