PSA: Please treat us scrubs better.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the part time jobs I’ve did so far, it is this: capitalist society is bad.

While do we, the bottom feeding scrubs, get more hate than those sitting at the top of the pyramid and driving us like slaves? More often than not, I get customers unleashing their fury on me, with me being unable to do anything even though I really want to help. Granted, it’s the minority but geez, I just feel anger bottling up inside.

One of the things that ticks me off majorly despite my really gentle temper would be getting blame for something I am not responsible for. It just makes me pissed. And I acumulated that anger throughout the part time jobs I’ve done.

Luckily, there’s also the fair share of grateful people who thank me for my help. Seeing others become happy makes me happy too, and I would love to do a flying kiss to them if the society allowed such a thing and if that doesn’t look weird.

That aside, back to the topic at hand. I simply cannot comprehend why despite earning the least in the work heirachy, we get the biggest dumps taken on our heads.

So please, on behalf of all people who work like I do, don’t take out your anger on us. Most of the time, nothing changes even if you do. And furthermore, we are often the people least qualified to receive your fury.

-A writing at 12AM tired Plyasm

*Yup, just wrote this because I wanted to. Sorry if there’s any incoherency and if this post seems bad.

shirobako work.gif
ZZzZ…[Anime: Shirobako]

A very horrible day in my life…

nichijou unlucky.gif
…oh man. [Anime: Nichijou]

I simply wanted to share this story for your laughs(you are all horrible) and gather some internet points(whew, I love those!)
This happened quite a long time ago so I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the recount, but I did write down the major points at the time so most of what I said shouldn’t be too inaccurate.

With the disclaimer aside, let’s get right into the recount.

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Follow-up to the No Game No Life: Zero post

Hi all, here’s the follow-up post. First, we’ve got the picture of the promised poster:

No Game No Life Zero Poster.jpg
Shitty camera quality, can’t help it.

The poster is now proudly right in front of me, as I have stuck it onto the wall right in front of my computer, which is the item that I use the most. Well, another step towards weeb I suppose.

Short post, just a picture. Well, the poster collection journey by itself was pretty funny too but I guess that’s a story for another time.

-A satisfied Plyasm

Oops a daisy

You guys might have seen a notification for a new post pop up then disappear immediately. Well, I screwed up with the publishing, since that was a post that should come out sometime later as a scheduled post. Anyways, continue on your way, you will see the post again soon enough 🙂

Sorry about the inconvenience caused.

ebina embarassed
This is such an embarrassing mistake!

EDIT: To whomever the ninja is that actually read the post before I retracted it somehow, congratulations, you read it before anyone else.

Quick PSA and small update

Short and sweet:

Blog pages are updated, if you look above and click on the “A certain index”, you will find the new page there.

It’s almost december and yet I still have not caught up to the latest episodes of the anime for this season, so I’ll probably not be doing a mid season review for this season, and focus on the end season review for this season instead as well as the pre season preview for next season.

Sorry about that.

gakuen asterisk sorry.gif
[Anime: Gakusen Toshi Asterisk]

Oh, right, again, thanks so much for the support for all the new series I’ve been doing, such as the expansion into manga and novels. I will do my best to keep the quality up!

Time to be dead

Short and sweet announcement.

Well, all the first impressions that I wanted to do for this season are done and at the same time my busyness is shooting through the roof so… it’s finally time for my posts to die for a little bit. See y’all around in a month’s time 😀

Hopefully, Hisa can help me bridge the gap by posting once or twice, but otherwise, don’t expect too much.

-A dead Plyasm

mio body throws yuuko.gif
Mio is real life, Yuuko is me~[Anime: Nichijou]
EDIT: Yes this means no mid-season reviews until I’m actually free 😦

My first step towards weeb

If I win a million dollars…

Well then, after my first impressions flood because of the start of the Fall season, you would think I would turn back to dead. Well, you are not wrong, I did too. But, something happened that made me write this post. If you read the title without context, you would probably be confused.

So, what exactly happened, and how does that count as my “first step towards weeb”?

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New face: Black Heart Hisakaki

This is another announcement post instead of my Koe no Katachi afterthoughts… yay!

aqua desperate can let me go now, please don’t kill me. [Konosuba]

Jokes aside, today’s announcement is of course, something important. Important enough to pull me away from all the work I have to do and all the busyness I’m in in order to slave my body so that I can write this post….*

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This morning, I moved my leg subconsciously in my dreams. It was just a simple stretch on my calves.

It cramped up.

I was rudely awakened by the sharp pain piercing through my calves and immediately pressed down on my calves despite more throbbing pains. It finally subsided after a while.

It wasn’t pleasant, but it was too early in the morning and I slept too late last night, so I went back to sleep.

Some time later…

I woke up again. This time, it was due to loud sounds.


“…it’s you…!”

Arguing. Continue reading “Morning”

Regarding Koe no Katachi afterthoughts.

This will be a short announcement about my upcoming Koe no Katachi afterthoughts. Due to how my feelings are a bit all over the place for Koe no Katachi, I went and thought about how exactly I want this to be done. After much thinking, I have decided. I will be doing the afterthoughts in 4 parts.

The first 3 parts will each be a semi-discussion about the three different topics that Koe no Katachi has displayed: bullying and getting bullied, disabilities and illnesses, self-confidence, social acceptance and friends. It will be mostly me talking about the content displayed by Koe no Katachi with regards to each topic and how it relates to me personally and emotionally. As such, there will be spoilers and personal experiences inside, and if you don’t want either one of those, you don’t have to read it.

The last part will be the actual afterthoughts, with minimum spoilers and without the content discussed previous, and will just be on Koe no Katachi as an anime itself.

And there you have it. Hope you enjoy what will come up 🙂

I would also like to once again thank the support given to me as well as the comments on the posts I have made. It shows that some people out there actually enjoyed my content. Thank you all!