First impressions: Dorei-ku The Animation

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Hmmm. Pretty average first episode. Not really much for me to talk about, in all honesty.

We have a death game type story, whereby the loser will become the winner’s slave, which is not necessarily death, and can potential lead to even more interesting things. Already, my mind is running amok thinking of all the things that can happen, but that’s beside the point. It should be pretty intriguing to see what exactly can happen with the duels, and although I’m not really feeling it for the characters, it’s their interactions and the duels that matter more.

As for the art and animations, I would say that it’s pretty average so far yet again. Nothing too good, nothing too bad. And while the opening and ending songs are pretty good, the animations accompanying them are pretty simple and feels very low effort, especially when compared to the likes of Wotakoi’s opening animations.

Anything else in the episode is pretty much just introductions and setting up, and really not worth mentioning as they are not that impressive.

First impressions rating: 6/10
Most impressive part: I actually want to know what’s that ball arcade machine they were playing on?

Sorry about the slightly later posting, I hate some things to do. Glad to be able to make it slightly on time though! As for the next first impressions, I will be moving on to my blind pick for the season, Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi. Hopefully it will be good.