Memorable Mondays: Kino no Tabi’s episode 9

Welcome to Memorable Mondays! In this particular series, I will drag out certain moments from series that I have watched/read before and share my thoughts on them. Since this would be mostly subjective and also spoilerish, consider yourself warned here. Do not go ahead if you don’t want any spoilers at all(this particular post only has light spoilers), and don’t take everything I write here seriously, since it wouldn’t be criticism in any sense of the word, just me sharing things I found memorable.

In the first installment of this series of posts, I will be sharing on this particular moment from episode 9 of Kino no Tabi. Honestly, I am pretty disappointed that almost no one I know noticed this. This might mostly be due to how unpopular the 2017 adaptation is combined with how most people skip the ending credits but…oh well.

Before we begin, some basic information!

Anime name: Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World – The Animated Series

MAL link:

Aired season: Fall 2017
Episodes: 12
My personal overall rating: 7/10
My reviews on Kino no Tabi

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End season review: Fall 2017 (Part 1)

NOTE: Before this post actually begins, I would like to say that this is of course a VERY, VERY long overdue post. The fact of the matter is, I was waiting on Fate/Apocrypha.

imouto ending screencap2
I believe this endcard is a very good image for celebrating the end of a season. [Anime: Imouto sae Ireba Ii.]

The Fall season 2017 has ended. It was not exactly the greatest season, and it does has its fair share of bad shows and good shows. Regardless, I enjoyed this season, and I am really looking forward to the Winter 2018 season.

Because I did not do a mid-season review for this season due to busyness, this End season review will be a little more long-winded than usual as I do more thorough reviews of each individual show. Furthermore, to ensure that this post does not drag on for way too long, I will be splitting the awards/top lists to a part 2, and this part 1 will only focus on the reviews themselves.

With that said, let’s begin the reviews!

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Dies Irae: What the heck is going on?!

After finally watching the third episode of Dies Irae after so long, I realised why I have held back on watching it: it just isn’t enjoyable to watch.

MAL link:

The anime is not bad in terms of animations, art and sound. In fact, it is far from it, with great animations all round and an art style that is very pleasing. The character designs are not bad either. As for the sound, the voice acting is pretty good, and the guillotine song was impressive and had a huge impact. The opening and ending songs are pretty good on their own too.

With all that said, the one thing that made this anime bad was the story and how it was presented. Starting with episode 1, more and more confusing things were presented and instead of answering them, the anime gives us more things that just added on to the confusion. If it lasted for 1 or 2 episodes, fine, it would be a cool set-up to draw people in, and I was admittedly interested. However, even in the third episodes things just keep getting more confusing, and at the end of the episode, I was just left wondering what exactly I just watched.

Thus, I won’t be wasting my time continuing to watch this anime and use that time on others.


Final rating: 6/10
Verdict: “Offer the blood to the guillotine.”


Code: Realize: Here we go again

This is a drop post for Code: Realize: Sousei no Himegimi. Not exactly a rant post, because there really isn’t much to rant about.

Anime name: Code: Realize: Sousei no Himegimi

MAL link:

So, why did I drop the anime? Well, the anime seemed very impressive at the start: there was a relatively interesting premise, and the main character seems pretty unique. However, I’ve got basically the same complaint for this anime as I did for Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu: the basics are all there, but nothing is done about them. We spent 3 episodes watching them spin around in their mansion and gathering 1 new ally in the process, and in this fourth episode we get some things at last… but not before expositions and more set-ups. It was naturally slow already, but what got me disinterested was not exactly how the show is done, but more of how the characters, almost all of them, are left unexplored. I feel as if they are just hollow shells(pretty ones at that), and that’s not doing much for the show.

So, after barely sitting through episode 4, I decided to drop the show. It’s not bad, and you might like the show, but I didn’t really like it.

Final rating: 6/10
Verdict: “We need a plan.”

Ousama Game: When Where What Why Who How?

Just a simple post for me dropping Ousama Game.

MAL link:

It began on a very interesting premise and in the genre I like the most: Death games, but I guess it just couldn’t hold it together and fell apart more and more as the episodes came along. The emotional impact they were going for just isn’t there and is laughable at best, the art and animation were average from the get go, and although the voice actors did do a pretty good job it just isn’t enough to carry the show.

The main reason why this show lost my interest is how they failed to answer these simple questions sometimes: the 5 Ws and 1 H. Who is that person to Nobuaki? Why did they do that? What are they trying to accomplish? How do they think they can accomplish something? The lack of thought in the plot coupled with seemingly extremely stupid characters literally desensitise you from their pitiful deaths, no matter how gruesome they are.
While I admit that having to literally sent your girlfriend to have sex with your best friend(who is knocked unconscious) is one of the most screwed up things I’ve seen in anime, the shock element just isn’t then when you know that the decisions they are making are simply stupid.

So yea, I dropped it out of lost interest, but this definitely isn’t a bad anime per say, it’s just average. Feel free to watch it if you like the idea of the show and don’t mind cringe-worthy moments coupled with stupid characters.

Final rating: 5/10
Verdict: “You are literally telling me to go die!”

Imouto sae Ireba Ii.: By a creator, for creators.

I’ve only just finished the 6th episode but I really have to comment on just how accurately this anime is portraying the process of creation so far. Although the focus is on light novels and the novel-writing industry, I can’t help but link it to the creative industry in general.

Before I go on, here’s a SPOILER ALERT for anyone out there who hasn’t watched Imouto Sae Ireba Ii. yet, and let’s be on our way.

MAL link:

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Black Clover: The abysmal mess of a shoutfest

Never have I hated an anime studio so much before. However, Studio Pierrot managed to gain my hate due to how poorly they managed to handle Black Clover. Which is why, I have to do a rant on Black Clover the anime instead of simply a post on why I dropped it at episode 3.

Take note of the emphasis on Black Clover the anime, it will come into play later.

So, what exactly is Black Clover and what is it about?

Black Clover is a battle shounen series that focuses on the main protagonist, Asta, and his rival, Yuno, and their journey to become the magic emperor.


The general story plot does not really matter here(and I will not discuss it just yet), because in its very essence Black Clover is a battle shounen with fights coming one after another.

So…what exactly went wrong with Black Clover the anime, and why does it require me to do a rant post on it?(As if everyone else have not done one/multiple already)

Quite simply put…everything.

Noragami headache.gif
Where do I even begin… [Anime: Noragami]

Slight warning: minor spoilers ahead due to screencaps, but then again they didn’t adapt much in the first few episodes anyways so there really isn’t much to spoil.

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Anime first impressions: Dies Irae Ep. 1

Anime name: Dies Irae


MAL link:

After skipping out on the weird episode 0, it is finally time to see Dies Irae with its episode one.

General statement(tl;dr): Promising first episode that is both confusing and interesting at the same time.

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Anime first impressions: Inuyashiki

Anime name: Inuyashiki


MAL link:

Another new anime adapted from manga this season, this is looking to be a big hit.

General statement(tl;dr): Powerful first episode that illustrates how story telling can be done without excessive dialogue. At the same time, this is looking to become yet another contender for anime of the season so far.

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Anime first impressions: Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken

Anime name: Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken


MAL link:

One of the anime of this season that I’ve been looking forward too, this anime met all of my expectations and surpassed it!

General statement(tl;dr): Comedy that uses dirty jokes and sexual innuendo to the maximum to make you constantly chuckle and lose it.

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