Devils Line: 2fast2quick2steplove

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I don’t think even lightning fast pacing can describe how fast the plot of this story progressed. It whizzed past so fast I suffered quite a bad whiplash at the end of every episode, and it just left me not very satisfied. Which is why, I find this series to be boring, and I’ve decided to drop it at episode 3 while I’m still not that invested in it yet.

The thing is, even if you have an interesting plot, you can’t just shove it down the viewer’s throat in an attempt to get them interested. There needs to be a buildup, and the best way to do that is through characters, and their interactions with each other. However, with Devils Line, it’s like the characters had the author cheat for them or something and decided to fall in love with each other in a flash. I believe, if this was in real life, it would result in what we would describe as “Shotgun Marriage”.

Either way, the point I’m trying to make is that the romance between the 2 main characters just progressed too fast. It progressed WAYYYY too fast. As I’m so affectionately described by the title, it went 2fast2quick. It was basically a 2 step romance, with step 1 being meet each other and step 2 being falling madly in love with each other. What happened to the human interaction? What happened to conflicts in between species? What happened to…the romantic portion of the romance??? It’s as if the series took a timeskip from before they met until they are a couple together, because that’s what it felt to me.

Oh, right, there’s also other things that are prevalent in the story that was quite annoying, namely throwaway characters as well as underdeveloped main characters. But at this point there’s just so many things I can point out that is wrong it’s not really worth it to do so.

Just know that this anime is average at best in my eyes, and this is coming from someone who is very easily entertained.

At least there was good opening and ending songs, I suppose.


Final rating: 5/10
Verdict: Sniper bullet confession-blocking.

First impressions: Devils Line

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I am going to give this anime 3 episodes. If it doesn’t improve within these 3 episodes, it’s not really worth my time. So far, the first episode felt like a complete and utter Tokyo Ghoul ripoff, just that it’s Vampires instead of Ghouls.

In terms of arts, animations and sound, it’s pretty good so far. In fact, everything looks really nice, the opening and ending songs are great, and the voice acting is pretty on point. However, the story seems to be something full of cliches as well as not knowing which direction it is trying to go at first. I’m also not particularly fond out most of the characters so far, and the only one I’m kinda interested in was used as a plot device so…RIP.

I’m not sure how this story is going to continue. If it’s going to be about romance and conflict, it’s going to have to drag the story out for quite a bit, since well, the progression seems to be kinda lightning fast in that aspect. But if it is going to be about the morality and things surrounding vampires and stuff, it’s going to have to pick up the pace, since there’s just too much unexplained things going on.

The gore and violence also feels very unjustified so far, and only serve as shockers rather than being actual important scenes.

Overall, I’m kind of disappointed, and if the anime does not improve, I’m not sure if I can really be entertained by this.

First impressions rating: 5/10
Most impressive part: Nothing. It didn’t impress me.

With this slight disappointment out of the way, let’s take a look at the 5 minute comedy series that I’m trying out for the season. Whether I laugh or I don’t, find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z in 6 hours!