Citrus: Yea no.

Still confused about what exactly is the focus of this series, I’ve decided to drop it, not because of a bad episode or anything, but simply because I can’t stand this feeling of uneasiness while watching.

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This anime is pretty good. In terms of animation and sound, it is visually nice while pleasing my ears all the while too. I really have no complaint for this series with regards to those two.

But, I can’t help but drop it. Ever since my first impressions, I have been having a bad feeling with regards to watching this anime. It started as a confusion over whether it is an ecchi anime or yuri anime. Then it turned into extreme confusion, and now with the third episode I really don’t even know anymore. Is this supposed to be ecchi? Or it’s pure yuri romance?

Whichever way it goes, I’m not really into either. Furthermore, there is something in this series that just does not sit right with me for some reason. I can’t pinpoint it but it has to do with the female MC.

…And I’ll now gladly drop this series to watch others that can entertain me better. If you are a fan of yuri romance, however, by all means, watch this series.


Final rating: 7/10
Verdict: “As of today, you’re expelled!”

Anime first impressions: Citrus

Anime name: Citrus

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I am thoroughly confused.

I knew that this would be a yuri type series, with the synopsis and genre tags, and even the key visuals all pointing straight at a yuri relationship being the main focus of this series. Even the animations for the opening song, with the 2 main characters sharing 2 french kisses inside, screams at me that yuri is present.

However, I’m still a little confused. Does this anime go sexual or not? That is the question I need answered, as I usually don’t enjoy series that oversexualise their scenes. In this first episode, I was unable to find an answer to that question.

General statement(tl;dr): A pretty good episode that could be the start of something bigger? Continue reading “Anime first impressions: Citrus”