A very horrible day in my life…

nichijou unlucky.gif
…oh man. [Anime: Nichijou]

I simply wanted to share this story for your laughs(you are all horrible) and gather some internet points(whew, I love those!)
This happened quite a long time ago so I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the recount, but I did write down the major points at the time so most of what I said shouldn’t be too inaccurate.

With the disclaimer aside, let’s get right into the recount.

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It’s Cold Outside – Time for a Blogwarming — I drink and watch anime

Hm. I don’t post for a while and the first post to come up in a while is yet another promotion for another blog? You got that right.

I don’t have any excuses, but hopefully the posts Irina has looked over here will appease you people.

Well 2018 started with a BANG, or in my case, an avalanche! Between the rugged weather we’ve been getting up here, the sort of drowsy, frantic scramble everyone has been going through to get back into the swing of things after the holidays both at work and here, I found that there just weren’t enough […]

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…long overdue update post.

…where have you been, Plyasm?

Why have you not written any posts as promised?



To put it simply, it is all my fault.

With a more long-winded explanation, I was actually playing games…quite a bit of games. My procrastination urge(not an actual condition) also activated and I decided to hold off writing my posts…and the biggest mistake I made, actually forgetting  that I needed to write posts. Yuuuuuup.

I’m sorry, will you forgive me if I pump out some posts starting from now?

chuunibyou beg.gif
Please…..[Anime: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!]

-A begging for forgiveness Plyasm

Let’s talk about life.

So, not a post with any real content again. This one wouldn’t have pictures or gifs or anything of that sort either. It will simply be me rambling a bit and letting out some feelings.

So,  I’m pretty much going through one of the toughest phases in my life right now. Several things have gone wrong, a lot of thinking and consideration needs to be done, and most importantly, I probably have to make decisions that will change the rest of my life. Which is actually one of the reasons why I’ve not been posting, other than general laziness and procrastination as well as playing games and watching anime.

Well, my feelings are pretty much all over the place right now and I kinda have to think more deeply about certain matters…and I also have to make those decisions. Can’t run away from them.

If only I got more rest and downtime before all these.

I guess life will always throw shit at you, and the best you can do is to come up with ways to block it or minimise the smear the shit hits you with.
That was a disgusting analogy. I don’t know why I wrote that.

Well, I don’t know why I’m writing this post to completely unrelated people, especially since I don’t like disclosing personal information anyways so this post is vague as heck.

Hopefully my life gets back in order and stuffs. I’ll probably still be able to post stuffs but yea, please don’t kill me if I suddenly disappear for some periods of time.

This was a very random and very weird post, don’t mind me.

Well, I’m hitting that publish button now.

The Crowd Marshal experience part II: Ever heard of Zerg Rush?

So, just finished 2nd shift, currently 24hrs without sleep and counting and I’m writing this post before I even eat breakfast. Well, not that it will ever faze me.

aot titans running.gif
Incoming! [Anime: Attack on Titan]

So, the experience this time wasn’t bad either. However, this was vastly different from the late night shift, being the early morning shift. Well, the biggest difference is the amount of people.

So. Many. People.

Have you ever seen a Zerg Rush? (Click on the link for a mini-game that fully demonstrates a Zerg Rush!)

Because it was literally Zerg Rush in real life, and I’m the one getting overwhelmed.

I’m getting probably 5 or more people asking me things at the same time almost 24/7 throughout the shift, and running back and forth.

My spine started hating me so much it doesn’t feel like being a part of my body anymore and aches every time I cough a little bit. I felt as if I turned into an old man without being one.

In the end, I could only handle so much at once and even if done sequentially I was bound to miss some people. I hope I have a billion mouths to talk to everyone at the same time but that isn’t happening.

I did do my best though, and I guess I was pretty happy with the results. Learnt a couple more things, was able to deal with other people even better, etc. The standard takeaway from a job experience. And now, I’ve gotta sleep and prepare for the last shift in a while, which actually isn’t that far away–12 hours in fact.

Hopefully my spine stops trying to migrate out of my body and I can somehow get enough sleep (if I can sleep at all).

chitanda sleeping.gif
There’s always room for more Hyouka gifs. [Anime: Hyouka]

The Crowd Marshal experience: fun but tiring

Inuyashiki car crash.gif
Well, this was what came to my mind when I think of Crowd Marshal for some reason. At least I’m not making people crash into each other. [Anime: Inuyashiki]

Well, I went to get a part-time job doing a Crowd Marshal, and it was quite the experience indeed, being my first ever time working.

Take note that I’m rushing out this post at 2am, after I’ve finished working, going in again at 5am so won’t have much time so I’ll try to get out as much thoughts as possible.

So the job itself seems pretty simple: simply direct people towards where they want to go. Well, anything will look simple at first glance but this one is actually simple. Well, for me at least, since it just means helping people, and I’ll glad it do it.

The problem though, comes with time. You are basically stuck there standing for the entire duration, and in this case, it was 4 straight hours. My legs went from pain to sore to numb to sore and pain again, and I really felt like chopping them off sometimes. It was pretty bad and by the time it ended my legs were so used to the abuse I didn’t even feel any relief when I sat down finally. It’s as if my legs decided to retaliate by not giving me pleasure when it should be given.

Well, there’s another minor problem. Minor for me, and it depends on the person. You see, when you do a Crowd Marshal, and you sometimes don’t know things that are not in your job scope, people are not gonna be happy. They don’t care that it’s not your job, they expect you to be an encyclopedia standing there to be read.
Anyways, you are going to get quite a bit of curses and complaints with time. And well, there was one that was caused by a certain company’s incompetence and out of my control, but it was directed at me anyways. I’m just a part-timer, give me a break ;.;

In the end though, it was really fun helping out people and hearing their thanks. Especially the people who even gave thumbs ups along with heartfelt thanks, you guys are seriously the best. It’s really a pleasure to help other people for me, and coupled with even more joy from their thanks, the job became pretty fun.

It was a great experience, and I will probably take more part-time jobs to gain more experiences working.
Well, off to another shift.

hyouka goodbye.gif
I use Hyouka gifs alot, don’t I. [Anime: Hyouka]

Follow-up to the No Game No Life: Zero post

Hi all, here’s the follow-up post. First, we’ve got the picture of the promised poster:

No Game No Life Zero Poster.jpg
Shitty camera quality, can’t help it.

The poster is now proudly right in front of me, as I have stuck it onto the wall right in front of my computer, which is the item that I use the most. Well, another step towards weeb I suppose.

Short post, just a picture. Well, the poster collection journey by itself was pretty funny too but I guess that’s a story for another time.

-A satisfied Plyasm

Breakdown: The start, the journey, the resolutions

Have you guys ever had a breakdown before?

A moment in which you are so overwhelmed by your emotions and/or the pressure and stress you feel that you just couldn’t hold it together anymore, even if you planned to not do so.

That would be a breakdown, and one that has happened only a few times in my life.

Well, I just had a breakdown just now. It made me realise quite a few things.

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