Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. Why did you start this blog?

A. No idea. Just had the idea one day after giving a first impressions to my friends and I thought “Hey, it’s terribly inefficient to type everything out and send it out in an instant messaging platform, only to have it drown in a sea of memes and banters, so why no use a blog instead? That way, people other than my friends will be able to read my “reviews” too and possibly benefit from it! (Note: technically not reviews because I know I have no such talent and I mostly just do this for fun and as a way of recommendation.)


Q. Will you do an review/first impression/afterthought on *anime name* next?

A. Possibly yes, possibly not. I’m just an anime amateur sharing the love for everyone and I can’t possibly hope to know and watch all these anime that everyone is showing me. As such, I hope I will do what you like/requested next!


Q. I have differing opinions! Yours suck/ is not good enough!

A. Then get the *bleep* off my blog! Jokes aside, just leave a comment about what you think if that’s the case. I will reply whenever I can. It doesn’t matter if opinions clash, as long as we talk it out.


Q. I have a question not on the FAQ! How do I ask you?

A. Just leave a comment somewhere on my posts.